Marketing Manager Job Description (Salary, Skills, Duties, Certification & More)

Suppose you have made an awesome product which is unique and stands out when compared with its peers. You made the product and just sat back and relaxed. You thought that making the product was the toughest thing and you have just nailed it to perfection.

But, you are mistaken my friend. If you won’t spread the word of your product or popularize it, or in more simpler words, tell people that you have made an amazing thing, than there is a high chance, that it will remain in your warehouse till the end of its life and its status can forever be in stock. This technique of spreading a word about your product, making people aware of your discovery is called marketing and is done a professional known as marketing manager.

Marketing Manager Job Description

Tools of Marketing

  1. An advertisement in print media, television or radio
  2. Printing and distributing placards or brochures
  3. Launching a product through press release.
  4. And more recently, Marketing through Facebook page or a Twitter account.

To manage all these things in an effective, efficient and cost controlled manner, you need a Marketing manager.

Marketing Manager

Job Profile

To promote awareness and popularity for a product, you have to market a product well by using the tools of advertising. The role of a marketing manager is, to use a combination of these tools, prepare a proper blend or mix of them and increase the sales of the product by marketing it in a cost effective manner. The primary goal of a marketing manager is to increase the sales of the product which in turn increases the profit of the company.


Marketing is considered as one of the most sought after and top fields to make a career in. A marketing manager is considered as a key personnel of the company and draws some fat pay checks. The work of marketing is incredibly rewarding and well paid because it is directly related to the sales of the company.

The field of marketing is perfect with opportunities available in a broad range of industries and disciplines. In addition to the regular salary, it has been observed that, it is an industry practice to reward their marketing managers with additional incentives or bonus upon completion of a pre-determined target. The salary of a marketing manager maintains a direct relationship with these four factors:

a) Scale of Operations

The bigger the scale of operations, the higher would be the salary of a marketing manager. Companies with huge sales generate good profits and are in a better position to compensate their marketing managers for their hard work and grit.

b) Experience

The higher the experience of a marketing manager, the higher would be its salary. Experience or seniority is mostly the driving factor that decides a marketing manager’s salary. A seasoned marketing manager is well paid and considered as a talent that every organisation wishes to retain.

c) Location

The marketing managers having their base in the cities with a higher cost of living, will draw more salaries. They also earn more in cities with large business parks or technology hubs.

d) Number Of Marketing Skills

The higher the number of certifications and proven skills, the higher would be the salary of a marketing manager. This is true with most careers and in the field of marketing the importance of this line increases manifolds.


Marketing is an industry which is dynamic and can change quick and fast. A marketing technique which is new today, can become obsolete tomorrow. Hence there must be a constant urge to learn and grow by enhancing your marketing skills. Below is the list of some pivotal marketing skills:

  1. Public speaking skills
  2. Communication skills
  3. Ability to write in an effective and engaging manner
  4. Research skills
  5. Open to new technology
  6. Photoshop skills
  7. S.E.O knowledge
  8. Knowledge of basic coding
  9. Knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Net Insight, Omniture etc)


There are a number of duties that a markleting manager has to do. The most common set includes:

  • Management of internal teams involved in:
    • Creating promotional messaging and products
    • Publishing work
    • Distribution of them to the public through:
      • Print media
      • TV Advertising
      • Broadcasting and
      • Social media.
  • Development of strategies to boost the company’s sales
  • Thinking out of the box and designing attractive marketing campaigns
  • Ensure that the company is displaying its product in any upcoming mega event, trade fair, festival etc.
  • Conducting a proper analysis of consumer behavior and design advertising campaigns accordingly
  • Analyzing company’s market share and find ways of improving it
  • Training the new employees about :
    • In-house policies
    • Needs of the customers of the company
    • Employee’s incentives and benefits
    • Rules to convert into sales and
    • Collection procedures
  • Conduct meetings and conferences with board of directors to explain them the possible reasons for rising/falling sales.

Certifications Required

Candidates who are willing to become a marketing manager must have completed their bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business administration. There are some companies that require a master’s degree as a minimum requirement. Along with this a person aiming to become a marketing manager should also do a few certificate courses such as:

Name of skillWhy is it necessary?
Digital MarketingEssential for learning marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc.
Forecasting and trend analysis certificate courseEssential for learning how to analyse and forecast trends which are beneficial for development of marketing strategies
Short term course in journalismTo learn public speaking and managing public relations
S.E.O coursesEssential for developing effective google ad campaigns


Marketing managers have high earning potentials and they receive good packages and incentives with social respect and recognition in the society. The demand for marketing managers is growing leaps and bounds and it seems that every organisation be it small or large require there services. They tend to develop good contacts and lead a adventurous life. If you like our articles do share them with your families and friends. Don’t forget to comment in the section below.



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