Sell Me This Pen Interview Question (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Imagine a manufacturing organization that lays its entire focus on its production division. What possibilities can you think of? In the most probabilistic situation, it can lead to the creation of a superior product that might be unique and distinct from its peers. But what about its marketability?

Sorry to say but without an appropriate focus on the sales division an organization would not be able to sell its unique and distinct product, due to a lack of marketing and advertisement. It shall always remain on the shelves of the company eating dust and dirt. So, the ultimate outcome is simply that, an organization must invest in its marketing and sales division, so as to become profitable and grab a bigger pie of market share.

For this purpose, they must hire specialized professionals, also known as sales executives who are experts in the field of marketing. Sales executives represent a bunch of enthusiastic and self-motivated professionals, that can sell almost anything using their persuasive skills and an unmatched ability to generate effective speeches. Manufacturing organizations prefer to hire them, so as to boost their sales and ultimately revenue.

Sell Me This Pen Interview Question

Three Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Think Of The Interviewer As A Prospective Customer For Your Pen

Sales happen after finding a prospective customer. You can not sell furniture to a person looking for a fully furnished house. Hence, while answering this question just assume that your interviewer is your prospective customer and is willing to purchase the pen from you. This way you will be able to create a real-time simulation and generate a better response.

2) Explain Some Unique Features and Try To Create A Buzz

A perfect response to this question lies in the fact that how effectively you can make a sale, and in order to that, you have to explain the unique features of the pen to your interviewer. In a quest of doing so, do not engage in aggressive selling. This question enables an interviewer to not only judge your communication skills but also to evaluate your patience, and ability to keep calm and maintain composure.

3) End On A Positive Note

A sales executive can not force any prospective customer to buy the product offered by them. However, you are sincerely advised that you end your answer on a positive and hopeful note, which denotes that you are optimistic about making the sales and have explained some of the unique features of the pen to your interviewer or a prospective customer, in this instant case.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

I appreciate being a supplier of our pens to your prestigious organization. I believe you are thoroughly satisfied with the performance and durability of our pens. On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, it is my pleasure to introduce you to this limited edition pen made of purely virgin plastic. The ink filled in this pen is darker than other pens and would enable you to write some effective writing pieces, without simply getting fade away after some time. Hope you like this pen and will soon make a bulk purchase.

Sample Answer Two

I am aware of the fact that you are desperately looking for a pen that is durable and affordable. So, in this segment and in a price range that suits your expectations, it is my pleasure to bring you this pen. This pen has a sturdy, yet unique design, which has the ability to write for long periods of time without getting stuck. It can be a valuable addition to your armory of pens. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sample Answer Three

It is my pleasure to introduce you to this pen which has consistently garnered positive responses from a wide variety of our regular customers. Being a learned person, I understand your frequent requirement of pens. I am aware that you are looking for a beautiful pen in the premium segment. So here is a masterpiece with an exceptional design. Its beauty is quite mesmerizing and enchanting as you can see and feel. Hoping that you will make a purchase soon.

Sample Answer Four

With great pleasure and delight. I present to you this pen, which has the ability to write more than 10,000 words before getting fully exhausted. Considering its long writing ability, its manufacturing company has laid a sincere focus on designing this pen in a durable manner, so that its body can last for a long period of time. I am optimistic that you will buy this and would give us an opportunity to serve you.

Sample Answer Five

Since you are looking for a pretty pen in an affordable segment, I feel delighted to present you with this masterpiece. It is one of our best artistic creations ever, which not only looks good but is also very smooth and effective in writing. It just glides on the paper, enabling you to write more. Its smooth and fine tip would enable you to write beautifully without exerting much pressure on the fingertips as well as the knuckles. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sample Answer Six

Being a learned person always in need of high quality and good-looking pens, I am thoroughly amused to present you with this artistic creation of ours. It is a limited edition ‘M’ series pen, which has been our best seller since the day it has been launched. As per a survey around 1 in every 3 students and professionals use this pen so as to meet their writing needs. I feel pleased to present you with this pen and hope that you would purchase it soon.

Sample Answer Seven

This pen is no less than a writer’s delight. Be it a research paper or notes of a board meeting, this pen has the ability to meet all your expectations. Our company has laid a great focus while designing its tip, which is slightly inclined towards right, enabling you to write for longer periods of time, without exerting much pressure on your fingertips. wrists and knuckles. Around 5000 units have already been sold within a week and we expect a much more increase in the coming weeks.

Sample Answer Eight

With an exceptional design handmade by some of our most professional craftsmen, this pen has the ability to write for no less than 5000 hours. If you focus on its grip, this pen has a fine rubber grip, which helps and assists you to maintain a perfect grip of the pen even in the most humid and moist conditions. Its affordability and durability in this price range are a big plus for this pen, and no wonder we are expecting a huge sale order. We wish you to be a part of our long list of happy customers.

Sample Answer Nine

I understand that you are an exceptional writer and company professional, in need of a high-quality pen. I feel glad to offer to you this pen, which has been filled with some high-quality ink, so as to enable its user to write in a perfect fashion. You can just glide with this pen in any direction and it will not be stuck anywhere on the whole paper. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sample Answer Ten

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our latest artistic creation in the segment of pens. This is a limited edition pen from our popular ‘X’ series of pens, which is suitable for working professionals and entrepreneurs. It is available in some unique colors, such as maroon, burgundy, and peach, with or without a metallic finish. In addition to its superior design, this pen writes pretty smoothly on a piece of paper. This pen is lightweight too, so as to enable you to create a perfect piece of writing.


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