Teacher Job Interview: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

One of the best, superior and patronizing professions in this world, that world, and the upcoming world, would be that of a teacher. Teaching is a responsible profession, wherein a teacher has the ability to make or break a young kid’s future. Big names and almost all the successful people have confessed to having been indebted to their teachers at some point in their life. Teachers are thus, highly respectable in almost all spheres of life and earn huge recognition among the members of society.

Teacher Job Interview

Five Best Tips To Answer This Question

1) Do A Detailed Self Analysis

This is a common interview question that is asked in almost all the interview sessions held across the world for various vacancies and job profiles. This question requires you to conduct a thorough self-analysis and self-scrutiny so that you become aware of yourself and understand your unique attributes in a better manner. It is advisable to note down the findings of self-analysis on a white paper sheet and then design your answer to this question. By following the written method, you will never be gasping for reliable content.

2) Be Crisp and Keep It Short

You might be having a thousand good qualities as well as bad qualities. But you are not supposed to share them in their entirety with your interviewer. It is advisable that you keep your answer brief, short and crisp by sharing one strength and one weakness of yours.

3) Focus More On Strength In A Smart way

Sharing weaknesses tend to create a negative impression on the mind of an interviewer, but since you are asked you are obliged to name a few weaknesses. But, you can reduce the negative impact of weaknesses by focusing more on your strengths. This must be done in a smart way, otherwise, you might sound diplomatic and over-smart.

4) Start From Your Strength

An interviewer is a human whose only job is to evaluate the candidate and frame opinions in regards to his or her personality, body language, and attitude. Starting your answer with a weakness might go against you and can enable an interviewer to start his evaluation procedures too early. Hence, you must always start your answer from your strength so that the interviewer is not able to judge and form an opinion right from the start.

5) Tell Ways Using Which You Are Overcoming Your Weakness

After sharing your weakness with the interviewer you are expected to tell the ways using which you are overcoming your shortcoming. This is a must-do thing, otherwise, you will be judged as an obscure person with little to no control over your mind and habits.

Ten Must-Read Sample Answers

Sample Answer One

Every individual is different and has some unique strengths as well as weaknesses. I believe, my biggest strength is my ability to work under pressure. I remain calm and composed in even the most challenging and tough situations enabling me to make informed and smart decisions. Like all humans, I have a weakness too. I am not punctual on time and tend to get late every time. I am overcoming this by fixing a loud alarm and following it religiously.

Sample Answer Two

Strengths and weaknesses are part of human beings since time immemorial. I have the ability to generate fluent speech without using any fillers for long periods of time. I consider this as my biggest strength which is quite relevant to my profession. Further, if you ask about my weakness, I am a bit lethargic and lazy person possessing a casual attitude. But, I am changing myself for good. I have even joined an online class in relation to transforming my personality.

Sample Answer Three

My biggest strength is my ability to resolve conflicts, doubts, and problems. By the grace of God, I have the ability to provide solutions to almost all problems. In weakness, I am a bit sensitive. I take everything to my heart and as a result, even small things have the ability to crush me completely. I am overcoming this by changing my attitude and temper. For this purpose, I have even joined the mental conditioning classes of a famous motivational speaker.

Sample Answer Four

Being a person from a financial background, I would say I possess an adorable financial literacy which not only helps me in my core profession but also helps me to make informed investment decisions in my personal life. I consider this as my strength. However, I am not a dedicated person who likes to work for long hours in a day. I consider it to be my major weakness. I am changing this attitude and improving my dedication levels by performing yoga and meditation daily.

Sample Answer Five

If you talk about strength, I have the capability to write creatively and handsomely on almost any topic you give to me. This is the primary reason I became a teacher. Further, I have a shortcoming, that I am highly insecure, and always remain in a sense of insecurity of losing things. I am plugging this loophole of mine, by joining a popular course organized by an influential speaker.

Sample Answer Six

My ability to give due attention to even the minutest things makes me detail-oriented and meticulous. I consider it to be my strength. However, the same attribute of mine changes from strength to weakness, when I tend to overdo it. I am trying my best to control my emotions and using this unique quality to a limit.

Sample Answer Seven

I am a quick learner, you give me any new task and I will persevere and can learn it in half the time. I consider it to be my strength. If you talk about my weakness, I am very shy which makes me extremely introverted. At times I have suffered a lot due to this bad quality of mine. I am changing this attitude of mine by joining singing and dance classes.

Sample Answer Eight

My biggest strength is my ability to handle pressure and tough situations in life, which enables me to take quality decisions and choices. My bad quality is my overconfidence, which has forced me to eat the humble pie on several occasions. I am plugging this shortcoming of mine by becoming more meticulous and detail-oriented.

Sample Answer Nine

My ability to get absorbed completely in a team or group or maybe my fellow workers is my biggest strength. I have a jolly and accomodating nature loved by all. At the same time, I am very poor in financial literacy and have lost money in several scams and cahoots. I have joined financial literacy classes at a nearby center, to overcome this weakness of mine.

Sample Answer Ten

I am very flexible and versatile. You give me the role of substitute teacher, assistant, or class teacher, I am up and ready for everything. This is my biggest strength. If you ask about my weakness then I would say that I am very lenient and not at all punish any student of mine. I am changing this habit of mine by becoming a bit strict.


Teaching is one of the oldest professions in this world, the history of which, dates back to even behind the mighty Roman empire. The demand for teachers is huge and they earn high salaries and lucrative pay packages. But, the interviews are quite cutthroat and a small number of vacancies attracts a lot of applications from every eligible person. Hence, one must prepare in a serious fashion. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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