Web Administrator Interview Questions & Answers

Web administrators are the appointed officials who are hired for ensuring the proper functioning, data accuracy, and the updation of the assigned website. Apart from the specific niche they also function for web designing and modifying the web content.

He is the one who plays multiple roles in enhancing the networks and maintaining the technical advancement of any website including the proper security ensuring. They work to improve the speed of the website and reduce downtime.

This is a desk-type job that binds a person to sit in front of a screen, sometimes all day long.

 The interview questions aim to present a theme in the minds of readers, around which the question rotates; for enhancing the confidence of the candidate.

Web Administrator Interview Questions

Top 21 Web Administrator Interview Questions To Prepare Well

1. What are your technical skills?

Sample Answer

I have many skills like Microsoft Office, Email marketing, HTML, CSS, Web designing, Web And Data Supporting B2B and B2C platforms, Content Management System, Adobe Photoshop, Asset Management, and many more that I have already mentioned in my resume.

2. What is the major thing that attracts you to working as a web administrator?

Sample Answer

I always wanted to work as a web administrator. This is just because of my deep longing for creativity, monitoring, and IT simultaneously. That is why I learned multiple skills within very little time.

It is my golden opportunity to work on my dream job and I am thankful to God that I am here.

3. You are fresher as you have mentioned in your resume. How can we hire you for this job with no experience?

Sample Answer

I am a creative person with the sufficient dedication required for work. Indeed, I want to work here to improve myself and give the best output to the company. A book can not be judged by its cover. 

To introduce my ability to work and the quality of my work to you, I need an opportunity.  This could only happen if I am hired then I will be able to show my latent talent and efficiency.

4. What can one do to maintain the security of the website?

Sample Answer

There should be proper login formality by the users through email verification and it should be checked that unnecessary messages are not sent to the users for saving the website to get marked as spam or blocked by them.

Also, the website should be virus free for better functioning.

5. What is the other job in which you can adjust yourself easily?

Sample Answer

There are a few jobs like Data Analyst, Software Developer, or Data Scientist, I can do as per my qualifications and capabilities.

6. What is your opinion on the location access of the user?

Sample Answer

I think that having access to the location of the user is against their privacy. It should not be mandatory for them to allow location access. 

I have seen in a few web pages that refusing location access will not allow us to use the website.

So, this should be highly monitored as per the comfort of users/guests.

7. Are you able to sit all day long in front of a screen if required?

Sample Answer

Yes, I am. I do meditation regularly so I have gained the ability to sit and focus on my work.

I am physically fit and keep maintaining myself.

8. What problem do you think a person can have by spending more of his time in front of the screen?

Sample Answer

A person may suffer from vision issues and can have back pain frequently. Cervical problems are more common in people with such professions.

There are a few cases of migraine too.

9. What are your plans for yourself to face the same you mentioned?

Sample Answer

I will try to have the data backup on my handset too. Because of this, it will be easy for me to work in a comfortable position if I get too tired.

I used to wear the blue cut lenses for my eyes protection and exercise regularly for gaining flexibility.

10. How do you want to work- alone or in a team?

Sample Answer

I would like to work in a team because taking the whole burden on myself may deplete the quality of work on hectic days. Whereas working in a team will improve the quality, by distributing the workload and multiple minds will produce more efficient and innovative ideas which will lead us to progress.

11. Which option is better for this job- work from home or regular up-down to the office?

Sample Answer

The job of a web administrator is full of responsibilities in which any kind of carelessness is not accepted at all.

Working from home is not a bad option but I will not prefer it unless or until it is very serious to stay at home.

Work from home kills the seriousness which a person should have to his job and daily up-down makes us feel the burden of responsibilities on us. Therefore the best option is to work traditionally, that is, the regular office visits.

12. What are your views on the salary dues of one of your team members if he has taken 25 days to leave due to medical reasons?

Sample Answer

I think that he should get paid the whole salary of the month without any deduction. Since he works with me or for me then it is my responsibility to ensure a fair deed with him.

I will distribute his work among other officials so that workload can be reduced from him returning to work and I will accept his medical leave for sure.

13. Any suggestions from your side on what a company should do to modify its website?

Sample Answer

I will suggest that a website should have accurate information without any bug issues. And there should be an original review by the visitors for the authenticity of the website.

 As well if possible, then the website should be advertisement free because the visitors get irritated when some other loading starts on the web page.

There should also be a function that will show the number of guests who visited the website regularly.

14. What do you know about intrusion detection systems?

Sample Answer

It is a program that works the same as an anti-virus. Its work is to look for threats and report them immediately if any issue is found.

15. What do you mean by firewall? Reply in a very precise manner.

Sample Answer

It is a type of security system that checks the incoming and outgoing traffic in a network.

16. How can one protect the firewall from getting hacked?

Sample Answer

There are multiple ways to protect a firewall – Install antivirus software, use complex passwords, keep the firewall updated, and many more.

17. What is the correct method of including Javascript in HTML?

Sample Answer

There are many methods to do the same but the best way to do this is by using inline code.

18. What if your work is criticized by your boss?

Sample Answer

In starting a person has to face huge criticism and face a tough time because instead of appreciation the person is criticized. 

It is not a big deal if my work is criticized. I will do the work continuously with all my abilities.

19. What if someone reports that your intentions are unhealthy for the company?

Sample Answer

My work is worship. It is never going to happen. But if someone reports it then I will just say that do an investigation at your level before taking any decision or passing the judgment.

If I am found guilty then take strict action against me.

20. What punishment should be given to a person who shares the company data with someone else, Which is against the privacy policy?

Sample Answer

That person should be moved out of the job if there is any evidence against him. Without wasting a single minute, a case should be filed against him requesting the administration to let him out from the field by the insubordination of his certificates due to unfair means. 

And a fine should be charged for covering up the company’s loss.

21. Would you like to work with foreign companies as their web administrator?

Sample Answer

I would like to work with them.

But firstly I will prefer to serve my country and after gaining positive feedback and work experience I will try to connect with them to explore myself.

This will play a major key role in my growth and personality development as well.


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