What is Your Personal Mission Statement? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Mission statements are everywhere, from an individual to organisations and governments. When you visit big firms, you can find their mission statements written on their walls and broachers. They help identify a company and show to the public what an organisation stands for. Based on the mission statements are the present and the future of any organisation determined.

Similarly, in case of an individual these mission statements of the goal they wish to achieve are called, ‘personal mission statements.’

What is Your Personal Mission Statement

What is a Personal Mission Statement?

A personal mission statement may help you define what matters the most to you professionally and personally by identifying your beliefs and ambitions. Personal mission statements help you identify your purpose and explains to you and to the world what you wish to achieve and how to plan to achieve your goals. It also makes decision-making easier since it explains if the choices you’re making are in line with your life goals.

A good mission statement must reflect your skills, abilities, personality traits, values, and passion. It must reflect what you like to do and how you work in order to achieve your goals.

How to write a mission statement?

A mission statement looks very simple and easy once it is written. But you need to be really creative while making one. You need to form a phrase that captures almost everything about you. As stated above, it includes your passions, likings, personal and professional believes and expectations. In order to formulate a catchy mission statement, you need to take time and write down numerous points and re-write many phrases and then choose a phrase that best matches your personality and traits.

Here are a list of questions that your mission statement should try to answer.

  1. What are your life principles and goals?
  2. Why have you chosen those goals?
  3. How do you plan to achieve those goals?
  4. How will the goals help you in your personal life?
  5. Will the goals make you a better person?
  6. How will it benefit those working/living with you?

A mission statement should not be a whole paragraph full of words. Therefore, there is a need to always include only the useful information and words in it. Exclude the extra information and unnecessary details from the statement.

Sample Answers


My personal goal statement is to continue to learn and improve my talents, leveraging my talents, training, and personal character to prosper in any job I have, all while pursuing advancement in the organization and contributing to its success.


My personal mission statement is to give it my all at all times. To give my all in all I do, whether at job, in my personal relationships, or in my academics. If you do not give it your all, life is not worth living, in my view. That is, at least, my philosophy, which I strive to follow.


In my opinion every action is significant. When I see people taking, water or any other resource for granted it just hits me differently. I connect myself with the plight of people for who sleep empty stomach or struggle for single drop of water. I attempt to do something about it, because every decision we make has an effect on everyone around us. I attempt to make conscientious judgments, constantly considering the consequences of my every action.


It is impossible to stop learning. That is the motto I strive to live by. Because it is so easy to lose our humility and believe that we already know everything and we start preaching others. But, in my opinion, that is a pathway to hell. I wish to improve my talents on a regular basis, and I feel that we can learn something from everyone irrespective of their age or position.


Do not do anything to others that you would not want done to you. This mission statement is something I wish everyone possessed. It would greatly improve life in the office and the larger society as well. I strive to stick to this motto in my life. This is the way I treat both humans and animals. Neither do I consume animals nor do I abuse them in any way. It is a wonderful feeling, and I am pleased to live with this moto.


I am not a big believer in personal mission statements. Look, I try to live my life to the best of my ability. However, there has always been great deal of uncertainty in the world. It is impossible to foretell what tomorrow may bring, and people should avoid fantasizing about a wonderful picture of world peace and happy humanity everywhere. I live in the moment and strive hard to make my present better.


I live in the moment. This means I make every effort to make my present better. This is no way means that I take my future for granted rather I believe if your present if good you will naturally work hard to improve your future. Keeping your focus on the current moment does not mean to forego the future but to fulfil your desires as you move on.


I try to use my gifts and talents improve the lives of others. I try using my knowledge and privileges to make the lives of those in need better. I try taking out time to help the underprivileged. The same motive I use in my professions life as well. If my knowledge and expertise can help my co-workers and the company I will never shy away from giving help.


I aim at inspiring others to live the life of their dreams. As a child I was not privileged enough to live a life of my dreams. But I did not let my social status act as a hindrance in achieving my dreams. I worked hard to be the person that I am today. Similarly, I try my best to motivate others to achieve their goals and never be disheartened in life.


My personal goal statement is that I will not have any. At the end of the day, most individuals simply look for this on the internet, and it is a meaningless sentence on their CV. It frequently has little to do with reality. I believe that my actions should speak for themselves and not just a statement on a piece of paper. You are welcome to contact any of my past managers, or even my classmates, to inquire about the feedback on my work. You can also give me a chance in this reputed firm and see how hard I work. However, I will not try to persuade you with a mission statement or hollow phrases.

Keep in Mind

  1. If your CV includes a mission statement, attempt to match it as closely as feasible.
  2. Make your response specific to the job you’re seeking for.
  3. Demonstrate a drive to advance in your job.
  4. Make sure you can back up all of your claims with evidence or support.

Avoid making your response too long, but be sure to build a clear picture of your objective and that it aligns with the position you’re looking for.

Things to Avoid

If you answer this question badly, it will reflect poorly on you and may jeopardize your chances of getting the job. Try to stay away from the following blunders.

  1. Don’t provide a one-size-fits-all response that might be applied to any situation.
  2. Make your mission statement about the company as little as possible.
  3. Don’t provide a quick, ambiguous response.
  4. Even if you excel at specific capabilities, don’t make your mission statement on them if they have nothing to do with the job.


While writing a mission statement try to keep it as simplified as possible. Be honest with yourself and focus on your ambitions and never come up with a statement that you think will impress others. Get a feedback about the statement from your friends and peers before putting it up in your CV or using it in an interview.

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