Why Do You Want To Work As an Accountant? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Regardless of what field you work in, you have to keep your books and records. Not everyone is well versed in the subject of keeping accounts. Therefore companies hire accountants, to help them keep their books, pay taxes, etc, etc. If you want to be an accountant you have to pass many kinds of exams and but if you’ve already done that and are going to go in for your interview soon for the position of accountant and want to prepare for the interview, you found the perfect article. I’ll help you get comfortable with how to answer the question of “Why do you want to work as an accountant?”, using fabricated examples.

Why Do You Want To Work As an Accountant

Sample Answers for “why do you want to work as an accountant?”

Sample Answer 1

“I have sincere love for numbers, always have. I want to become an accountant to provide with cost-cutting methods that have not yet been discovered by anyone, developing better tax strategies, or performing sensitive analysis for revenue projects and forecasting are very much exciting to me. The accounts are a very important part of a company they can support the financial state of the organization. Having this love for numbers and the sense of pride for my role in a company is the reason accounting as a career option suited me.”

Sample Answer 2

“I consider my analytical skills, attention to detail, and flawless control over maths are my biggest strengths. When in school we were asked to select streams I wasn’t too sure about studying commerce, but that was my only option as I did not have enough percentage to take up science. The principal of our school had promised me that if I did well that year he’ll let me change subjects. However, in the first month itself, I started to enjoy accountancy. It was like finding a piece that fits perfectly by chance. That is why I want to work as an accountant.”

Sample Answer 3

“My ultimate goal is to be the head of the financial department in a big company like yours. However, I do recognise that it is a tough post to achieve, handle and manage as it makes a huge impact on the success of the organization. That is exactly why I want to work as an accountant first. To know the ins and outs of how the numbers work. To learn to read between the lines. To notice what goes on behind the numbers, as a first-hand experience. That is why at this point of my professional career accountant seems to be a perfect choice for me right now and for my goal in the future as well.”

Sample Answer 4

“It is roughly a family tradition, to be honest. My father, as well as my grandfather, were both accountants. I picked up the craft and a lot of tricks about it growing up, as work was a major part of the conversations my dad and grandfather used to have. So, I took it up in school too. I was first planning to work with my father in the freelance accounting firm he had, but he is already retired and I am not quite so into the business factor of the freelance idea. That is why I am applying for a job here.”

Sample Answer 5

“I have been following this career path science the 11th grade. When I had first opted for it I was quite fascinated by the subject, that is when I decided this is what I want to give my life to. Therefore, I aced the C.A. examination and started working as a freelance accountant. However, now I have a family and I have to find a steady source of income for their and mine security. I still possess the same love for the subject, so I thought to work as an accountant.”

Sample Answer 6

“I have been working as an accountant for 10 years. I used to have my own company that provided people with assistance in their finances and freelance accounting work. However, it was not a sustainable business everyone entering the market wants to provide an unbeatable price, to attract more clients and due to this getting by was tough. To meet our costs we had to take up more and more work for less price and due to finances, I couldn’t hire assistants. I was getting by on a few long time clients, but now I have decided that I am gonna take my skills to a place where they are respected and duly paid for.”

Sample Answer 7

” I think that the position will be a perfect match for me, as I am good with numbers, can point out what others fail to, I rarely make any mistakes. I think every single one of us should choose our work depending on the basis of our strengths and skills. It is not only to benefit us but to the organization we work for, it will help us be more efficient and effective, there will be less stress of work as we don’t mind doing it. So, my strengths in particular signal towards the post of an accountant will be best for me, for now at least.”

Sample Answer 8

“Though I aspire for a bigger post, in the long run, I passed my C.A. exam not too long ago. I do not have any previous experience in any kind of job or internship but I did score really well in the exam. So, I thought not to apply for a bigger post as there are more capable people for those in comparison to me, and working for a big organisation like yours I am definitely to meet great minds as my superiors, so I hope to learn from them. Therefore applying to a bigger post didn’t make any sense to me. However, I am confident in my ability and education to be a good accountant.”

Sample Answer 9

” I like to work alone, basically being accountable for my own results only. This might sound like I am an unsocial entity, but I am not, I am just proud of my ability and I do my best work alone. I had a formal education in the field of accounts and the idea of having my head buried in books making analysis sounds like fun to my ears. Reading the job description, it seems to me that I am a really good fit for the position of an accountant.”

Sample Answer 10

“I just simply enjoy accounting on a day to day level. I do not have the burden to earn for anyone else but me and had just finished my studies. So, with low-income expectations and experience, I sought a job in the financial area, hence it seemed perfect to apply for an accountant’s post. To getting work under people who have been in the field for years, and getting to learn so much sounds like a blissful working experience.”

Coming to a close, I’d like to help you start making your own answer. Start by listing why you want to work as an accountant and what your expectations are from it. Once the list is complete re-visit us and by taking ideas from the fabricated replies, make up your own. If your liked reading this article, leave a comment below, also share it with your friends and check us out for more like this.


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