Why Do You Want To Work In This Restaurant? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

People love to eat outside their homes, This not only serves some kind of entertainment but also a medium to refresh one’s mind. There are several reasons for people to visit their nearby restaurants and have a good meal. Getting a job in your favorite restaurant is not easy and may require you to undergo a demanding interview process. The question ‘Why do you want to work in this restaurant’ is a common interview question through which an employer wants to know your seriousness towards the organization. Hence, it must be prepared thoroughly.

Why Do You Want To Work In This Restaurant

10 Best Answers for Working at Restaurant

Answer No. One

The infrastructure and the customer base this restaurant has got are unmatchable. I believe that your prestigious institution is the best for me to hone my skills in communication and perseverance. In addition to this, it has come to my knowledge that there is an employee re-creational program offered by the company, to destress its employees. This is also one of the major attractions for my applying to this company.

Answer No. Two

I have worked for 3 years with ABC Foods INC. But I was utterly dissatisfied with the promotion policy of my previous employer. After careful scrutiny, I found that the promotional aspects, incentives, and salary base offered is very attractive in your prestigious institution. Hence, I want to work with your company for career advancement and of course a better life.

Answer No. Three

This is my favorite restaurant and I have many memories from my childhood when I used to come here regularly with my family. Being such an old institution, it has now become a huge brand and possesses very impressive goodwill. To work with your restaurant is like a dream come true and I have prepared thoroughly for the interview process in order to fulfill this dream.

Answer No. Four

The work culture offered by this institution is unmatchable. The employees are really generous and are willing to help through your thick and thin. This increases your efficiency and you tend to enjoy while working. With strict measures in place for ragging and office politics, I personally like this organization very much.

Answer No. Five

I have my sister working in this restaurant as a stewardess. The family program started by your company, which reserves 50% of the total vacancies advertised, improves my chances of selection to a large extent when compared with any other similar institution. Further, as a satisfied employee of your prestigious institution, my sister had seriously recommended this restaurant to me. Further, I personally like the design of your building and salary offered, which further incites me.

Answer No. Six

Your restaurant chain is really popular among the country folks and I have myself seen, huge crowds of people coming into this restaurant to have a meal. The way things are offered to customers by your team of employees has always made me excited and I have always wished to join this group. I applied for the vacancy last time also, but was not able to make it. But this time I am thoroughly prepared and believe that I will cross the line.

Answer No. Seven

This restaurant is really close to my place of residence, thus I would be able to save my valuable time due to reduced traveling and further, I will be able to save my transportation charges. This coupled with an attractive pay package that includes an impressive health insurance policy makes this opportunity a must grab. The loyalty of the customers of this restaurant is beyond any stretch of the imagination and I am excited to serve them

Answer No. Eight

The food offered by your restaurant is known in the entire town for its unique flavor and taste which surely is made by a committed team of chefs. Your restaurant is the reason why I became a chef. To join such a committed team of chefs would be my honor. I believe I will be able to learn more skills and gain quality experience than any other restaurant which would help me in career advancement and shape my future in a pleasant way.

Answer No. Nine

While most of the restaurants work till late at night, the timings followed by your workplace is very unique. Due to the quality and affordability of the food offered by your prestigious restaurant, you tend to finish maximum by 7’o clock. This timing suits me very well and motivated me to join your group. Further, the level of expertise shown by your group of employees is phenomenal and I would love to join this group in order to learn some useful skills.

Answer No. Ten

With a presence in almost 20 counties and a critics review of 4.8, I wonder why I would deny the offer to work at your eminent restaurant. The devotion of your customers has always excited me. The way food is served by your committed team of employees has always motivated me. While pursuing my course related to a steward, I always dreamed of working at this restaurant. In addition to this, the salary offered is also very attractive. Further, the cash incentives offered upon serving pre-determined customers make this vacancy even more lucrative.


Restaurants are glamorous and have the power to entice young people. Considering the need and demand, restaurants will be forever in vogue and a decision to work with them is not a bad one. However, getting a job at your favorite restaurant is not easy and would require serious preparation as the vacancies are less and the number of applicants is on the higher side. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below how much you like our articles and how helpful they are for you and your family members.


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