Are You Willing To Relocate? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Not all desires can be fulfilled. There is a far lesser percentage of the population, that wants to live away from their family, friends, and well-wishers. But, it is not necessary that you get a job as per your expectations and requirements, near your place of residence. There have been numerous instances wherein people have relocated to different places in search of a better career, life, and salary. If you have applied to an outstation job, just be ready to face this question. Although this question may sound simple and easy on the face of it, in reality, it too, like others have its own twists and turns.

Are You Willing To Relocate

Types of Responses

In order to answer this question, there could be four types of responses, that would entirely depend upon your circumstances, attitude, and your seriousness towards this particular job. The responses could be:

  • A definite ‘No’
  • A definite ‘Yes’
  • Maybe Yes/No
  • You need time to think

Never Respond In this Manner

A single interview question can generate several responses and can be answered in several possible ways. But, our sole aim is to guide our readers in a positive way. Here is a list of some prohibited answers, that you must never give in response to this question:

  • I can relocate but I expect the organization to compensate me.
  • I can relocate, but will you provide an accommodation facility.
  • My attachment from my hometown is too strong to overcome.
  • It entirely boils down to the additional incentives that you are offering.

Three Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Always Mention Your Relocation Time

In order to provide an effective and impressive answer, it is necessary to completely understand the requirements of an interviewer from that question. Through this question an interviewer wants to know two things:

  • The first and most obvious thing, do you want to relocate? and the other thing
  • What is the expected time within which you can relocate?

Replying with the expected relocation time, makes your answer more definite and specific, fulfilling all the requirements of an interviewer and reducing the chances of any counter-question.

2) You Can Also Say A ‘No’

Depending upon the situation, circumstances, and other opportunities in hand, you can also reply with a ‘no’. It is not mandatory to say a ‘yes, but in case you reply negatively, be assured that your selection chances have taken a considerable hit.

3) Better To Take Time In Case You Are Unsure

There are certain instances when an individual is not in a position to answer any question definitely. The question relating to relocation is similar to it. A candidate might be required to consult his or her parents, mentors, or simply friends, before making a relocating decision. Hence, in case you need time, just share the same with your interviewer, as it is totally acceptable.

Ten Best Sample Answers

Sample Answer One

Being a committed and dedicated member of a team, I am willing to relocate without any hesitation. It would be my top priority to serve my organization at all possible costs, no matter how tough or hectic the scheduling is. From my side, it is a confident yes. Further, I have the ability to relocate within one week.

Sample Answer Two

Relocating to the place of office is absolutely normal for me and I am willing to do so. Further, I am a loyal person, who would always be committed to working beneficially for the organization as a whole. In addition to this, if there is any need to further make frequent visits to outstation clients, I am open and up for that too. I can relocate within 4 days.

Sample Answer Three

Although I am in love with this organization and really want to do a job at this prestigious institution, relocation is a big decision and for this, I would need to consult my parents before giving a definitive reply. Hence, I request you to give me the time of at least 3 days so that I can consult with my parents on this aspect. Further, I am really interested in this position, as it suits my style and preference.

Sample Answer Four

Being an esteemed organization, with overseas opportunities and lucrative salaries as well as incentives, this is a dream organization for me and I am willing to relocate to the place of work. Such is my level of excitement, that I have already packed my bags and have the ability to relocate within 2 days. Really looking forward to joining the organization and begin working for you.

Sample Answer Five

With an exceptional customer base, which is loyal as well as ever-expanding, I believe, an opportunity at such a premier institution is too big to ignore. I am very much willing to relocate and serve this organization with my skills and knowledge. Further, I am a firm believer in economies of scale, and in case an organization wants to send me on an overseas project, I am ready and willing for them too.

Sample Answer Six

I have gone through the job description completely and have even understood all the terms and conditions attached to it. I believe I will be able to learn a lot of things in life by working at such an esteemed organization, and for this purpose, there is not even a strand of doubt regarding relocation. I assure you that I am willing to relocate and can do so in at the most 5 days.

Sample Answer Seven

This is a dream organization for many young individuals, including me. But, relocation is something, I am not ready and willing to do. Being in possession of some other lucrative job offers, in which there is no relocation condition, I will be more than happy to have a look and consider them. I believe, there is a large section of your employees, working permanently from home. If I can get a work from home opportunity, at your premier institution, it would be really tempting and lip-smacking for me. Once hired, I can be an asset to the company.

Sample Answer Eight

This is exactly the job opportunity, I am looking and searching for. It absolutely suits my skills, style, and preference for working. Being such a big and successful company, in existence for the last two decades, it is a no-brainer for me to join this company. I am very much willing to relocate to the place of work. I can assure you that I can relocate within 5 days if given an opportunity to work with you.

Sample Answer Nine

There are several organizations working here, wherein you can still earn a lucrative salary and incentives. Although your organization is really wonderful and provides a lot of career advancement opportunities, I prefer to stick here. Further, If you are willing to hire me for a virtual job or place me at a place near my place of residence, I will be more than happy to work with you.

Sample Answer Ten

This is a wonderful organization and has the capability to provide me with an above-par standard of living. But, it would be my misfortune, that I will not able to relocate to the place of office due to some prior commitments and issues at my place of residence. I believe, there is a branch of your organization near to my place of residence. I will be overwhelmed if you can place me there. Looking forward to kicking start.



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