Top 15 Best Jobs For The Future

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. This is a popular saying followed by most people all around the globe. However, through this article and medium, we want you to rethink. What if, you try and explore the unknown, the unanticipated, or the future. The task may seem daunting and unsettling at first, but fortune has and will always favor the brave, so use your analytical skills and endeavor to foresee the upcoming world. This would not only make you ready to adapt quickly to the changes but would also stretch your imagination to a new level, thereby making you a visionary. This article is here to help you out and attempts to list the fifteen best jobs that a person can ponder over.

Best Jobs For The Future

List Of Fifteen Best Jobs

1) Robotics

The future belongs to technology and undoubtedly robots are the most productive and potent outcome. In times to come, it will not be surprising if we see robotic waiters serving in hotels and restaurants, robotic nurses helping elderly patients, and even a few robots working in public dealings. Hence, a person desirous of moving with time must choose the field of robotics.

How To Enter The Field Of Robotics?

In order to enter this highly coveted and futuristic field, a person must undertake robotics engineering from an established institution. This field of engineering focuses on manufacturing machines that have the ability to duplicate or recreate humans actions, intelligence, and several common activities. Usually, it is a four-year course and a person can opt for it after completing schooling.

2) Cryptocurrency Developers

I hope you have heard of a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Ethereum, etc. that people hold, it increases in value and the investors simply become millionaires. Such is the charm of cryptocurrencies that almost all of them, no matter they are old or new, are able to find buyers and even long-term investors pretty easily. In our opinion, the future belongs to the blockchain, the phenomenon on which cryptocurrencies are based. It is a common belief, widespread across the industries that blockchain-based technologies and software, would take the entire world by storm in the coming decade. Hence, students from IT backgrounds can consider this option and become a part of the revolution.

3) Online Teacher

It would have been hard to imagine a decade back, that students would be able to learn and study online in live classes. But rapid and consistent improvements in technology have made this feat possible, and nowadays around 70% of the students have at least attended a single online course. The convenience and ease of online teaching would only expand its scope and with an enhanced scope comes more and more opportunities for the online teachers and educators. The pay for teachers has always been bright and lucrative, but thanks to this digital revolution, the pay has now improved much more considerably. Hence, students having a good hold on a particular subject with superior communication skills can try and adopt this wonderful profession.

4) Digital Marketing

Marketing is the essence of business organizations no matter big, small, or mid. The level of success that an organization would be able to achieve during its tenure, depends entirely upon the efficiency of the marketing techniques adopted by the organization. We live in a world dominated by technology and it is pretty safe to assume that this dominance is poised to increase leaps and bounds in the coming future. Digital marketing is one of the best options for marketing professionals to adopt considering the future.

What Is the Role Of A Digital Marketer?

The primary and most important role of a digital marketer is to design, create and establish effective and impressive advertisement campaigns that not only boost the organization’s sales but also help them to grab a wider recognition as well as a higher market share. Digital marketers use social media, prominent websites, blogs, emails, etc to produce influencing digital advertisements campaigns.

5) Medical Professionals

Be it an era foregone or be it the surprising future, the scope and demand for medical professionals are here to stay till eternity. However, the modus operandi or the procedures using which medical professionals operate and treat might change. A person trying to anticipate the future and desirous of opting for a risk-free career option can look after the medicine field. Medical professionals, are always in huge demand and fetch high salaries and lucrative incentives. However, it is no wonder that the curriculum for this course is tough and demanding. Hence, students capable of working hard and ready to burn some midnight oil, might try and adopt it.

6) Ethical Hackers

This course can also be termed as cybersecurity professionals, whose primary duty is to protect the authenticity and integrity of a computer system, website, or simply software. We all know, there is a huge number of unethical hackers ready to break open or hack computer systems in order to gain at the expense of others. In order to protect from the malicious attacks of hackers, organizations hire cybersecurity professionals to protect themselves from such attacks and any possible financial losses. Along with this, cybersecurity professionals, are also tasked with protecting the social media handles of celebrities, business organizations, and prominent politicians. As a result, they are in huge demand and fetch a lucrative salary.

7) Coder

Even a person who is weak in anticipating the future or making some serious forecasts can safely assume that the software and website industry is bound to increase at a rapid pace in the times to come. For almost all of our needs, there is the presence of a mobile application designed and written by prominent coders. There will always be new ideas, ventures, and competition that would eventually get translated into the framing of more and more websites and mobile applications. This simply means a huge scope for code writing professionals, wherein they will be absorbed as soon as they are able to complete their education. Hence, students of information technology, must look no further and start learning prominent coding languages.

8) Social Media Influencer

With a rapid increase in startups and new entrepreneurs, there has always been a search and demand for affordable marketing techniques. This need is fulfilled by the social media influencers who are models and singers, having a wide approach and fan following. These influencers are contacted by the business organizations in order to promote their product in lieu of a fixed payment.

This is a relatively safe and secure way of earning money. The higher your reach and fan following, the higher you can charge for making paid promotions. In times to come, there would be a rapid expansion of the affordable marketing segment and hence an enhanced demand for these social media influencers. If you hate studies and have always been interested in modeling, arts, and creativity then this is a tailor-made profession for you.

9) Choreographer

Be it an occasion of a birthday party or a marriage ceremony, gone are the days when people used to dance in complete mayhem. In these changing times, people even need perfection and they try to learn various dance forms so that they are able to impress their fellows and peers. This has led to a rapid increase in the demand for professional choreographers who charge on an hourly basis. It is fun to earn money by teaching somebody how to dance, hence if you have relevant skills and interests, then consider and evaluate this option.

10) Data Scientist

The primary role of a data scientist is to evaluate and analyze the business data so as to extract meaningful and influencing business information in relation to the various business operations. In times to come, it is safe to assume that, the business data to be fetched and considered is bound to increase at a rapid pace, which simply means a huge demand for data scientists. To enter into such a highly paid profession, you must have a stronghold and grip upon:

  • Data algorithms
  • Various machine learning tools
  • Statistical techniques
  • Various data mining models
  • data gathering techniques, etc.

11) Artificial Intelligence Developer

We have already discussed the scope of robotics in the future. Along with robotics, comes the field of artificial intelligence, without which robots are nothing but useless and an inefficient set of metal parts. In order to make these robots meaningful and productive, so that they can be used for the welfare of the people, it is inherent that they learn artificial intelligence, which simply means human emotions and intelligence.

Being an artificial intelligence developer, your primary role would be to design and establish computer programs and software for these advanced machines, so that they are able to make quality decisions and analyze or evaluate their actions. In other words, it is an art of simply giving life to a machine. If you have relevant skills and interests, be ready to join the future revolution.

12) Financial Wellness Coach

Most of the people in this world work hard and push their limits in order to earn money. A few lucky ones earn more than their needs and this leads to the creation of a surplus fund, only to be invested and deployed so as to earn returns. This establishes the need for a professional, who is financially literate and has the ability to suggest and advise as to where a person could invest its surplus, based on his or her own needs, expectations, and goals.

This professional is called a financial wellness coach who is a finance graduate and has an expert understanding of the various financial products and investment schemes. Students, having sound financial knowledge and background, along with superior communication skills can opt for this respectable profession.

13) Digital Tailor

You must have ever gone to your nearby tailor to get your clothes stitched based on your size, appearance, and shape. But what if, you can get this service online. Digital tailor is a futuristic profession, wherein the professional, analyzes your shape, size, and appearance using online software and recommends a few dresses of varying colors and designs, that will suit best upon you. Upon selecting the dress, the tailor would simply stitch the clothes as per your requirements and instructions and would send you the produce.

This way, a digital tailor is able to meet and garner not only the local demand but also the demand from far-off locations, leading to an increase in revenue and ultimately profits. If you are a person, interested in arts and creativity then try and consider this wonderful option.

14) Fitness Counselor

Nobody likes couch potatoes and everybody loves to be liked. This has made fitness a religion whose followers and dominance are increasing day by day. The heroes of this religion are the fitness enthusiasts and counselors, whose primary duties are to advise the fitness aspirants as to how they can shed their extra pounds and become fit. The scope of this profession is already so huge that counselors are now getting absorbed as personal trainers, trainers mentoring on a fitness mobile application, or simply writing fitness blogs for a prominent fitness website. Hence, if you too are a fitness enthusiast, then look no further and become a certified fitness trainer.

15) Man-Machine Collaborator

Rapid industrialization and increase in the use of machinery for performing various functions at different levels of manufacturing, has led to the establishment of a visionary professional, known as, Man-machine collaborator. The success of an organization depends upon the harmony and collaboration between both the machines deployed at the workstations and the human employees operating and working upon them. The primary role of a collaborator is to devise capabilities so that both machines and men are able to effectively communicate with each other and work by maintaining an excellent rapport. This is a profession truly of the future, and soon there would be a rapid increase in its scope as well as demand.


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