Top 21 Dental Hygienist Interview Questions in 2024 (With Answers)

A Dental Hygienist is a licensed dental professional who provide preventative oral care. They are the ones who clean the teeth of the patients’ and search if they are with any oral problems such as mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity and a few more. Hygienists teach their visitors or patients how to maintain good oral health.

Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

 Important Interview Questions For Dental Hygienist

Question 1- Give us a reason to hire you as our forthcoming Dental Hygienist?

Answer- This is the tricky question that you will face in any interview. For this answer to be unique and catchy you can ask your friends or family what they feel sets you apart from other people. Now, based on their observations you will know that what you are great at it could slightly be related to the profession or out of it.

Sample Answer- I believe that I have the right experience based on the profession, not four or five but dozens of them. Also, professionally I was always interested in the ‘dental’ field and that is one of the major reasons why failure will be rare to find in my future work. I have seen a lot of change and innovation in the field and adapted to all with ease for the same I am looking forward to doing that at your company as well.

Question 2- What major social issue is faced by the ‘dentist’ world today?

Answer- The interviewer here will like to know your knowledge of the Dental industry in today’s world. You need to keep yourself updated on what is happening in the dental world right now or what are events taking place around the world. You could always take an educated guess to justify your answer to the interviewer.

Sample Answer- As I have mentioned earlier that I have seen a lot of change and innovation in the dentist world, I know some ethical issues faced by them as well. The top ethical challenges faced by Dental Hygienist are inadequate sterilisation, waste management in dental clinics, poorly informed consent process and a few more. Another major ethical issue is when there is third party involvement.  When a private Dental Hygienist is with two or more parties, then it could surely lose his/her focus and can cause a lot of issues.

Question 3- How are you going to handle a situation where you discover that the patient is not satisfied?

Answer- There are many tips to handle a situation but one has to be capable to handle it. Dentists will find varieties of customers in their daily life so they need to act accordingly. The simple way to handle a situation is to listen to the complaint carefully and identify what exactly the problem is. I have to keep calm think of all the alternatives and make the final decision which should be most appropriate.

Question 4- How do you communicate effectively with clients?

Answer- The very first step that should be taken here is to make the client or patient feel comfortable. Then slowly I would talk about my work experience which will also include interactions such as ‘how to take good oral care?’, ‘proper way of brushing teeth and their methods’ and a few more.

Question 4- What is Tongue Scrapers and their benefits?

Answer- A tongue scraper is also known as tongue cleaner is a simple device that cleans the upper coating of the tongue. The benefits of using tongue scrapers are as follows:

  • Improves the sense of taste
  • Removes bacteria from the tongue
  • Reduces bad breath
  • High chance of not being affected with any oral problems

Question 5- How to have bright teeth?

Answer- If you find your smile yellow that does not always mean you have poor dental health. Most of us know that tooth colours are mostly hereditary and surely it affects by what we eat. Still, you could whiten your teeth here are few simple ways to do so:

  • Brush twice using baking soda
  • You may use hydrogen peroxide
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid eating sugary substance

Question 6- How to get rid of foul breath or smell?

Answer- To avoid bad breath you should start focusing on your diet or the food that you take. In most cases it has proved that using drugs, taking in sour food leads to bad breath.

Question 7- What exactly is sensitive toothpaste?

Answer- This special toothpaste contains a special ingredient that blocks the pain sensors which respond to heat, sugar substance and cold.

Question 8- What is the proper way to brush?

Answer- The brushing position should be at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Having it all set in that position you move it back and forth gently to make it better overall. Then brush the outside and inside and the chewing surfaces on each tooth.

Question 9- Is it safe to use an Electric Toothbrush?

Answer- Yes, if they are used properly then it is not developed to hurt your gums or anything orally. Switching to an electric toothbrush you might find the right amount of pressure for your tooth.

Question 10- How to not have tooth decay?

Answer- Simple ways to not have tooth decay:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Clean between your teeth with dental floss with a good quality brush
  • Eat nutritious and balanced meals every day

Question 11- Are using toothpicks good?

Answer- Toothpicks should be avoided these small-sized sticks can traumatize the gums.

Question 12- Should we use mouthwash?

Answer- It is not necessary if you are brushing and flossing daily and have kept your oral healthy. But, there is no harm in using mouthwashes.

Question 12- Are other dental hygiene products necessary?

Answer- If you have good dental health then it is not at all necessary to use other products. On the other hand, if it is recommended by the doctor then that is a different case.

Question 13- How many times should you floss in a day?

Answer- It is necessary to floss at least once a day.

Question 14- Why do we have bad breath in the morning?

Answer- It is because on average we swallow about 2,000 times during day time which flushes out bacteria. But, it is different at night we just swallow about 200 times, which leaves all the bacteria lingering in our mouth.

Question 15- When is the right time to brush?

Answer- To experience better result you should brush after each meal we have it includes snacks as well. Doing that will immediately remove odour-emitting food particles, possible tooth decay and bacteria.  Now, if the above seems impossible then brushing twice a day should be more than sufficient.

Question 16- Kindly explain what causes bleeding of gums?

Answer- This simply happens due to the collection of plague at the gum line. This condition is also referred to as gingivitis and if it is not treated then it would harden the tartar and would bleed more.

Question 17- What are the possible symptoms of a tooth infection?

Answer- Some of the symptoms of tooth infection are as follows:

  • Severe toothache
  • Having a pain while chewing
  • Increase of bitter taste in the mouth
  • May cause fever
  • Bad breath

Question 18- What is the Root Canal?

Answer- Root Canal is a treatment that is carried out in a patient who has large-sized cavities that damage the root of the tooth. When a client goes under the treatment, the inflamed or the pulp (infected) is removed and the inside part of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected.

Question 19- What are the instruments used for a root canal?

Answer- The instruments used for the treatment are as follows:

  • Endodontic Burs- The first tool during Root Canal
  • Finger spreader
  • Excavators
  • Barbed Broach
  • Files and Reamers
  • Ultrasonic Instruments
  • Peeso Reamer
  • Gates-Glidden drills
  • Gutta-percha points

Question 20- What do you mean by the word ‘pulp’?

Answer- The pulp is a connective tissue that resides within the centre of the tooth which is directly just beneath the layer of dentin. It is where all the oral blood vessels and all nerve tissues are found.

Question 21- Explain what is trigeminal neuralgia?

Answer- Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) is also called tic douloreux. It is a chronic pain condition that affects the fifth cranial nerve which is also the most widely distributed nerve in the head. It is one of the main nerves that originate from the brain stem and enters the face part and then ends up in the tooth bottom. If this significant nerve gets disturbed or damaged by any means then it causes the ain known as Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

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Following the above answers putting your keen attention might just impress the interviewer and it is of sure that you will fix a good position in their company. Also, if there is anything you find useful in the above article then do share and leave your feedbacks in the comment section.


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