With Whom Would You Discuss Confidential Information About Customers? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Customers are the heart and soul of any business enterprise. Companies perform a whole lot of measures and activities in order to satisfy them and provide a memorable experience. There are several aspects and information that relates to the customers of the business which must be kept confidential and secretive in the best interests of the company. Hence, this question is a part of almost all the interviews happening around the world.

Discuss Confidential Information About Customers

Three Tips To Ace This Question

1) You Cannot Disclose

Anything that is confidential and secretive, belongs to the company. Be it trade practices, customer-related information, operating procedures, or information relating to suppliers, all these are the property of the company. You are bound to not disclose such confidential information legally, otherwise, you can be sued for breach of trust and mismanagement of the company’s intellectual assets. Hence, always say that you will not disclose them to anyone.

2) Special Circumstances

As discussed above, you just can not disclose confidential information. But there are a few special circumstances in which you are forced to share such a piece of valuable information, such as:

a) Demanded By The Law

There are certain situations when several departments of the government, want to know such information, in order to conduct a better ethical audit of the company or simply in the interests of the country and its citizens. In such a scenario, you are forced to bypass all the company clauses and reveal the secretive information as demanded by the investigating officer.

b) Demanded By The Senior Company Officials

Sometimes the senior officers of the company want to get themselves aware of any latest development in relation to the customers of the company. In such a case, you can share the information which is in your possession.

Tip Of Caution

In both the special circumstances (a) and (b), you must reveal or share the confidential information, only if you have received an official written summon/notice/communication to do so. Otherwise, refrain from doing so. A written piece of writing would act as evidence, in case anything bad happens at any later stage.

c) Prepare A Well-Structured Answer

Simply saying that ‘I would not disclose/share’, won’t help your cause in any way. Your answer must be reasoned and well-drafted. It must start from the importance of such customer information and must end with the assurance of not disclosing. This would enable an interviewer to interpret your views relating to customers of the company as well as judge your communication skills and body language. A carefully drafted answer would increase your selection chances considerably.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Follow

Sample Answer One

There are several items that an employee becomes aware of while working for the organization, some relate to customers and are confidential. Disclosing these pieces of information to anyone is not in my books. I would disclose or share such secrets only with the head of the department under which I am working, that too when demanded.

Sample Answer Two

I completely understand the requirement to hide and keep the customer’s information secretive as these play a vital role in eliminating competition. It is not my habit and policy to disclose sensitive information relating to customers. Hence, I would not disclose it to anyone. However, if it is demanded by any enforcement agency, then I would be forced to disclose it. Otherwise, be safe on this aspect from my side.

Sample Answer Three

Customers are the kings and any sensitive data relating to them is the property of the company which must not be disclosed to any outsider. I believe, that all the employees, must strictly follow the business ethics and principles of disclosure which mostly prohibit disclosure. Being a law-abiding person, I would not disclose secret information to anyone.

Sample Answer Four

Sharing confidential information is like mocking the word ‘confidential’ in the first place. Such pieces of information are crucial for any company operating in the world. Hence, sharing such would not only harm the organization as a whole but would also impact my professional career. Hence, I am totally against such disclosures and would prohibit anyone from doing so.

Sample Answer Five (For Freshers)

Despite being a fresher serving my first job application, I believe, anything that belongs to the company must remain with the company. I am strictly against any disclosure or sharing of the customer’s name, contact number, address, or any other related information whatsoever. I am a rule-abiding person and would always work for the benefit of my organization.

Sample Answer Six

Being a loyal, dedicated, and committed employee of the company, it is against my own ethics to disclose any confidential information relating to customers of the company. I would not share such information with anyone, no matter what.

Sample Answer Seven

There are a few circumstances in which confidentiality becomes public. Like, I am summoned by any court of law, asked by the head of the department to share that, or maybe any enforcement agency wants to know that thing. In such cases, it would be out of my control to preserve the customer information and I will be forced to spill the beans.

Sample Answer Eight

Maintaining information pertaining to the customers of the company is my highest priority. I am a firm believer that everything secretive that belongs to the company must remain within the four walls of the company. Further, I am a faithful and dependable employee, on whom an organization can trust and depend. Be assured, I will never indulge in such practices.

Sample Answer Nine

Spilling the beans is not my style and preference. I believe, customers are hard-earned assets of the company, and any information pertaining to them, no matter it is secretive or less consequential, must remain with the company. All such pieces of information are the property of the company and must remain in its possession.

Sample Answer Ten

If I am instructed by my senior via written communication, to disclose the confidential matter relating to the customers of the company, only then I would disclose. Otherwise, be assured, I will keep it close to my chest and would not share it with anyone, as I completely understand the importance and worth of such information.


There are various companies, requiring their employees to sign a confidentiality clause so that no confidential information is spilled. Employees must adhere to these rules, for a successful and satisfying career. Hence, one must answer this in a negative way by saying that one is against such disclosures. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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