Top 21 Domino’s Pizza Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

Domino’s is one of the most widely known pizza brands. It is available across 70 plus countries. 

For interview preparation, it is recommended that you write down your answers, say them aloud in front of a mirror or take the help of family or friends to mock the interview. This will help in building confidence. Show your willingness to learn as Domino’s trainees on the job. 

Dominos Pizza Interview Questions

21 Best Domino’s Pizza Interview Questions To Boost Your Preparation

1. Introduce yourself 

Sample Answer

My name is ……. I did my schooling from……. Currently, I am studying ….. in … I like to play basketball. Earlier, I worked at a coffee shop. This will be my second job as I have relocated and now live nearby.

2. What do you know about this company?

Sample Answer

Dominos pizza is an international pizza-focused fast delivery restaurant. It mainly focuses on delivery and take-away services. 70% of its sales are through the digital platform. Dominos is primarily a franchised business. 

The three dots on the logo initially represent the first three locations where they were open. I read, after the 2009 lowest stock point, Dominos reinvented itself and did everything in its capacity to make the best pizzas.

3. Why did you choose to work for domino’s pizza? 

Sample Answer

I am a pizza lover. I have myself experienced the service of Dominos as a customer. It is a known brand that reinvents itself to keep up with the customer needs. 

Dominos has reached every corner of the world, it requires a team of passionate, smart, and hardworking people. I want to learn from such people. 

4. What shifts can you work at Dominos?

Sample Answer

 I am flexible in my working hours. I am someone who takes work commitments very seriously. I can work late nights. Also, I am on spring break. That’s why I can work on weekends and short notice. 

I am not planning to go to my parent’s home for the holidays. So I can work on the holidays also.

5. Explain your working experience at your previous job.

Sample Answer

 I worked at a coffee shop. I worked in the evenings only as I had to attend college during the day. I used to punch orders. 

At times we had special orders for birthdays and anniversaries to deliver cakes and some goodies around midnight. The work environment was positive and other workers were supportive.

6. Are you comfortable doing home deliveries?

Sample Answer

Yes, I have done that before. Although I used to do it once in a while I am very well aware of the process. I am a licensed driver and since I have lived all my life in this city I know most of the places. 

It will be easier for me to figure out the location. I will always take care to deliver in order. I believe in informing the customer beforehand if there is some delay in the process, which is hardly the case.

7. What are the skills you learned at your previous job?

Sample Answer

  • I learned good communication skills.
  • I learned how to use the technology to take the order.
  • I learned the payment process.
  • Doing home deliveries.

8. How will you handle the situation if the customer is angry?

Sample Answer

 There may be any personal reason because the customer is angry or it is about the service. I would remain calm and patient. He may be high or drunk. If he is not bothering anyone, I will simply serve them. 

If a mistake has happened in taking the order or billing, I will apologize and will correct the mistake. If the situation gets difficult and he is not satisfied with my answer I would like to inform the manager. Difficult customers won’t impact my mental state. I understand everyone is different. 

9. If you see a coworker not doing the job properly. What will you do?

Sample Answer

I will report the colleague immediately to the manager. I will follow the manager’s decision. If he asks me to keep a check on the colleague. I will do that report if he is mischievous again.

10. How do you define excellent customer service?

Sample Answer

Satisfying the customer’s needs. Delivering extra than expected always makes the customers feel that their money is well spent. Providing the service on time and in a pleasant manner makes them happy. 

Talk nicely to make them feel that we care about our customers. If something goes wrong, apologize quickly and take their feedback. Make them feel that their feedback 

11. What will be your course of action if a customer refuses to pay?

Sample Answer

First, I would like to understand what has led the customer to decline the payment. If the mistake has happened by our team, I will apologize. I will ensure that such circumstances do not occur again. 

I will call the guard for help if the situation worsens. I am sure, there must have been such instances before which must have let the company frame the rules. I will follow those rules. 

12. What are the strengths that make you suitable for the job?

Sample Answer

I have good communication skills. I am a calm person who handles any situation with patience. I have already worked with fast-food restaurants. Some customers are more comfortable with the local language. 

As I belong to this city, I can make them feel comfortable by understanding their language. I can handle deliveries also.

13. For how long will you stay at Domino’s pizza?

Sample Answer

I know this company follows a good work culture. I want to imbibe a good work ethic in myself. The offered role matches my skill set and up-gradation to my previous experience

Currently, I am doing my bachelor’s. I am in my first year. This means I will stay in this city for the next two years. I might move out for my master’s degree. Till then I plan to work here

14. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

Sample Answer

My weakness is that I have studied at a Hindi medium school. I had less exposure to English speaking in public. I am shy to talk to new people. To overcome this, I have started participating in events in college. 

My strength is that I am aware of my weakness. I have a learning attitude. I believe everything can be learned.

 15. Can you change the stores, if required?

Sample Answer

I can do that if required. We have many dominos outlets in the city itself. We have heavy traffic in this city. I will be more comfortable working around my college or my home. It will save my commuting time. 

16. Will you be able to adapt to a fast-paced environment?

Sample Answer

I know what to expect from a fast-paced environment. According to my understanding, things will be happening at a rapid pace. It would be required to perform multiple tasks at once. 

This happens mostly during holidays and weekends. It requires good teamwork. Being organized in such situations always helps. I am an adventurous person and get bored easily. I think I will perform well.

17. If an Order comes for Rs. 515.40 and the customer pays with Rs600, how much change will you give?

Sample Answer

 I have to pay back Rs 84 as a change. To be precise it will be Rs 84.60.

I am not bad at calculations. As a human, I might sometimes end up making mistakes. However, I try to be conscious while doing the math to save time from the unnecessary hassles.

18. Are you aware of Covid 19 guidelines in an eatery environment?

Sample Answer

Yes, I do. 

  • The mask has to be on while on the job. 
  • Maintain hand hygiene. 
  • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Use a sanitizer which is 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid bare hand contact with the food, use gloves.
  • Cover nose and mouth with a tissue while sneezing.
  • Maintain 6 feet’ distance.
  • For contact-less delivery. keep the order safely near the door. Turn the bell and move 6 feet away or call the customer to inform.

19. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Sample Answer

I am young right now, to be honest, I am exploring the opportunities. Hopefully, I will learn a lot from this job. I can see myself as a manager or supervisor. I am also very serious about my education. I might pursue a master’s degree to expand my knowledge about a professional specialization.

20 . What is the salary range you expect from us as an employer?

Sample Answer

Answer1. Domino’s is a reputed company. I am sure you will pay a fair amount according to my experience. Salary is not the most important thing, currently, I am looking for an opportunity.

Answer 2. I have done my research. It appears to be in the range of 10-15K. We can talk about this again if my responsibilities increase. 

21. Do you have any questions for us?

Sample Answer

Yes. I have two.

1st: I want to know about the shift pattern. I told you earlier about my college.

2nd: what advice would you give someone starting at Domino’s pizza?


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