Top 21 Editors Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Books, newspapers, and journals can be considered as vast oceans of knowledge, diving in which, a person can become dexterous, smart, and proficient. These have always been and will always be the guiding lamps for people of all ages, genres, creeds, castes, and religions. Considering its profound importance and relevance, print media houses always ensure that the content to be delivered is always grammatically correct, reliable, and logical. For this, they require the services of an editor whose primary duty is to deliver impeccable content.

Editors Interview Questions

Best 21 Interview Questions

1) What Are Your Views On Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is also known as literary theft and is a punishable offense similar to burglary/robbery. An editor is expected to keep a keen eye and vigilance in reference to this.

Sample Answer

Sir, plagiarism is literary theft and must be avoided at all costs. I understand, that being an editor it is my primary responsibility to check for plagiarism and even paraphrasing. Further, during my tenure, if I ever encounter such a situation, I will out-rightly reject such a copied article and would also extend a warning to the author.

2) How Do You Verify The Source Of Information?

It is pivotal to check the reliability of the content mentioned in the article. Any article providing misleading and deceptive information must be amended. This question tests your practical working procedures.

Sample Answer

The reliability and accuracy of the content written hold a huge relevance. I believe, a misleading author is rejected by a wide section of the audience. Hence, in order to check the reliability of the information, I always:

  • Verify the information mentioned in the article using deep research and analysis.
  • If I find any article/website containing similar information, I always ensure that the author is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Post this, I always ensure that the grammar is correct and the content is providing a logical and structured meaning to its readers.

3) What Would You Suggest To Senior Editors?

This is a tricky question that evaluates your understanding of the profession as well as common shortcomings and issues.

Sample Answer

First of all, I would like to say that seniority is quite essential in this profession as it not only broadens your imagination but also enables you to have a strong grip on your views and ability to express. Giving a piece of advice to my seniors is an uphill task. But still, I would like to tell them, that they should not be lethargic at the time of checking the reliability of the content, rather they must always conduct deep and engaging research to be sure that the article contains information that is reliable and verifiable.

4) What Would You Like To Improve In Yourself?

This questions tests your understanding of the self.

Sample Answer

Self-improvement and consistent learning are continuous processes and in my humble opinion are the only keys to success. I am very much against obscurantism and always try to learn new things in life and keep myself updated. If you ask about my personality, I would like to improve my concentration levels. Being an editor, you need truckloads of focus and attention to detail. By improving my concentration, I believe, I can execute my tasks more efficiently.

5) How Do You Prioritize?

This is a common interview question, wherein an interviewer wants to know whether or not you have the ability to organize yourself and work in a time-bound manner.

Sample Answer

I completely understand the relevance of this question. It is common for companies to allot several tasks at a time. I believe an employee must be aware of the prioritization skills, in order to execute them before the deadline. As per my style and working procedures, I always prepare a list of the tasks to be executed during the day on a piece of paper in order of the time taken to complete them. The most time-consuming tasks are my first priority with the least time-consuming tasks following them. This is simply because of the reason, in the morning we are fresh and our brain is not tired.

6) What Is Your Perception Towards Literature?

Being an editor you are expected to possess and show a strong bond and affection towards literature. Hence always answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

Literature is a collection of written works of some influential, most artistic, and talented writers. I have a strong affection towards literature and this interest prompted me to take up the role of being an editor. I am really impressed with the way words can be used to convey almost everything in this world.

7) What Motivates You To Work?

This is a common interview question, that evaluates your personality and attitude. There could be several motivational factors for a person that entirely depends upon one’s desires, expectations, and circumstances. You are advised to be logical and genuine here.

Sample Answer

Sir, being a person from middle-class strata with a family to be fed, I honestly believe, that my biggest motivation to work is money. If I will work hard and execute all the allotted tasks and duties in an efficient and timely manner, I will be able to secure promotions and in turn, a higher salary which will ultimately satisfy my need to earn higher monetary compensation. Further, I declare, that am not a mercenary or greedy person.

8) Which Book Have You Read Recently?

Being an editor, you are expected to be a vivid reader with a good understanding of the various plots, introductions, and climaxes. Over here, you are expected to mention the name of the latest book that you have read. Avoid any romantic or love-based novel.

Sample Answer

Being a bibliophile, I am just obsessed with books and literature. In my leisure time, you will always find me with a book. I am currently reading (___mention the name of your book______), which has influenced my critical thinking abilities, my optimism level, and my confidence profoundly and to a great extent in a positive way.

9) How Much Proficient Are You In English Grammar?

This question tests your comfort level with practical working requirements.

Sample Answer

Sir, English is my mother tongue and I have an expert level knowledge of the same. I can read, write and speak in it, with ease and comfort.

10) Which Is The Best Attribute Of Yours?

There are various ways of asking your biggest strength. This question is one such variation. An answer to this question must be made after careful analysis and scrutiny of the self.

Sample Answer

In my opinion, I am very meticulous and detail-oriented. Be it a news article or a literary piece, I always check and review it on my set parameters, no matter how good it looks prima facie. Checking the source of the information, its reliability, and most importantly plagiarism issues, are something that I never take for granted and always ponder. I always give due attention to even the smallest details, and this is my best attribute.

11) Which Languages Are You Aware Of?

This question tests your additional qualifications and certifications.

Sample Answer

In addition to English which is my mother tongue, I am also aware of French, in which I possess an expert level knowledge and a romance language, that is Polish. But, I am not able to write in the Polish language, but can only speak it with 70% accuracy.

12) How Important Is Coverage Of A Particular Topic?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the practical working procedures and issues arising during the job.

Sample Answer

As we all know, half of the information is always more dangerous than possessing zero information. Coverage is the most important element in writing and must be strictly adhered to. Whatever, the topic might be, a writer must always:

  • Stick to the topic and generate relevant ideas
  • Never wander and fill irrelevant content
  • Cover at least the meaning of the topic, the essence, and its importance

Overall it must be ensured by an editor, that the basic idea, which an author wants to convey, has been conveyed along with stitching all the relevant information in the article like a garland.

13) What Is Your Best Achievement As An Editor?

This question tests your personality as well the sense of satisfaction that you fetch after performing your editorial duties.

Sample Answer

During my previous tenure, I was always praised for my content curation skills. I was able to curate and abridge lengthy articles and pieces of information, into short, concise and to the point literary pieces, that became an instant hit among our readers and followers. I believe, my ability to eliminate irrelevant data, content in addition to maintaining a lucid artistic flow, is my biggest accomplishment as an editor.

14) How Will You Handle Poorly Drafted Content?

This question tests your practical working procedures and issues arising during the job.

Sample Answer

Content that is not synchronized or structured in a proper manner, will never be able to attract and engage the audience towards it, no matter how reliable and unique information it contains. If I ever encounter such a situation, I will re-draft the entire content. At starting of an article, there must be an introduction, which will tell the relevance of the topic in the life of the concerned reader. Post this, utmost focus on the body of content should be laid by mentioning lots of sources backed information. In the end, there should be a proper summary or conclusion, which tells the relevance and importance of tips mentioned in the article.

15) Name At Least Two Plagiarism Detection Techniques?

Textual plagiarism is the most common issue with budding writers. Hence, this question is common in such an interview process, wherein your awareness of the latest technologies and procedures would be tested.

Sample Answer

Sir, there are various products in the market, that help an editor detect plagiarism issues. I am aware of the same, and since I have to name any two, I would pick the two most influential and widely followed tools:

  • Plagiarisma and
  • Viper

16) Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This is a question that tests your aspirations and seriousness towards your career. Never get over-optimistic and generate poor/absurd answers, like ‘I will take your position’. Always be realistic and practical.

Sample Answer

I believe, If I keep working hard and meet the deadlines of the organization, I will surely earn promotions and success. Being, a hardworking, committed, and loyal employee, I see myself at the post of senior editor, post completion of 5 further years in this amazing profession.

17) Why You Left Your Previous Office?

This is a tricky question through which, an interviewer wants to know the primary reason which prompted you to leave your previous office. Further, the reasons will also enable an interviewer to judge, whether or not you will be a perfect match for the company.

Sample Answer

The primary reason, that I left my previous job, was inadequate compensation. In my opinion, they were taking truckloads of work from their employees and were offering peanuts for such a huge amount of work. I was not the only one who resigned, rather, it was a mass resignation, and around 18 other employees resigned too along with me. In addition to this, the office was not properly cleaned at times and we had to work alongside garbage and litter.

18) Have You Applied With Our Competitors?

This is a common interview question, that helps an interviewer to understand your ability to generate responses for tricky questions.

Sample Answer

To be very honest, In order to improve my selection chances and increase the probability of earning a handsome compensation, I have applied at various other agencies as well. But, I am seriously looking forward to working with your esteemed organization.

19) Can You Handle High Volumes Of Work?

This is a common interview question, through which interviewers evaluate your intention and mindset of working in hectic conditions.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, absolutely. I have the ability and willingness to handle huge volumes of daily work. I have even worked in hectic conditions during my previous tenure and can deliver high performance in stressful conditions. For this, I always perform regular exercises to keep up my stamina and also do meditation daily for 15 minutes, which improves my concentration levels and focus.

20) Why You Chose Us?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know your level of commitment and seriousness towards the organization.

Sample Answer

It will not be wrong to say that your organization is a paradise for writers and editors. Being a prominent name in the field of print media, literature, and educational material as well, with a client base of more than 200,000 satisfied customers and operations spread in almost 12 countries, choosing your prestigious organization is absolutely a no-brainer. In addition to this, the salary that you are offering is quite lucrative and the incentives offered are quite attractive.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is a common habit of interviewers to ask this question at the fag end of an interview session. Through this question, an interviewer expects that you ask a few questions from him or her related to the organization, the job profile, duties to be performed, and work timings. Skipping this question could be a fatal choice, as that would seem you are an underprepared and less serious candidate.

Sample Questions

  1. What are the work timings?
  2. How will the overtime allowance be calculated?
  3. What additional benefits are extended by the organization to its employees?
  4. Is there a facility for a restroom?
  5. What are the organization’s policies against harassment and bullying of the employees?
  6. Is there a provision of House Rent Allowance (HRA)?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Editors interviews):

Editors Interview Questions


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