Top 21 Video Editor Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

Video editing can be defined as arranging and manipulating video shots to create a structured video to present information in the form of films, television shows, documentaries, advertisements, essays, web series, etc. A video editor is a person who does this video editing and makes changes to a film by working closely with the film/advertisement director to get the best output. These editors are technically inclined towards making these creative videos by using footage, sound, and graphics to tell a story through various mediums. These professionals are highly skilled individuals and that is why the demand for them keeps increasing in the industry. This can be a very lucrative career for people who are interested in this field, and the more experienced the editor is the more money they make.

In this article, we have the 21 best interview questions that can help you through your preparation.

Video Editor Interview Questions

Best 21 Video Editor Interview Questions

Question 1. What does a typical day as a video editor looks like to you?

Answer: “A typical day in a video editor’s life may possibly include developing scripts, creating storyboards and treatments, editing post-shoot videos and adding graphics, animation, and other special effects and preparing pre-shoot to produce videos, in short, a typical day in a video editor’s life include organizing and stringing together raw video footages into a whole new visualization as per the script or the instructions given by the director.”

Question 2. What skills do you possess as a video editor?

Answer: “Being a video editor, I have developed a huge skill-set during my coursework and training, apart from the technical skills that are the basics of a video editor, these are some of the other skills that help me become a better editor.

  • Paying attention to detail: I am aware that being a video editor, you have to be accurate with your work as even the smallest error in the video or the editing gets noticed by the witty audience.
  • Another skill that I have is that I can work both independently and as a team, I love working with others and exchange ideas of how certain videos can be improved by adding something innovative to them.
  • I am a very flexible person and I can easily adapt to change, I know how to keep up with trends and keep working in the world of dynamism.”

Question 3. What part does active listening play in the life of a video editor?

Answer: “Active listening play a very important role being an editor as one spends a lot of time communicating with others to make a final version of a video and a part of it means you have to listen to what your director and your client has to say to you and you have to understand it. So, you have got to give enough attention to be an active listener to create a better piece of work.”

Question 4. What is a key factor to make a piece of work done by you successful?

Answer: “According to my, networking is the key factor and is the reason why a piece of work becomes successful. Knowing the right people from the industry in which you work is extremely important as these connections can help you succeed. This sort of networking can be done through attending film workshops and seminars, connecting to industry specialists on social media platforms. Growing your network is extremely beneficial.”

Question 5. How do you know when you have aced a project?

Answer: “I would know that I aced a project when I get positive feedback from my director and from the client. Victory comes naturally to me, I celebrate small achievements, that is why I pay attention to every small detail to make a project successful.”

Question 6. Whose video work do you most admire?

Answer: “The video editor whom I admire the most is a classic style editor, who edits feature films. He had amazed and inspired me more than anyone else has. His name is Bert Bates. And I came across his work during my internship days.”

Question 7. How do you stay up-to-date on current trends?

Answer: “Social media is a great way and essential nowadays to stay up-to-date with current trends on tech. I keep myself updated with the tech news that comes on my media feed. I visit tech conferences and attend webinars on recent tech developments to keep myself aware of the trends. Also, I keep a lookout in open source communities for trends.”

Question 8. What’s your top video editing software?

Answer: “Being a professional editor, Adobe’s premier pro is my best pick. It’s a standard paid-for tool for editing according to me.”

Question 9. How would you handle it if your team didn’t agree to a new idea you introduced?

Answer: “If something like this happens, I would try to listen to their perspective of the same, and will try to understand why my idea is not working for them. Being a member of the team, I would agree to whatever decision they make in the majority and try to move forward along with them.”

Question 10. Why should we hire you for video editing?

Answer: “I am aware that video editing requires a complex understanding of the vision of a director, story writer, and the audience, and being a good editor, I keep a strict check on all the three aspects required. I am really serious and passionate about this field and that is why I think you should hire me.”

Question 11. Why did you choose to work with this company?

Answer: “I have been working as a freelancer for a long time now and I wanted a change in my life. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute my skills, and knowledge to your company and I think I would be the best candidate for this position looking at my portfolio and the years of experience I have in this field.”

Question 12. Will you be able to work under timeline?

Answer: “When it comes to my work I am a very effective person. I don’t stop unless and until the work assigned to me is finished. I am a very punctual and goal-oriented person and to answer your question, yes, I will be more than able to work under deadlines and timelines.”

Question 13. What will you do if the work of an employee whom you are working with does not meet your expectations?

Answer: “The quality of your video matters a lot, and that is why I will make sure to get the best out of an employee by assisting him to help him in the things which he lacks, I would also try and motivate him to devote the hundred percent of his strengths.”

Question 14. What would you do If you were assigned to work with a angry/difficult client?

Answer: “Any work assigned to me is my duty, and so it does not matter what is the nature of my client, my responsibility is to fulfill the needs of the client and make sure my work is up to his limits, so I would try to offer him the best out of my skills.”

Question 15. What do you dislike the most being a video editor?

Answer: “I dislike nothing about being a video editor. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to this field, and I want to succeed in this field. I love every aspect of this job and each of its matches my interests and my skills. I will be more than happy to work with you as a video editor.”

Question 16. What do you mean by snapping and an alpha channel?

Answer: “An alpha channel can be defined as a masked layer for graphics which indicates which portions are transparent, meanwhile snapping can be defined as a setting that allows you to easily align a clip in the timeline to other clips.”

Question 17. How do you deal with a director who continually changes the project sequence?

Answer: “I am willing to listen to every instruction that my director gives, I would ask him politely to provide me with valuable input on continuity and overall production value for smooth functioning.”

Question 18. How many years of experience do you have in this field?

Answer: “I have been working as a video editor for over 5 years now. I have constantly stayed in touch with technological updates over these years and worked on a lot of video projects.”

Question 19. What is the one skill that you highly depend on when working as a video editor?

Answer: “Being a video editor, one skill that I highly depend upon is the accuracy of my work because quality matter a lot to me and to the clients as well. So, my ability to handle a wide array of video editing jobs and maintaining work accuracy is one skill that I highly depend on.”

Question 20. How do you handle stress?

Answer: “Good stress acts as a motivator to me, meanwhile when it comes to handling bad stress I try to stay calm and I tend to give myself a little break to refresh my mind to be able to get back to the work.”

Question 21. What is the most challenging part of video editing and how taking breaks in this line of work is important?

Answer: “The most challenging part of video editing is to create a piece of work that is liked by the director and the client which requires a lot of creativity and to do this creative work one needs to take periodic work breaks to think innovatively.”

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Video Editor interviews):

Video Editor Interview Questions


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