What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

“Failure is the first step of success”. You might have heard this many times and how true it is. Despite studying theories and books and also by gaining knowledge and getting certificates, the actual wisdom you receive only after gaining experience. Experience teaches you a lot more than theories or studying could ever do. How experience comes? The answer is simple, by facing failures. We, humans, function in this way that anything which helps us to improve but hurts, we don’t prefer it anyway even if it’s the best medicine.

On the contrary, we always seek for something which helps to improve and as well as tastes sweet and without hurting even by a pinch. Do you think it’s viable? Not, the best experiences that we thrive on, we must understand that it is not going to come in your pocket until and unless you go through it and treat your failure as a veritable experience.

Once you experience this rightly quoted veritable situation as ‘failure’, then there is no going back. It will teach you many things that you may haven’t learned in school or college or any particular course as such. So that one bad experience will let you grow more and will make you experienced enough so if you are going into any similar situation in the future then the way you deal with it will be a mature move.

It’s not about if you win or lose it is all about how much you put yourself dedicatedly into any particular project. Win or lose is the other part of the coin which is not as important as the earlier one. As you may also know that this is a question that is frequently asked in interviews to get a glance about the interviewee’s best project and how much effort he put into it. Understand that the project to which you dedicate yourself completely, eventually becomes your best project.

Interviewers also prefer someone who can dedicate themselves completely to some of the special projects so they can experience better results and outcomes. So for you, answering this question will be very impactful and will also put your first impression about your work and the efforts you put into it. So a better way to escalate this answer in a very friendly manner and be genuine in what you respond.

To understand this better and to also give you some slight glance about how it is to be done we are coming here with 10 sample answers for ‘What’s the best project you’ve ever worked on?’

Whats The Best Project Youve Ever Worked On

10 Sample Answers

Answer 1)

The best project I’ve worked on is the restoration of my bicycle. It was the first-ever bicycle I’ve ever purchased and after six years of riding, it had become a rust bucket. I was about to sell it but then I thought of restoring it. I started by removing all the rust and reached the bare metal frame.

Then I painted it with three mandatory coats- base, main and primer coat. The results were outstanding and I had a new bicycle. Not only I saved a lot of money for myself but also made sure that I’d make more memories with the cycle.

Answer 2)

As per my experience job, I worked in the government’s national bank for agriculture and rural development. Indeed it was a great experience working with them, there were lots of new things for me, new experiences, new projects to work upon in a new place.

Applying for loans and granting payments for the rural development and analyzing them was the best project I ever worked upon and that too on fields some miles away near native-like nature. I also learned new cuisines and also loved to take up and complete my responsibilities.

Answer 3)

This is my very first job application, and I do not have any prior experience of working in the field or any type of project at work. However, according to my everything apart from office work like even your relationship, or your college studies can be considered as a project. The milestones you set up, your aspirations, goals, and then you take step by step to proceed further, until you eventually graduate, identically with satisfying grades, and earn your deserved degree.

In my opinion, it is important to have a hierarchy in everything we do, and as of now, I consider my college projects, events, and practicals as the best project I’ve worked on up till this point in my life. Now I am looking forward to the next chapter, and hoping to be successful and working on better and better projects in my firm.

Answer 4)

In my previous job, in the sales department, I was appointed as a sales representative. After a few days of joining I was asked to work with a sales force having moderator targets and had potential leads to convert. At the start, it seemed to be very difficult for me but my colleagues were supportive.

I learned many things from them, and end of the month, though I didn’t hit the target as given at least I pushed myself to the extent that where I was struggling for converting even a single consumer but then I converted 5 leads into potential prospects.

Answer 5)

This is my very first job application, I haven’t worked for big organizations or firms yet. So the best projects I’ve ever worked on are in my college. I am a very passionate person about organizing events and such things, hence in my second year of college me and my team organized an event on the startup pitch deck, where participants had to pitch their ideas in front of investors and convince them to invest in their startup.

This event got a tag of flagship when most of the participants participated in our event. This was the best project I ever worked on. We got exponential traffic for our event. The feeling was good and filled with pride.

Answer 6)

To be very honest, the job I have worked previously wasn’t so or can be called a project-based job. I was a receptionist at a non-banking financial corporation. My job there was just to take an entry of new people who visit and to update entry and exit time of the employees. Still, I tried to change or update something like the way of work and more.

Our manager wasn’t that supportive. He used to be stubborn with his decision even though I suggested some new tactics or ways how we can improve the way we keep a record of visitors and our employees by installing e-sign machines or biometric. This time everyone agreed with me and eventually our manager installed new operating machines as per my suggestions.

Answer 7)

I have work experience of more than 4 years but if to be honest, truly the best project I worked upon was in my college days. We did many projects together along with my friend and classmates, but there are some projects which are memorable due to the blood and sweat we put into them. One of the best projects I worked on was a research paper. I and my friend participated in a national conference of a particular college and we decided to make a research paper and try to present it so well that it may get published.

We decided on a topic about cryptocurrency because it was booming at that time and it was new and people were confused by that non based hype. We researched for almost a week continuously trying to gather every possible information and note it down. Finally, after 2 weeks we completed our research paper and presented it as well as we can, and guess what? We got selected and got published. It was the best project and feeling we ever had.

Answer 8)

I have very little work experience, though I have worked previously in a corporation for the first time, still, I was successful in collecting a good amount of memories and learning with me. I was in the marketing department of our company. I completed many tasks and made many presentations and social media handling as well. Once at the start, I was asked to work with a team who was working for a crucial client. I was assigned to make a presentation for their pitch deck.

I worked too long for it and finally completed it at my best. But one day prior I received an email from a client that the presentation was not appropriate as they expected and the idea was completely different from what they were going to pitch. So I had to sit and recreate the entire thing from scratch in a single day. Hopefully the next day I completed it and sent it, next week I received a letter of appreciation from my client as they were happy to see yeh work as per their expectations. For me, it was the best experience and the best project I worked upon in a corporate office.

Answer 9)

I have been part of many projects since my school, college, and offices and I consider all of them as crucial. Though I’ve worked in offices before, the project which is very close to me is when we were in college. I and my classmates formed a team and participated in an inter-college entrepreneur startup pitch deck event where we made our startup.

We had to work for 3 months continuously, we put our blood and sweat into it. It was an immense experience with a lot of learning so it is safe to say it was the best project I’d worked on.

Answer 10)

I have worked on many projects till yet but what I honestly think is that there is nothing like a good or a bad project. Every project I worked upon had a good experience irrespective of the outcome of winning or losing. To win or to lose is never in our hands. All we can do is give our best. So for me, everything I do is close to me.


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