Top 21 Engagement Manager Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

Engagement Managers work in the forefront with the clients to strengthen the relationship after the contract is signed. They help the clients with their grievances, meeting the client’s expectations, work with the different departments to fulfill their needs, and billing the clients for the work done by the organization.

Engagement Manager Interview Questions

Sample Engagement Manager Interview Questions with Answers

1. Please introduce yourself.

I have completed my MBA from_________in________. Later I pursued sales for two years, after which I got promoted to customer services and after-sales department. I like to meet new people and solve grievances. I have also worked in backdoor marketing for a year.

2. What did you choose this career?

I am a people person. I like to interact and work for others, and during my studies, I became inspired to work for customer services. I got to know more about engagement management in my previous job, where I was working closely with my manager. I observed his roles and handling them and it made me go for the same.

3. Why did you apply for a role in this company?

I have closely observed the social works done by this organization. I also saw how the founders helped the needy. I aim to work for organizations that promote the wellbeing of society more than being a profit-making machine.

4. If a client says no to a deal, how would you convince him for the same?

I would ask for clarifications and reasons behind his decision. I would be transparent with them about the procedures we follow and the services we provide. I would explain the reason why it would be wise to choose our products and services by looking at their goals. I would give him a patient ear and listen to all the concerns and try to address them.

5. What would your approach be in convincing a client to renew their expired plans with us?

It is easy to understand their needs in a better way now as compared to new clients. I would offer them customized packs with their needs. I would also allow them automatic renewals to ease the hassles they would have to undergo to fulfill the formalities. I would also inform them of how they can renew our services and give them the choice to adjust as per their flexibility and notify them once it is over. I would also offer them time to renew if they miss the deadlines.

6. How will you engage a new client?

I would contact the new clients and welcome them aboard. I would walk them through the services offered to them and make them acquainted with them. I would encourage community building through our inbuilt services. I would also inspire them to connect whenever they have any grievances and that we are always there to give them our attention.

7. What is your approach to maintaining client relationships?

I would contact them regularly, giving them information about new services. I would hear them out in case they have any feedback or grievances. I would give them assurances that they are heard in the company, and no matter how big or small their suggestions or grievances are, they will be addressed. I would address their needs and give timely solutions.

8. Do you have prior experience with any CRM software?

Yes, I have worked with an integrated CRM software. In the software, the customers had access and control to communicate with the company. It also included other services like sales forecasting, analytics, customer satisfaction, e-commerce system, etc.

9. Do you have experience in team building and training?

Yes, I had led a team of 20 members in my previous job. I have trained them from their first day; through their probation period and till they became team leaders themselves. I have given training to them to hold marketing campaigns, conduct sales drives, and provide after-sales services.

10. How do you expect to spend a day working as an Engagement Manager?

My functions would mainly include studying the files of new and old clients, contacting and welcoming the new clients, reminding old clients about expiring subscriptions, renewing expired subscriptions, looking into clients feedbacks and grievances, tracking the progress of the project, looking into finances needed for projects, preparing project plans, etc.

11. How will you convince a client to shift from free to paid services?

I will introduce them to free trial plans to get a taste of what they miss out on when they opt for free services. Once they opt for a trial period, I will give them s tour of the services and make sure they use them before the period is over. I would remind them to update to the paid version and also include the extra facilities. I will give them customized services if they update their plans. Once they do it, I will drop by to ask for feedback on the same.

12. How will you prioritize which client to contact first?

I prioritize based on a few criteria: Is the client giving the company a big or small business, is the client a long-term client or a short-term one, is the client happy or angry, do the clients have grievances, or are they satisfied. I prioritize the ones who give big business, are long-term clients, are happy, and are satisfied with the services. I approach them first because it saves a lot of time to solve the problems of the other clients.

13. How will you solve client grievances?

I will calmly listen to them and make sure they feel heard. I will remember to never reply negatively by affirming with the client that the issues do exist. I would ask more questions to have better clarity of the situation. I will apologize for the same and thank them for reaching out. I would then contact the concerned department and ask for a speedy solution for the same.

14. How will you meet deadlines when given the task of handling multiple clients?

I would list out all the clients I need to prioritize as per the date of deadline and the time required for handling each client. Then, I would finish the tasks that need less time first, so I have ample time for those that require more energy and time.

15. Which engagement techniques do you follow to maintain healthy client relationships?

I would try to analyze and understand the personal needs of all the clients. I would then list all the requirements to ensure that I have the time and resources to do it. I would try to deliver more in less time than I promise.

16. How do you engage potential clients?

I would always be looking forward to networking with people to increase the client base. I would even ask the loyal customers for referrals in their circle. I would use social media to the best of its advantage to grab the attention of viewers and followers. I will discuss the services, the discounts that new clients get, the after-sales services, and the speedy grievance solving mechanism. I would encourage the customers satisfied with the services to leave ratings and comments to help promote the business.

17. As an engagement manager, you will have to work with challenging clients. How will you handle it?

I would stay calm and positive. I will try to convert concerns into solutions by affirming with them and using my words carefully. I would try to base their conversations on logic and understand whether there is an actual problem or some illogical complaint from an unhappy person. I would also measure the loss the company will make if the client is lost. If there are any significant losses, I will rush to solve the problems or calm the client. But, if there is a very insignificant loss, I would not let the other clients suffer a loss because of the client.

18. Have you ever made a mistake that cost the loss of a client?

Yes, once I wrote the wrong deadline for a client. The client was way past when I approached the client, and the client had to pay hefty charges for the same, and the client left the company and joined one of our competitors.

19. What did you learn from your previous mistake?

I learned to fill the records correctly and to keep them updated from time to time. I also learned that sometimes the most insignificant-looking errors cause hefty losses. So, it is better to avoid even minor mistakes.

20. What sets you apart from other candidates who are as experienced and qualified as you are?

Though they have the same qualifications and talents, I do have my values in place. I believe that honesty can win hearts even in the darkest of times. I also believe that client satisfaction is more important than monetary gains as a long-term client will bring recurring money into the company but, when a client is dissatisfied, the client will cause a loss to the company.

21. Do you have any questions to ask?

Yes! When will I know if I get selected for the position?


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Engagement Manager Interview Questions



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