How to Get Promoted in 2024? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

So you read a zillion of our articles and cracked the interview and now have a job in the company you always wanted. However still your hunger isn’t satiated, you need more, you feel like you can do more, you can shoulder more responsibility. So you set your head for getting a better post, a promotion to say in laymen terms. That brings you back here, searching for answers and it got me back doing research to provide you with the best ones.

How to Get Promoted

Are you enough?

Ignoring the philosophical edge to the question I just posed in front of you, let’s talk professional terms. When I pose the question “are you enough?” in your face what I mean to ask is exactly that, do you deserve that post? Do you have the skillset and experience that you should be the one sitting on that chair instead of anyone else?
Because we are talking specifically in context to 2021, we all know with each year there is more competition for the same places as resources and connectivity increase. Hence, you actually have to be worth the post before you go walking and thinking like you deserve the place.
Do not in any circumstance get the wrong idea I am in no way asking you to give up. All I am saying is before asking for the place think if you deserve the place and if it turns out you don’t work until you do.

Render your supirior redundant

Now, this may sound cynical or pompous but hear me out before jumping to conclusions. What I mean is if there is a lot of workload on your superior, and they are basically carrying you in a metaphorical sense then can you really ask for a promotion? even if you did would they give you the promotion? You’ll have to do more, more than just what your position asks you to do. When you take work away from the shoulders of your superior after having completed your share, it lets them know that you might have more to give to the company than just what you are assigned right now.

Give them a bit of eye candy

When you summarize your work, what you did, how you did it and what benefit was it; what do you do? Most likely you verbally conclude it, no matter how good you are at articulation and manipulation there is nothing tangible in words. Yes, there might be physical evidence of your good doing but it is comprehensive, not brief. What I am trying to say is to give them visual representations of your work. Like graphs and presentations and charts and things like that will give a tangible feel to the work you did and it would be easily accessible and in one spot and quick to go through.

Make yourself indisposable

Pretty obvious isn’t it? To make your company grace you with promotion would mean them realising that they need you and have to keep you at all cost, make them value you. So how are we to do that? well firstly be an ace at what you do. Second, helping others out in professional settings social standing is really really important. Third keep pumping out quantifiable results even if it means compromising qualitative results, people respect numbers as they provide a deluded sense of tangibility. Fourth, be on good terms with your superiors. If you do this all correctly congratulations my friend you are on the indisposable list of the company and are very likely to get a promotion.

Chill out a little

Like all my other advice don’t jump to conclusions before reading the entire thing. You have to be hard-working and laid back simultaneously, to put it better you must have a positive attitude and know-how to keep your cool. The higher a person sits on the hierarchy the more stress and people they have to deal with, and if you are one to get angry and agitated very easily maybe managerial work isn’t for you. If you are promoted and there is a problem and you are the first person to break down the rest of the thing is already gone to the dogs. A superior is supposed to increase their team’s morale and have them motivated and if they themselves are not those things how do we expect them to do that for the entire team?
Hence, chill out a bit, be relaxed in other words.

Ask for feedback

Everyone loves to feel acknowledged, and cared for, especially when it comes to matters of opinion. Everyone concerned with the project you are working is going to have a different opinion of how you do and what you do, and they are all important regardless of whether it is your boss or your subordinate. Hence, take everyone’s feedback of your work, try to please your higher-ups and well for your subordinates will, for the most part, be satiated if you acknowledge them. This will not only help you improve your relations with everyone in the office, it might even give you something concrete to focus on and improve upon.

Ask for advice

Promotion is a tricky topic as every organisation has different norms and criteria for who they want to promote up the hierarchy. The most that I can give you is a generalised idea and the general consensus of what I think is necessary to get a promotion. However, if you want the specifics you’ll need to get out of the ocean of information, the internet, and look around closer to you. For example:

Your boss, asking your boss how to get promoted goes to show that you are ambitious and are willing to do the work to get where you want yourself to be, and they are more familiar with the organisation so they will be able to provide you with things that can actually help you receive a promotion.
The person who already got a promotion; now this is a person to pay attention to as he already has what you want. You want a promotion, they got a promotion. Hence they are probably the best person to look for advice.

Do not compare

Comparision will breed envy in your mind, and when you envy the ones around you it will do nothing but hinder you in doing your job and if you do not do your job properly a promotion is the last thing you are getting. Your thinking patterns might change to ‘me v/s them”, yes it is a competition to some extent but you don’t have to throw your decency and spirit of team work to the dogs. How you need to think instead is everyone is in the same team and you aren’t fighting for anything (well technically you are) you all are just trying to prove who is more worthy. If someone proves your worth before you do not stop to envy them, go ask for help, humility is not weakness remember that, if anything it shows how strong of a will you have.

In conclusion I’d like to say these all were a must do, in my opinion and even the general view you will hurt your chances of getting promoted if you go against any one of these. However, remember this is my advice, from my point of view and you shall take inspiration and currate things that you need to do, in your own way. Also do not forget the gain of salt with all this advice.
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