This Job Is Repetitive. How Will You Motivate Yourself? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

We work daily. The tasks performed by us are repetitive in nature. Such a routine of performing similar tasks daily can crush a person and the employers are very well aware of the same. No employer wants to employ a candidate who doesn’t know how to come out of the spiral of monotony and despondency. There are various ways by which an employee can keep oneself motivated and keep improving his or her performance up to an optimum level. Thus it becomes the most asked question during the interview stages and a proper answer to this becomes inevitable.

How Will You Motivate Yourself

How To Handle Routine Monotony?

a) Focus

The best way to handle the boredom generated from doing daily tasks is to focus on the work or task to be performed. It all exists just in your head and once you overpower your mind with high levels of concentration, you will instantly see, that the thoughts of sadness and gloom, have vanished away. Also, this way you will be able to commit fewer mistakes or miscalculations.

b) Revise Your Workload

It is advisable to generate a daily report mentioning your tasks for the day. Prioritize the tasks in order of hardness, with the toughest ones coming at the starting of the list. Then, perform the toughest tasks of the day in the starting, when you are fresh and full of energy. This way, the easiest tasks would be left for the end of the day or the phase in which you are most tired and fatigued. This will help you to overcome your boredom and monotony to a great extent.

c) Take Frequent and Short Breaks

In order to rejuvenate your mind and the five senses, take short breaks at appropriate intervals of time. This way, you won’t feel any physical pressure and mental exhaustion. It can improve your performance drastically and subsequent recognition can fade away all your boredom, leading to more focus and sharpness.

d) Don’t Rush

A higher level of accuracy is demanded by all employers. It is observed, in order to finish a task expeditiously, the employees commit mistakes. In order to improve those mistakes, they just repeat the same tasks again and again, which increases their frustration and thereby monotony and boredom. Hence, it is advisable to give considerable time to each of your tasks and finish it perfectly.

e) Upgrade Your Desk

Spending hours at the same desk, doing repetitive tasks can surely beat even the best in its monotony. Though the tasks are not in your control, improving your desk and work environment is something, that you can surely do. Make your desk attractive by using a few motivational posters and quotes. Also, remember to remove the extra file piling and table dust.

f) Keep Working Daily

Perseverance and discipline are important attributes for the employees that must be followed religiously. It is recommended that an employee must work daily and move forward slowly and steadily. One must not keep on deferring the tasks for a later date. This way you will end up missing your deadlines.

10 Latest Sample Interview Answers

Sample Answer One

Routine jobs are my cup of tea. I prefer doing jobs that are similar in nature and don’t give unexpected challenges. I tend to become better when I am allotted tasks that were similar to the tasks allotted the day before. I prefer to work like this.

Sample Answer Two

For me, it is my contribution that matters instead of the nature of the job. As long as, I am contributing to the team, I am content and satisfied. The tasks are repetitive or new, I just don’t pay any heed. All I am aware of is, that, I have to perform those tasks, giving my best.

Sample Answer Three

In my humble opinion, there is nothing like routine jobs. Every job in the world consists of some tasks, which must be performed on a regular basis. I am very much comfortable performing such jobs.

Sample Answer Four

To know your work in advance is supreme. It not only increases your speed but also your proficiency level in doing the given task. Hence, I am interested and willing to perform in such jobs.

Sample Answer Five

Being a seasoned campaigner, I have done routine tasks in the past too. They have never bothered me as they suit my style and preference. Hence, I will be most comfortable in doing such tasks.

Sample Answer Six

Repetitive jobs tend to boredom and monotony. I do agree. But there are ways to reduce that boredom and improve your performance, The best way is to focus on the tasks to be done rather than concentrating on the job as a whole. This has helped me in the past too, and I am looking to work in the same way forward.

Sample Answer Seven

To be honest, only 10% of the jobs are non-repetitive and people employed in them have to do new tasks daily. Performing new tasks daily might let you feel bored and exhausted after a short time, and you might wish to switch over. Thus, this all exists in the human mind, which once controlled, can lead to happiness and joy.

Sample Answer Eight

Being a moderate candidate, without excellent academic records and work experiences, but with kids to feed and bills to pay, I am open to doing any type of job, that company wishes to offer. Moreover, if the tasks to be done are repetitive in nature, that I am more than happy with that.

Sample Answer Nine

Like every individual, I, too have certain goals in life. These goals push me harder and motivate me whenever I am stuck in a position of boredom. Doing repetitive tasks increases your efficiency and I am up for doing them.

Sample Answer Ten

Being the lone earner in a family of six, I have to feed them, This is possible only with the money, that I would be able to generate, only after performing those repetitive tasks. Hence, to be honest, money motivates me and I am willing to accept such a job, with both my arms.


Interviews are a test of your personality, honesty, and body language. Hence approaching it in a cautious style after thorough preparation and understanding, is most vital. Doing repetitive jobs is a part of everyone’s job and one must follow steps to keep motivated while performing them. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do tell us through the comments section below, how helpful our articles are for you and your colleagues.


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