In What Areas Do You Have Most Potential To Grow? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

In the quest of becoming perfect or impeccable, people have come a long way. Everyone in this world tries to improve oneself by constantly improving the efforts and upgrading one’s skillset. The biggest motivation behind perfection comes from the employers themselves who want to appoint and hire a candidate who understands and performs his assigned role and duties to perfection. Hence, it becomes pivotal for an employee to evaluate the areas, fields, or we can say avenues that require the most attention. You won’t be able to improve yourself without becoming aware of the areas, which need improvement.

Where Do You Have Most Potential To Grow

How To Assess The Growth Areas or The Areas That Needs A Consistent Improvement

It has been observed, that most of the employees focus only on their strengths, and some even try to fix things that are not even broken. It is absolutely fine, to constantly evolve, but finding your spots of bother and then making considerable improvements in that field, will categorize you in the list of winners and more importantly, perfectionists. Here are a few ways, through which you can analyze your growth areas:

1) Try To Grab Opportunities That Are Beyond Your Present Role

Everyone loves to become a perfect employee in the job or roles assigned to an individual. But, if you want to grow and achieve the impossible then you must identify the area or skills, which are required in your superior positions. By learning the skills, which would eventually open to you upon promotion, you will not only be able to get a quick promotion but also be able to master those skills, as you have obtained some more time up your sleeves. This motivation can set you up for your entire career, and you will see the graph of your career following an upward trajectory. Every employer needs something extra from his employees, and this could be a masterstroke.

A perfect case study to understand this aspect is:

Mr. XYZ is an accountant, whose primary job is to punch data into the accounting software, followed by the company. His superior is an analyst, who just reads, interprets, and analyses the data generated by Mr. XYZ.

If Mr. XYZ wants to go up to a higher position, his areas of growth could be:

  • Ability to understand complex financial terms
  • Ability to interpret the financial statements and draw conclusions
  • Deep understanding of accounting principles and concepts
  • Thorough understanding of various accounting principles

As we can see above, Mr. XYZ has identified a few of his growth areas. Improving them, by joining any course or undertaking a certification, would improve his chances of moving onto a higher level, manifolds.

2) Conducting A Self Analysis

It is pivotal to conduct a self-assessment of oneself, by continuously evaluating one’s strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your areas of weakness or fragility can be the best way to identify your growth areas. For this, it is highly recommended to prepare a written report post completion of a thorough self-evaluation. After conducting an evaluation, you would be surprised to know, that you have more weaknesses and growth areas than you thought there would be. Once you have identified them, constantly browse the ways or manners, in which you can reduce your fragility.

This would ultimately lead you onto the path of perfection, and once you get interviewed for maybe some higher position, your superior confidence level would be a testimony to the hard work that you have done.

3) Improve Your Confidence Level

No matter how perfect you are in the roles assigned to you if you lack confidence then it is highly likely, you will never get a promotion. Because a job available on promotion, needs a high confidence level, in order to manage and motivate your team and eventually achieve targets. Hence, it is necessary to improve the confidence level as early as possible in your career.

Methods To Improve Confidence Level

  1. Practice meditation on a daily basis.
  2. Take care of your body by eating a balanced diet and perform exercises regularly
  3. Perform yoga
  4. Never generate negative thoughts about yourself
  5. Do positive self-talk on a regular basis
  6. Stop comparing yourself with others.

4) Brush Up Your Drafting Skills

It is a common growth area, found in most of the employees. It is always advisable to tone up your drafting skills used in a variety of documents such as:

  • Report writing
  • Basic legal drafting
  • Letters to higher authorities
  • Designing business offers
  • Writing official emails

Your drafting skills would be widely used, once you secure a promotion and reach to a position of repute because in higher positions, you will be actively involved communications with:

  • Your superiors
  • Your Subordinates
  • Clients of the company
  • Third parties such as suppliers, debtors, creditors of the organization
  • Trade unions
  • Government organizations such as tax and revenue departments etc

5) Polish Your Communication Skills

Having refined, polished, and impressive communication skills is a bonus for any employee looking to secure a promotion, or who is willing to apply for a senior post in some other organization. Effective communication skills help you in:

  • Managing your team in a better way
  • Getting a manager promotion easily
  • Giving impressive and impactful presentations to the management

Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

a) Try To Expand Your Vocabulary Base

If you have a good bucket of words then transmitting your message would be less pain-staking and would be met with less confusion and opposition from the listeners. It is always advisable to keep a notebook and note down the words which are used mostly in the industry to which you relate or you are working in.

b) Avoid Using Jargon

It is a common mistake of people to use jargon and difficult words while communicating their message because they feel that by doing so they will be able to impress or leave a lasting impression. But this is the biggest myth, rather a simple, lucid, and plane message is understood well by a listener, thereby making your communication effective and more efficient.

c) Do Mirror Speaking

A mirror can be your best friend or can be your worst foe. It all depends on how you use and perceive it to be. Standing in front of a mirror and speaking by looking into your own eyes is the best way to eliminate all your public fears and hesitation. Hence, a person looking to improve his or her communication skills must practice speaking in front of a mirror.

6) Be Flexible and Adaptable To Different Situations

It is highly likely that an idea, project, or job may not work out as anticipated. We are living in a dynamic world, where things change at a rapid pace. No employer wants to give promotions or even hire employees who complain regularly regarding a change in plan, deadline, or work pressure. Just be flexible and try to understand that the businesses operate in an uncertain environment affected by various situations ranging from environmental to political. This is a common growth area that is highly underrated and unaccounted for by most of the employees.


Constant evolving oneself is a good habit, which when practiced regularly can take you to the zenith. One must strive to search for its growth areas by analyzing oneself deeply and thoroughly. After conducting a self-audit, find out ways to improve and eliminate the fragility. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know how helpful our articles are, in the comments section below.



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