Interviewing Techniques and Tips for Employers in 2024

Conducting an interview might be a nerve-wracking process. It is the chance to hire the best-suited candidate out there. While knowing someone completely within a few minutes might not be possible, but taking care of a few tips can make the process much more efficient. 

Interviewing Techniques and Tips for Employers

Conduct Pre-Screening Interviews 

It is possible that one on one interview is the only idea that comes to your mind when you think of interviews. However, there are multiple types of interviews conducted depending on the companies’ requirements. Every type of interview needs a different set of preparation. Phone or video interviews can be used for the pre-screening process. 

Phone Interviews

Phone interviews can be conducted when the number of candidates is large or the candidates are from other cities. In such scenarios, it is better to filter out the best candidates either because of the long process or before deciding if the candidate is worth investing in. 

Video Interviews

Similar to phone interviews, video interviews can be conducted to get a glimpse of the candidates and filter those who are most appropriate for the job. It could be conducted on social platforms where you can take an interview very similar to the one-on-one scenario or you could provide them with questions that they answer in video format in stipulated time. 

Group Interviews

This can be conducted when there are a large number of candidates even after going through the filtering process as well as to check the behavior and coordination of the candidate in group settings. The setup also brings out the most confident candidates who can work under stressful conditions.

Prepare Your Idea Of An Ideal Candidate

It is better to be prepared with the exact idea of what you are looking for instead of trying to figure it out during the interview. While comparing candidates and selecting the best might sound better to you, it could be a complicated and tangled process that could take much more time and effort. 

Therefore, it is better to know what you are looking for. Create a persona of the ideal candidate you want and then interview the applicants keeping the same picture in mind. It will help you reach the correct decision in a more efficient way.

Conduct Internal Promotions 

Before going through the process of hiring, you should sort up some things within the organization. Asses all your employees and analyze the employees who you think, deserve a promotion. Promoting these employees will free up more vacancies, and at the same time, the deserving people will get the results of their hard work. It would strengthen the work environment and satisfaction in the employees, giving you more room to hire appropriate candidates. 

Go Through The Job Description

It is advised to go through the job description before starting to interview candidates. It helps you to check whether all the relevant information has been passed on to the candidates or not. In case it hasn’t, you can inform the candidates of the same. It also helps you to prepare your mind for the specific job profile. 

Create A Structure or Framework For Questions

Creating a framework of questions makes sure that you do not leave out relevant or important aspects during the interview. It is also not advised to underestimate the candidates as sometimes the candidates might sidetrack you. 

To conduct a smooth interview while covering each and every aspect of the candidate’s skills, a basic structure is required. You need not prepare the exact question, however, you must prepare a rough structure on how to go about the things. 

Review Each and Every Resume

While this may sound like a long, unnecessary, and not-so-interesting process, it will help you a lot while taking the interview. Going through every resume will enable you to have a rough picture of the candidate in your mind. You will also be aware of the exact professional qualifications which will help you to ask better questions. It would also save your time during the interview as you can omit to ask obvious questions, for example, their grades, their internship experience, etc. 

Observe The Candidate’s Behavior

Behavior observation skills are the characteristics of a gem interviewer. During an interview, it is not just the words of the candidate to assess, but every aspect of him/her. Keep an eye on their movements, behavior, etc. While a little nervousness or fidgeting is very normal, excess of it might indicate a lack of confidence in the candidate. This could harm your company if the job post requires a lot of communication or public dealing. 

Pay attention to their etiquette and manners, as nobody wants an ill-behaved employee who is hard to handle. Don’t be too judgy but keep an eye for a healthy behavior presentation.

Assess Both Technical and Soft Skills

While technical skills are extremely important to the job profile, soft skills matter just as much. A good working environment is decided by employees with good soft skills. Little lack of training or expertise might be overcome with practice and guidance, however, the soft skills are present naturally. Ask questions that will give you an insight into the candidate’s values. You can give them situational-based questions that will help you to get an idea of how the candidate will react in future situations. 

Listen To Everything The Candidate Has To Say

Listening is very much important for an interviewer. You should keep your ears open for everything the candidate has to say. You might miss a crucial comment which could lead to a bad or wrong analysis of the candidate’s chances of getting into the organization. 

Active listening helps you to eliminate the chances of wrong judgment as well as frame good questions further. 

Try To Keep Biasedness Aside

It is normal human nature to like some people more than others. However, it might be a problem if this judgment comes into the picture of selecting candidates. Favoritism should be highly avoided during an interview as it may lead to the selection of candidates who are not as appropriate as the others.  

Keep in mind that you are not selecting the candidate for yourself but for the company. Therefore, even if you like some candidates more, keep your personal favoritism detached from the selection process.

Adapt The Concept Of The Trial Period

Before hiring the candidates for full time, it is better to offer them a trial period. The trial period will help both parties to decide whether they are suitable for each other or not. It would also help the company to assess their skills in detail.

Be Prepared For Negotiating Salary

When appropriate candidates decide to participate, they will have a destined pay scale in their minds. You should prepare a rough range in your mind to be able to negotiate later. In order to do that, you must analyze the market trends and how much people with the same qualifications expect and deserve.  

Concentrating while observing minute details in candidates will definitely make a better selection but do not forget that the candidates sitting in front of you are humans as well, so it is necessary to be a little open-minded. We hope these tips will help you during conducting the next interview. If you liked the list, do share it further. 

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