Top 21 Physician Assistant Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

A physician assistant’s job is no different than that of other assistants. The knowledge base required is comparatively higher since physician assistants might have to take big steps during emergencies. Establishing a rapport with the patient is one of the most important jobs under this profile. In addition, the applicant should have crystal clear information regarding the rules of procedure. Since the steps are crucial, no course matter should be skipped while doing the final round of revision.

While preparing for this subjective interview, diagnostics and related fields can easily be ignored as they are tested during practicals. There have been instances when applicants overdid this part and ended up losing crucial marks during the interview session. Several situational questions might also be asked based on the pattern and in strict coherence with the specialization opted for. Teamwork is undoubtedly the most essential trait a physician assistant must possess for achieving timely success.

Physician Assistant Interview Questions

The Top 21 Interview Questions For Enhanced Performance

1. What Are Your Views On A Talent Competition For Physician Assistants?

Sample Answer

A talent competition for physician assistants might help them increase their knowledge span. This competition would prove fruitful in all respects. In addition, a talent hub would be another good option in my opinion. If the authorities are successful in establishing the required rules, the PAs will excel beyond their expectations. Thus, a talent competition might not prove as successful as the creation of a talent hub since the former will only motivate them to win against all odds.

2. How Can You Solve Issues Like Power Cuts And Other Disturbances While Dealing With Patients?

Sample Answer

Such issues can be solved by discussing alternative resources with the authorities in advance. If there is a sudden power cut, the patients can be addressed about the problem calmly so that there is no stress. Other disturbances can be solved by taking help from the security personnel. It is best to check everything in advance. On the other hand, the assistants should make all attempts to organize these things before the time of appointments.

3. How Can You Help Fellow PAs In Their Work?

Sample Answer

I can help fellow assistants by sharing my experiences and lending out a helping hand each time I find some time. On the other hand, I would ensure that such activities do not prove detrimental to my career.

4. Why Do You Wish To Work Here?

Sample Answer

I always wanted to work in a setup where the patient is given priority, irrespective of inconsistencies in the internal mechanism of the hospital. This is a similar place. Therefore, I consider your hospital the best for me.

5. Is It Better To Become An MD Or A PA?

Sample Answer

According to me, the post of a PA is more flexible than that of an MD. Thus, I choose to be a physician assistant.

6. What Would You Do If A Medical Emergency Calls For Immediate Action?

Sample Answer

I would immediately reach the site and put in my best efforts for helping out the victims while using all the prescribed precautionary measures.

7. Can You Relocate For The Purpose Of This Job?

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8. What Is More Important – Stress Minimization Or Displacement Techniques?

Sample Answer

Stress minimization is more important than displacement techniques. Though the latter might make the person believe that the symptoms of stress have subsided, they might return after some time. This makes life even more difficult for the patients. On the other hand, the minimization techniques will help the patient gradually move towards a stress-free life.

9. If There Is A Shortage In The Healthcare Industry, How Should The Government Cut Through?

Sample Answer

The government should try to increase imports of those items as much as possible. On the other hand, imports to even the needy countries need to be drastically cut down as foreign relations should not come in the way of ensuring good health to the people of the native area.

10. Will You Be Able To Handle Kids As Well?

Sample Answer

Yes, I have experience working at vaccination centers in the past. Thus, the four years’ experience will help me handle kids easily. Though it might not be able to handle a lot of them single-handedly, I can help fellow staff members in maintaining the decorum of the hospital at all costs.

11. Can You Suggest The Most Important Characteristic Of A Physician Assistant?

Sample Answer

Patience is the most important characteristic of a physician assistant as a lot of patients might want to get in first but it is his or her duty to patiently handle the impatient intruders. Since progress happens gradually in this field, a high level of patience might serve in the long run.

12. How Are You Planning To Build Your Career In This Field?

Sample Answer

I could not clear the other entrances but I wish to serve common people who are not in the best condition of health. The post of a physician assistant is the best to fulfill my dreams now.

13. Describe The Importance Of Euthanasia During A Vegetative State.

Sample Answer

Euthanasia has a more law-related background instead of physiology. As the governments of most areas provide the right to life to all the citizens, it has been established through litigation that the right to live on one’s terms and conditions indirectly incorporates the right to die. Active and passive euthanasia are the two most common types. The importance of consent is high in such cases since no person should die just because the treatment is no more fruitful.

14. Do You Have Any Interest In Researching?

Sample Answer

Yes. I like to delve deeper into the findings of fellow researchers. Some topics of interest include genetics and plant psychology.

15. How Would You Decide Between Duty And Family In Times Of Crisis?

Sample Answer

In times of crisis, the gravity of the situation would guide me in deciding this. Duty will be given utmost preference since I feel that doctors and associated professionals should never be partial in such times.

16. Is It Essential To Have A Specialization For Becoming A Physician Assistant?

Sample Answer

No. It should solely be left at the discretion of the aspirant since assistants are not required to conduct any specific surgeries.

17. What Is Your Take On The Criticism Of Doctors For Death In Exceptional Circumstances?

Sample Answer

Doctors are considered akin to Gods but in reality, they are just humans who choose their profession to be in the field of helping mankind in all possible ways. If saving the life of the patient becomes impossible, criticizing the doctor serves no end. Instead, the doctor should be motivated further by appreciating the attempts. This will enhance performance and make the concept of inevitable death much more acceptable among the masses.

18. Provide A Character Sketch Of A Perfectly Humanitarian Doctor.

Sample Answer

A perfectly humanitarian doctor is one who does not have a life of his or her own. In this context, the existing society can simply be described to possess a utopian state of existence. This type of doctor will be present for all the needs of the patients and would not have any time barriers for the job. As far as health emergencies are concerned, a perfectly humanitarian doctor would be expected to multitask irrespective of all odds.

19. Mention The Best Way To Cater To Patients Suffering From Psychosomatic Illnesses.

Sample Answer

They can be treated by administering placebo drugs. In this way, psychosomatic patients can be satisfied that some sort of treatment is going on. If such patients have an inherent deficiency, the required supplements can be prescribed in the name of essential drugs. If the illness does not ward off even after these attempts, the specialists should be consulted so that the patient gets the desired treatment in lesser time.

20. How Will You Manage Patients Who Are Specially-Abled?

Sample Answer

Specially-abled patients need to be given special privileges. If the rules permit, I would try to shift their appointment upwards so that their ailments can be tested well in time. In addition, a separate queue can be prepared for facilitating easy dispersal.

21. Are You Available For A Full-Time Job?

Sample Answer

Yes. In times of emergency, I would also like to do overtime for helping the staff.


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