What Challenges Are You Looking For In A Position? (With 8 Sample Interview Answers)

No matter whatever post you are applying for irrespective of any company standards, you are bound to face challenges in terms of workload, deadlines and tough competition. Professional growth does not come with revolving around your comfort zones. Facing challenges, dealing with tough competitors will only make you stronger, confident and help you overcome future problems. You are most likely to face this question if you are applying for a managerial job or any job that requires innovative and leadership skills. Challenging questions differ from company to company, which might come out to be tough sometimes and put you into difficult situations, but that is what will make you confident about yourself.

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Are you ready to face a challenging position?

Interviewers mainly ask this question to check if you are deserving enough for the role and what techniques you are going to opt for overcoming the problem and whether the technique is economically and socially effective. Below are some of those questions:

1. Mention your skills

The best way to showcase this part is to just show your interest in advancing skills and experiences if you would get a chance to work for this organisation. Let’s say, for instance, you can say that you just lately recognised with a certificate of recognition for so and so reason or you were improving your communication skills while you are presenting and also look forward to doing the same thing for your organisation if I get selected. This will be the perfect timing when you can bring your skills and qualities to the spotlight and this will help you stand out from others.

2. Show your motivation

One way to show this is that you can express that how motivated you get when there are challenges in front of you, you possess the required qualities to overcome the challenge, is flexible enough to play with your skills effectively and yet complete the job on time. Let’s just say for instance that You find it highly motivational when there is a tough deadline to be met and you challenge the deadline to make it lose in front of your skills. I use my time management skills to finish the projects within the deadline. This type of answer will indicate that you have extraordinary time management and organisational skills to handle the job that you have applied for.

3. Answer in way relevant to the job

It does not matter if you are answering in a way that is expressing your skills or demonstrate that challenges keep you motivated. What matters is that you should match your answer that is relevant to the job that you have applied for. Emphasize more on the challenges that you will face while you are on the job and frame an answer that shows your capability to handle that workload with effectiveness. Do some homework about the job, visit their website, gather information about the types of skills and experiences it demands and frames your answer accordingly. Create your answer which will contain those skills and experiences that you have a passion for. Do not include anything that you are not confident about.

4. Bring out instances

Employers will be interested in listening to your practical field experiences on how had overcome any challenge in your previous jobs. So, cite as many instances as you can about the challenges that you mastered and the achievements that you witnessed in the past. For instance, if you were talking about how you get motivated by the challenging deadlines at work, you cite a situation where you had used your time management skills and could complete your work before the stipulated time. Take a look into some of the best instances:

Editing and Publishing skills

During my previous job days, apart from doing my work, I took responsibility for many other tasks. which would include editing company website pages and content management. I used my publishing and editing skills to do the same.

Resolving customer issues

I always believe that Customer is King. So, I eagerly solve any issue that is relevant to the customer. I was responsible for the customer service complaint desk for nearly seven months when the in-charge was on leave. That time witnessed 95 per cent positive customer ratings.

5. Mention if you don’t want challenges

Be honest with this answer. I don’t want any challenges, then clearly mention them to the hiring team. This will be better for you as well as them because otherwise, they might be selecting the wrong person instead. Say to them, that you don’t want challenges that is the reason why you have applied for this job. I am experienced in this job and I know what this business works. I just want a secure position in this job where I do not want any foreign challenges that might put my survival source at a stake.

6. Express your interest for practical field work

School might teach us lessons but it cannot provide us with practical field knowledge. You need to gain experience with what you are studying which will make you more confident. Yes, there will be some times where I might need the help of more experienced mentors, but that is how we are going to learn more advanced fields of study. My main motive is to bring all the theories into my practical field of study and become a successful engineer.

7. What kind of challenges are you expecting?

An employment needs to be perfect both ways. You have to make sure that you satisfy them with your works and they satisfy you with what you want if that is at all at their hand. You have to mention some of the many challenges that you think you will be able to deal with in your present job and make sure that all these challenges are in line with the criteria of the job. Some of the challenges that you might mention are: learning how to drive a software program, meet higher sales requirement, increase the profit motive, greater reach to clients, innovate wider choices for products, lead a team for the first time and so on.

8. Are you comfortable with technical challenges?

If no, then honestly answer the same and add that you will be grateful if you get a chance to learn such technical stuff. And if yes, then say that you are quite motivated by tough programming puzzles or coding and decoding or anything else that you master on. Show them that you enjoy working on new projects and look for self-made solutions to any problem which might crop up in functionality and application designing. I have known that your company is a renowned organisation for creating such mobile apps, unique gadgets and so on. I believe that such an environment will provide me with great motivation for bettering myself in the field of programming and help to deliver the best apps possible.

Tips and tricks while answering

  1. Do not cite any challenge that might prevent you from carrying out your work properly or the challenges that might be almost next to impossible for you to solve.
  2. Do not cite such challenges that will be relatively easier for the type of the job you are applying for as that might put an impression that you are not eager to learn about your job.
  3. Do not try to be manipulative because the employer is much more experienced than you think him to be. You should be knowing that the employer is also in search of honestly and self-realisation, besides only your challenging attitude. Employers are interested in candidates who know their strengths and betterment zones. Also, if you can convince them that you are pretty much motivated with challenges, then that will create a good impression.


Here in this article, you will find a comprehensive idea of What challenges are you looking for in a position. So, we have included almost all the common situations that you can refer to when you are framing your answers. Also, keep all the Do’s and Don’t while answer the questions because that might prove to be disastrous for your selection if you do not answer accordingly. Please feel free to let us know, how helpful this content has been to you and do not hesitate to give any suggestions or ask questions in case you have any doubts regarding this topic. Please let us know in the comments down below.

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