Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

In recent times, the competition and requirements to work in any almost any sector has increased in multiple folds. Be that in the multi – national corporates of the IT sector to on the opposite page making an identity as a sportsman to becoming a medical practitioner or making a mark in the education sector. Having a uniqueness that resemble you as the pearl in the sea full of void oysters, is what time and tides demand. This exact factor will be evident in distinguishing you from the rest of the competition that stands.

It is mostly common for the recruiters to ask such questions to gain a perspective in your intent for applying for the job. The motive of this question is to get to know about your:

  1. The intent of application.
  2. Motivation for work.
  3. Visionary nature to foresee yourself.
  4. Devotion to work.
  5. Work ethic capabilities.
  6. Long term goals.

It is recommended with utmost importance to be prepared for this question before facing the interviewers as the answer to this reflects a lot about you and your nature of work. It plays a role of the first impression in the interview and whatever they perceive about you initially is greatly dependent on this answer.
Hence, it’s best to pre-process your answer in order to last an impressive first opinion. This article targets to build a strong motive to pursue teaching as a profession.

Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher

Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher

One must address this question with positivity and enthusiasm, and make sure its something beyond just the job position that it offers. Prepare to answer by understanding what plausible changes the position at the institute will bring in your life, how it will affect other things surrounding you, what are the insights you seek to gain from the job with respect to your goals and ambitions and finally what do you plan to do to grow the community you work with along with yourself.

Study the following sample responses given below to handle this question efficiently and leave an impressive mark on the interviewers.

Sample Answer One

Respected Sir, apart from having eight years of prior experience in teaching secondary and higher secondary students at XYZ High, I have also lectured undergraduates in the subject of political science and social studies.

My teaching pattern has proven to help boost students’ academic performance irrespective of their previous grades. I am looking forward to keep up with this record at your institute, because I believe, training the future generation to face tougher situations and bad financial, medical, and social times and recover stronger with solutions for the same is as equivalent as developing the nation.

Because these younger generations are the pillars of the nation in forthcoming decades. They must learn the essentials of life other than just exams and school subjects. And I want to make a contribution towards it.

Sample Answer Two

Respected team, none of us in this room are unaware of how cutting edge technologies have been affecting our lives for the past couple of decades. It is needless to point out its effects on our daily routines.

Although it has advanced us to connect with people worldwide, I believe it has not been of optimum help to the students in terms of educational facilities and global resources for learning new concepts and courses.

Being in this sector, I find it a moral responsibility as an educator to impose the benefits of these technologies for the welfare of students. Not to confuse with the fact that the students can still avail these resources while at home, there is just such a big pile of information available at their disposal, that it becomes virtually impossible to select the right content.

I look forward to simplifying that selective process and not let any student drift away with the dark side present on the same pages as well.

Sample Answer Three

Sir, I hold an expertise in theoretical mathematics, physics, and lab chemistry, having taught the subjects for over six years to higher secondary students and achieved the Educator Excellence award twice during this tenure. I want to shift this expertise a level further exploring deeper into the subjects. A position at your institute would be an exemplary opportunity for me to achieve this goal.

Sample Answer Four

Respected sir, I feel passionate about delivering my share of knowledge and enrich those deprived of it. Given my past background, I’m good at simplifying complex concepts in smaller topics for easy comprehension and explaining the same with ample examples for each student to understand.

Because I feel, the pious teaching and learning process should be a joyful and memorable one, and not monotonous and boring where neither of the two is interested in the drill. I want to become a teacher to take on this job and bring this crucial change to the classes allocated to me.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, as an educator, I believe in promoting the methodology of practical based learning for students right from an early age because following that route, kids relate subjects taught in school to real life examples faster, and understand the happenings around them profoundly. This not only helps in grasping the concepts better, but also in building an approach to tackle similar problems as they arise in the future.

I feel the sector can make use of more such instructors like me to dissolve practicals based teaching in the system.

Sample Answer Six

Sir, I want to become a part of the teaching community to excel in my abilities, test my verbal and persuasive skills, and check productivity and efficiency in a new working environment. And I find the ABC educational institute, an ideal place to be.

Sample Answer Seven

Honorable team, I believe teaching and the education industry as a whole stand much higher than just a job and monetized business area. It is rather a holy workspace been worshipped no better than in our motherland, India.
Given an opportunity at your prestigious institute, I want to develop creativity and positive competence among students, in order to introduce the zeal to excel within peers and strive to be better.

Sample Answer Eight

Respected team, In my opinion, what the industry lacks today is educators capable of delivering learner oriented teaching and interactive learning. That is in simplified words, traditional one way of teaching wherein the students listen to the classes whole day long, write notes and study them later at home.

Instead, it could be revolutionized in a manner that students have one to one interaction with the teachers while the subject is being taught, and the teacher himself directs the topic in a way that is friendly for each student to grasp, making the subject seem easy and there is no question of fearing the subject whatsoever.

Sample Answer Nine

Sir, I see the role as a challenge to kickstart my career in the education industry. And I believe the experience I look forward to acquire from your institute would be unparalled in comparison with other schools. Moreover, because it will be advantageous to have developed a strong foundation in years to come.

Sample Answer Ten

Respected Sir, I believe to have developed a highly cogent and eloquent attitude when it comes to communication skills and content delivery, which are undeniably the key elements in the teaching-learning process. No matter how tedious and complicated the topic gets, my methodology of instructing makes the concepts crystal clear and easy to understand. This position at ABC High not only grants me the opportunity to test myself at a greater stage but also allows the student to learn from a different perspective.

Be a little flexible while answering this question, based on the way your previous part of the interview has been. Minor changes depending on whether or not you have a very strong personal reason to choose teaching as a profession can be made. But make sure they are formatted in the way stated in the examples above.

The answer structure is ideally built to portray commitment, positivity, confidence, determination, and most importantly, a clear intention on why to get through the job. This clarifies your side on how you wish to be perceived by the recruiters.


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed the article to the fullest. Our mission is accomplished if it helps you in any way. All of the content is supervised by industry experts. Reference links supporting the tips are listed in the “Reference” section below.

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