Why Do You Want To Be An Administrative Assistant? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

People sitting and working in the top-level management are mostly busy with formulating strategies along with devising the vision and mission statements of the organization. Hence, in order to conduct their operations smoothly and with utmost efficiency they hire an administrative assistant. The role of an administrative assistant is simple yet challenging and demanding.

It is a perfect blend of communication skills and organization skills that comes into play while effectively managing the administrative activities of the organization. A person who is able to multi-task and possesses adorable soft skills are always on the radar of some of the best organizations operating in the world.

Why Do You Want To Be An Administrative Assistant

Why This Question Is Asked?

There are many people in this world, who do not love their profession. As a consequence, they are unemployed or discontent while performing their duties. Hence, it evolved as a common practice to ask such type of questions which helps an interviewer to evaluate the seriousness of a candidate towards the profession or role. Further, through this question, they are able to judge your understanding and grasp on the role.

Sample Interview Answers for Administrative Assistant

While applying for the position of administrative assistant and reaching the interview stage, you will find a question that will haunt you from organization to organization. That is, Why Do You Want To Be An Administrative Assistant? Preparing the answer for this question is pivotal, which will help you to impress your interviewer. And, as we all know, once impressed, the chances of selection reach the summit.

For this purpose, a list of ten best answers are arranged below:


I enjoy keeping everything under check. Right from my childhood, I am a very disciplined and organized person. I can help the concerned team, by scheduling their meetings and appointments, so that are able to focus on managerial tasks and thereby increase their productivity. Hence, I feel this role is perfect for me and I will be able to perform the duties assigned to me efficiently.


I have efficient communication skills, with fluent speech and a deep tone. All these things are needed to be an administrative assistant. I feel, answering phone calls, taking notes, and preparing minutes of a crucial board meeting, are some tasks that I really enjoy performing. Being hardworking and an active listener, I perfectly fit in this role.


Managing things such as office supplies, phone calls, and taking notes are some of the best skills that I possess. I have a knack for preparing efficient documents required while going on a business trip. With me being an organized and disciplined person. I chose this profession, as I completely fit into it. and is absolutely tailor-made for me.


Being in a similar profession for the last 3 years, I have expert knowledge of drafting business documents, managing office supplies, and taking notes during board meetings. Further, I have done a short-term course in Email marketing too, which stands me out from the rest. All these skills are crucial for being an administrative assistant, which I do possess. Hence, I chose this role and applied to your prestigious institution.


I am a person who possesses superior communication skills and soft skills, both of which are inevitable for this profession. Further, with the worthier listening ability, handy email writing skills, and ability to multi-task, I after a careful evaluation decided to take up the role. After finding a vacancy at your company, I almost instantly applied to it.


With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a diploma in MS Office, taking up the role of administrative assistant has been a no-brainer for me. Further, I am efficient in managing things and scheduling appointments. My previous stint with ABC LLP has improved my organization skills and drafting skills thoroughly, which further prompted me to stick with this role.


Management is something that I always admire. I have always been fond of task management and scheduling different events. I feel most comfortable in these tasks and feel that I can perform the duties of an administrative assistant with utmost ease. Further, my educational background and work experience also play a crucial role in me picking up this role.


Coordinating and controlling the day-to-day activities of an organization, taking notes, drafting business documents, payroll management is some of my developed skills, which induced me in taking up this role. Further, I feel privileged to manage the routine tasks of managers, which would eventually give them extra time to focus on strategic planning and new product development.


The first and Foremost attribute, that an administrative assistant must possess is discipline. I have always been an organized and disciplined person. with a knack for solving problems with a positive attitude. I have the ability to prepare minutes expeditiously and with high levels of accuracy coupled with effective communication and email processing skills. All these things make me a dependable administrative assistant.


The administration has always been my top career choice and that is why I completed my master’s in business administration. With expert knowledge of MS Office especially MS Excel, shorthand stenography, and organization skills, I chose to be an administrative assistant. This is my first choice career and I am very happy to choose this role as it matches my mindset and skillset perfectly.


The administrative assistant is a critical position that requires you to be a multi-tasker and possess efficient writing as well as communication skills. Business leaders work without keeping a track of time, and you being an administrative assistant too have to match their timings. Overstretched working hours, proficiency in business writing, a knack for preparing minutes of crucial board meetings, make this position exciting as well as demanding.

An administrative assistant is handsomely paid and well-compensated for his or her services. Expressing your seriousness and worthiness for this role is expected through the above-mentioned question, commonly asked by the interviewers. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also do let us know through the comments section below, how helpful our articles are for you.


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