Why Do You Want To Work Here? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Candidates applying for job openings are smart people. They apply to roughly twenty to thirty companies at a time, in expectation to get screened in at least three or four. Sometimes, they are not able to get a screening from their dream or desired company and end up attending interview sessions of the companies which were really low on their priority list. Interviewers plugged this loophole and devised a question to understand your loyalty, seriousness and commitment towards the joining of organization, you are attending interview of.

Why Do You Want To Work Here

Two Best Tips To Ace This Question

1) Tell How The Organization Can Help You

When you want to work in a particular organization there are always some personal benefits and qualities that attract you towards that particular organization. It is advisable that you tell your interviewer about the same. This will show that you are really interested in working for the organization and wants to contribute.

2) Be Logical and Well Structured

Simply saying that this is my dream company or maybe this is a very good company, won’t help your cause in wither way. Such responses would weaken your candidature no matter how good your educational records are or how valuable your work experience is. Your answer must be logical, showing everything from the unique attributes of the company as well as your likings.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Read

Sample Answer One

Being an organization with a huge customer base and operations spread in almost 24 countries, joining your organization is a no-brainer for me. I have always been fascinated by the brand name your company possesses in the field. I feel the latest technology adopted by you along with the availability of some overseas projects would help me to increase my skills set and knowledge to a great extent which would eventually be helpful in career advancement.

Sample Answer Two

Around three of my classmates have been working here for the last 2 years. I had a conversation with them and the feedback was impressively positive and pragmatic. This prompted me to apply for the vacancy at your prestigious organization as soon as I became aware of the same. Further, the level of infrastructure provided and employee benefit programs organized by the organization are very beneficial and lucrative, which motivates me to be part of the company.

Sample Answer Three

Lucrative salary, overseas projects, and superior work culture are some dream requirements for an employee like me. I feel, your company is providing these since times immemorial to its employees and workers. All my expectations and projections are completely fulfilled by this organization. Hence, I seriously want to work here and contribute with my skill set and talent.

Sample Answer Four

I have heard from my friends and relatives who are working in your company, that the management believes in the efficient development of the skills of an employee by providing training on a regulars basis. Further, there is an opportunity to manage work and life in a beneficial way. Hence, I am interested and willing to work in this prestigious company.

Sample Answer Five

Being awarded as one of the best places in the country to work, an efficient state of the art infrastructure, and deployment of some latest technologies and equipment, working for this organization is my dream. In addition to this, I believe the salary, as well as incentives, are too satisfying and lucrative that if given a chance to work, I will grab it with both my hands.

Sample Answer Six

I have read the vision and mission statements of the company. I was thoroughly impressed by the focus of the organization on goal congruence wherein individual goals coincide with the organizational goals. Further, a chance to work on overseas projects and outstation sites entices me to work for this organization.

Sample Answer Seven

Not only the employee-centric policies but also the employee training impressed and motivated me to apply and work with this esteemed organization. The client base is really loyal and strong that almost 90% of your customers are repetitive. The company recently posted a robust profit, which shows its impeccable financial health. I really want to work in this company and contribute to you with my zeal and labor.

Sample Answer Eight

Being a decade-old organization, with operations spread in almost 28 countries, this company was chosen as the best in the year 2021. Company headquarter is a masterpiece which provides every amenity to its employee ranging from sports to gym. The recreational facilities extended by the company to its employees are just exceptional. Being a talented as well as fun-loving person, this is my dream organization.

Sample Answer Nine

I have recently read a statement from the CEO of the company in which he clearly explains the way forward. The proposed expansion projects planned, if executed properly, can make this company one of the world’s most successful companies. Everybody wants to be a part of the success stories including me. It would be my pleasure and honor to serve your coveted organization.

Sample Answer Ten

IT is not just a company, it is an organization that lights the household of around 230,000 employees that work for you. I find no reason to not work for your organization. There is a proper workflow structure, lucrative pay, and smart employee incentives. In addition to this, the company expends a lot on the recreational activities of its employees. I have no reason to ignore the job offer, obviously if I get one.


Maybe the organization you are giving an interview for is not your favorite and really low on your dream list. But it is still an artificial person and might take rejection and ignorance to heart as you do. So respect the opportunity and give your best no matter you like or dislike the company. This is a tricky interview question and requires a good level of preparation. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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