Why Do You Want to Work in Finance? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

“Why do you want to work in finance?” This is a question that an interviewer might ask you right in the beginning of your interview. This is the time to make him/her understand the reasons behind your inclination towards the job.

Firstly, you need to be clear and understand what drives you into this industry and why are you a perfect candidate for this job for a particular job position. Below are a list of sample answers that might help you while dealing with a similar question in your job interview.

Why Do You Want to Work in Finance

Sample Interview Answers

Before going ahead it is really important for you to know that these are just sample answers that you can use as a guide to formulate your own answers. Never make the mistake of copying the exact answers and producing them in an interview. The interviewers look for originality and only you can bring that uniqueness in your answers as it depends upon your skill sets and knowledge about the job.

Answer 1

I am an extrovert who loves being around people. Although, many consider finance to just be a job of numbers I think it is more than that. In a financial industry you need to understand the financial expectations of your clients which is only possible if you develop a strong understanding with them. The diversity of clients and dynamic nature of the job really excites and pushes me towards pursuing this job.

Answer 2

As a kid I was always interested in understanding how businesses work and they earn profits and I ended up taking finance as a major in my university. I loved the way entrepreneurs and businesses transformed over the years and despite facing losses many maneuvered their way and made successful businesses. I have been analyzing these trends which have helped me develop an interest in the financial industry.

Answer 3

A financial industry is a game of numbers and from my childhood I have been deeply interested in the number games. If one wants to be good in this industry, then one needs to be the good friends with numbers. Analytics and data interpretation has been my top skills and I believe that these will definitely help me bring out the best results for my clients.

Answer 4

The financial industry has dynamic and fast-paced environment which comes with a whole different set of challenges. I love tasks that take you to an edge and where your capabilities are tested every day. My inclination towards jobs that ask you to learn every day and push you towards the best of your abilities have made me pursue a job in the financial industry.

Answer 5

In order to expand my understanding of financial analysis beyond what I studied in my classes I am actively seeking the CFA Institute’s Chartered Financial Analyst certification. I have been constantly working on improving myself personally and professionally before joining the job as I understand its rapid nature and challenge. I have been long preparing myself of all the challenges that come with this job.

Answer 6

 I am an individual who has always exceled in a competitive world therefore, I choose finance. This industry gives you a chance to work with the brightest and the smartest minds and an atmosphere where like-minded individuals who push each other to push their limits regularly. Hard work, commitment and resilience have always provided me with a sense of fulfilment, and no profession values these qualities more than financial industry. This is the reason I want to get into this industry and make a statement.  

Answer 7

I have done a variety of jobs and internships in both banking and financial sector. I found that my inclination lies in the financial sector hence I chose a career change and joined an investment firm. I am reasonably good with numbers, and I love working with people. I have always been looking for a more challenging job that will push me a little more and help me work at the best of my potential.  

Answer 8

I am an individual who is extremely detail oriented. When one works with numbers, this natural instinct is really beneficial. In this field even one small error can bring about disastrous results hence, I wanted to use this ability of carefully monitoring things in a career and the financial industry provides me the best opportunity for doing that.

Answer 9

I have learned a lot from my mother well who is working in this industry for more than two decades. From a very young age I have been inclined and deeply intrigued with the work of my mother therefore with time I have developed the required skill-sets for this field. The mentoring that I have received as a young child has motivated me to pursue a professional career in finance.

Answer 10

In the initial years of my high school, I stumbled upon finance. But with years of experience and personal development I have come to the realization that this job is possibly something tailor made for me. The daily challenges and phases of development that I have undergone with time have made me realize that finance is the most suitable field for me.

These answers will definitely help you prepare better for your job interview and will help you get an edge over others. All the answers provided above as short and to the point. As stated before as well these are just samples that will help you prepare your own unique answer. Just take hints from the most suitable and relatable matter and formulate your own original and convincing answer.  

Things to keep in mind while answering such a question-

  1. Keep it short, concise, and convincing.
  2. Do not portray yourself to be over ambitious.
  3. Focus on your skills.
  4. Formulate your answer based on the position you are seeking.
  5. Believe in what you say.


Whenever answering such questions always keep in mind to answer in such a way that the interviewer gets a hint that you and the job are made for each other. Try to give a two-sided narrative, i.e., what you can give to the job and also what it can give to you both personally and professionally. Keep your tone professional at all times and stick with your believes and skill sets.

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