Do You Know Anyone Who Works for Us? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

There are so many examples of the times when a company hired an applicant based on a reference or a recommendation made by an existing employee of the company. When you apply for a job at a company and you know someone who works there, it can help you a lot with getting hired for that role. They can act as one of your references in your letter of recommendation or they can just have a word about you to the hiring manager. So, having to know someone who works with your potential employer can be extremely beneficial.

Contrary to that, there can be a situation where you know someone who works with your potential employer but you are not on very good terms with that person, in that case, they will definitely not recommend you for the job. So, when the employers ask, “Do you know someone who works with us?”, what should be your answer?

The employers could also ask this question in different ways like

  1. Do you know anyone at our organization?
  2. Do you know anyone who works with this company?

Do not worry, we have got it all sorted for you. In this article, we will learn

  1. Why do employers ask this question?
  2. How to Answer this question?
  3. Common mistakes to avoid while answering
  4. Sample Interview Answers
Do You Know Anyone Who Works for Us

Why Do Employers Ask This Question?

  1. To check whether or not you have any references from an employee who works at the same company.
  2. To see your network and connections.
  3. The hiring managers think that the employees who have previous connections with someone who works with them enhance productivity, engagement, retention, and job satisfaction.
  4. To hear what are your views about the person who has recommended you to the hiring manager.
  5. To inquire the person you know, to get their opinion about you and your skills and traits.
  6. Because it is a common question that employers ask in an interview.
  7. To get to know if someone from the company is eligible for the employee referral commission, they are hired for the role you applied for.

How to Answer This Question?

Now, there could only be three possible situations that you will have in your mind when the employer drops this question in front of you. That will be

  1. You know someone from the organization with whom you are on good terms.
  2. You know someone from the organization with whom you do not have a good connection.
  3. You do not know anyone who works with the employer.

So, to answer this question, take a note of the points mentioned below:

Know about your connection’s work performance

Well, before straight away answering the question, do some research and get awareness about how is the work performance of your candidate in the company. If you know that the person you are about to mention is highly respected and always the top choice of the top-level managers working there, then go for it. But if the contact that you are about to mention is always late for work and not at all productive and brings no change to the organization. You might want to rethink your decision to mention them in front of the potential employer.

If you mention a name, then the employers always tend to think that your work ethics match your mentioned contact. So, be a little cautious while doing so.

Research about the company’s policy

It would be much better if you reviewed the company’s policy in advance about the rules and regulations they have about referrals, friends, family, spouses, etc. in the workplace. Some companies have stricter policies for connections in the workplace to avoid any personal issues or conflicts in the future.

Highlight your acquaintance’s strength

The employers might ask a follow-up question stating that what do you think about the person who works with us. Then you should be ready to mention your connection’s work ethics and values to highlight their skills and strengths because they are your references who can help you in being hired for the role.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Answering This Question

  1. Do not speak negatively about the employee who works for the employer.
  2. Do not get into unnecessary descriptions of your relationship with the employee working for the employer.
  3. Do not share any private information about your friend or a family member during the job interview as it seems extremely unprofessional.

Sample Interview Answers for Your References

Sample Answer 1

“Yes, I know two people, ABC and XYZ. They recommended me this company and filled me in with the details of the vacancy of the position. I had a talk with them regarding the policies and the work culture of the company. They also guided me about the company’s culture and work shifts and the goals set for the growth of the company. The way they described your company made me want to be a part of this company. I think this role is a great match for my skills and capabilities. I am grateful to them for recommending me this job.”

Sample Interview Answer 2

“No, I don’t know anyone who works in this company. But I am also not a very social person, so as far as my knowledge goes, I have no idea about the employees who work here as it is a big corporate company.”

Sample Interview Answer 3

“Well, I know X from my high school who works here but I don’t know him/her that well. We never actually got to know each other during our school days. But I am sure it will be great to work with him/her. I know there won’t be any issues and we will get along when will be working in this same business if I get hired.”  

Sample Interview Answer 4

“Yes, I know an employee who works with you as a graphic designer. We went to the same designing college and working for your company had been both of our dreams. She was part of the same designing project and being my senior, she even helped me out with the preparations for the exam. I know we both come from the same profession, but I am sure we will keep our friendship aside.”

Sample Interview Answer 5

“One of my relatives works here in the shipping and receiving sector. He is the one who told me about the store manager position being opened and said that it is a great company to work for.”

Sample Interview Answer 6

“Yes, I know Mr. A who works for this company. I am informed about the fact that he is resigning from the position as he is unable to perform well for this company. But I am responsible for my own work and it has nothing to do with this. I passionately want to work for this company.”

Sample Interview Answer 7

“Yes, I am connected to one or two employees of your company through linked in through some common interest groups. However, I do not know anyone from here personally but I am looking forward to getting to know your team and employees.”

Sample Interview Answer 8

“I am not aware of anyone working with you currently. However, one of your employees who recently left this company is my college friend. He suggested I apply for this company as he thought it would be a perfect fit for me and this company, and here I am in the interview, ready to answer each of your questions. He also filled me in with the details about the work environment and some employees who can help me get along in this company. he was also talking highly about you as you were the one who hired him for this job as well.”

Sample Interview Answer 9

“I know it is not easy to get a job application or resume get noticed in such a big company. And I am extremely grateful to your assistant manager, who is my friend, he helped me to land on to this interview. Such opportunities are hard to get. But he saw some potential in me to work for this role and made me apply for this position. I really think this is the best place for me to showcase my skills and talents, and make the best out of it. And that is why I look forward to working with your company.”

Sample Interview Answer 10

“I tried to build a network through LinkedIn after my research about this company. But I do not think it will be fair to share their name as we have not got to know each other even a bit. I am looking forward to sharing my work with them. I have always wanted to be a part of this company and want to get this job on my own talents and abilities.”


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