Do You Smoke or Drink Alcohol? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Are you a smoker? Do you drink? If yes I do advise you to quit, it’s not good for your health, but you probably know that. What you actually are here to know is what to do when someone, (probably an interviewer) asks you if you do what do you tell them? How do you answer? Well, worry not this article here is to help you with that.

Do You Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Do you smoke or drink Answers

Sample Answer 1

“I do occasionally take a beer or two. However, I do not drink regularly, before, or during work. I consider that type of behaviour, irresponsible and unprofessional. I think that we live in a competitive world and we have a lot of pressure on us, so it’s quite acceptable in my opinion to take a beer to relax on the weekends. I do not in any way or form let it affect my work. Personal life has its place and professional life has its place. Nonetheless, I am aware of what affects it has on our health and I do not endorse or promote it.”

Sample Answer 2

” I do not smoke. I consider it a health hazard as, to be honest. Nonetheless, I have no problem with people who do. It’s a personal choice, and everyone has the right to make the choice for themselves and I am no one to interfere. However, this is a reason for me to opt for this particular job, as your workspace prohibits drinking and smoking. So no matter what my co-workers are choosing in their own private time I would not have to bear with it.”

Sample Answer 3

” I do smoke. However, I do not like smoking in or around the workplace. I consider it highly unprofessional. Some of the clients or my co-workers might not actually like the smell of cigarettes and I do not want to make them uncomfortable in any way. So, I try to keep it off of me when I am at work. I do not the health risks that come with the habit I’ve bread, but what can I do it helps me get my mind off stress and think clearly.”

Sample Answer 4

” I do not drink but I smoke, and I definitely want to quit. That’s one of the reasons for me to apply here. You guys have a policy for no smoking or drinking in the workplace. This could be a good opportunity for me to leave my bad habit behind, as it’ll reduce the number of smokes per day and I will eventually quit. However for the time being I’ll have to confess to being a smoker.”

Sample Answer 5

” I do not smoke nor do I drink. I prefer to live a healthy lifestyle and in my view smoking and drinking aren’t the things to do when trying to be healthy. However, I do not like showing anyone down just because they have an addiction to something. That kind of behaviour is just bad and I do not part take in it. You neither have to be concerned about me not making good relationships with my colleagues or not socialising with them, as I can have fun at parties and social situations without the use of substances like nicotine or alcohol.”

Sample Answer 6

” I do not like lying so I will tell you the truth. I drink quite a bit every Friday night. I am familiar with what this habit brings along with it. Hence, I do my best to not be an irresponsible person. I take care of all my work and my safety before I get to drinking. Plus when I am back on Monday I make sure to be sober and completely in possession of my facilities so that no one would know anything neither would my work and social standing be affected by it.”

Sample Answer 7

“I like to smoke to relax and as a stress buster but it doesn’t affect my performance. I do not let it interfere with my work. I also feel that smoking allows me to socialise better with people. They actually let their guard down, as they feel I am non-judgemental and as exactly as flawed as them. This helps me understand their needs and contempt better. So this can be a plus to my colleagues and my employers. Nonetheless, I know the safety risks associated with smoking and I do not encourage it.”

Sample Answer 8

“I both smoke and drink. I love to relax with a cold beer and a cigarette on the weekends. I am responsible for how much I drink, where I drink and try not to let it affect anyone else or my work. At parties, it helps me socialise with my colleagues better. I prefer to take on professional challenges and do my best the entire week, so I think there is no harm with taking it easy and loose just on the weekends.”

Sample Answer 9

“I do not smoke. People use drinking and smoking to loosen up and have fun at parties, it is a way to socialise for them. there’s is nothing wrong with it, except the health concern. However, I do not think that drinks or smokes are important for me to loosen up and have fun. I can socialise without them. Some people who do not smoke have a tendency to see people who do as someone beneath them. I consider that something tedious and petty, as they could have their reason for it or it could be just a bad habit, and we are no one to pass judgement.”

Sample Answer 10

“I am not a smoker or a drinker. I do tend to take up a beer or a cigarette with my colleagues or friends in a social gathering or a situation. As it can be easier to construct relationships with bad habits, also the bonds forged are much stronger. This helps me know my co-workers better and have better relationships with them. I know that even rare consumption of it might be bad for me, but I do not want to be closed off from experiences, and I do not consume on any said amount of intervals so I think I am sheltered from the trap of addiction. “

Things to keep in mind while constructing your own answer

  1. Do not be ignorant. People who smoke tend to leave out of their answers about the health risks related to smoking and people who don’t tend to forget about how the other person or the person who smokes feels about it.
  2. Your interviewer can and can not be a smoker/ drinker. Keep the fact of moderation in mind if you do not smoke. Do not act all high and might if you do not smoke, neither act too proud if you do.
  3. Do not glorify. even if you are trying to justify it as a benifit do mention that you do not encrouge it.
  4. Try to be truthful to your employer. No one wants an employee that they can’t trust, so speak the truth.

I hope you get the job you’ve been preparing for, and your bad habits do not become a reason for you to be not selected for that job. Try to answer the questions carefully. Also drinking and smoking is not a small topic you could brush off like that try and make the best of your life and quit the habit, the rest lies upon you. If you liked the article and it was of any help to you remember to leave your regards in the comment section and share it with your friends.

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