Top 21 Hotel Concierge Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

People from all around the globe love to travel and stay at different places. Where ever they go, they make bookings for guest houses, hotels or may be simply a hostel. At these places they expect a warm reception, top notch quality of services and a high level of hospitality. All these services must be ensured by a concierge. This job position remains in high demand and is well paid along with some lucrative incentives. Hence, if you are planning for a concierge interview, prepare hard.

Hotel Concierge Interview Questions

Top 21 Interview Questions For Hotel Concierge

1) Why You Chose To Be A Concierge?

This question tests your understanding and loyalty towards your profession.

Sample Answer

The hospitality industry has been something that I have always admired and dreamed to be a part of. Serving people, who have come to enjoy and gather some beautiful memories, excites me and motivates me to make their stay more pleasurable and enjoyable. Further, I believe I have the requisite personality, speech, and soft skills to be a part of and even achieve success in this industry. This prompted me to choose concierge as a full-time career option.

2) Can You Work In A Team Environment?

This question tests your willingness to be a part of the team culture.

Sample Answer

Big hotels experiencing heavy workloads form teams and divide their employees into specialized groups to improve the efficiency and quality of individual performances. I have always been a team player and have the ability to be completely absorbed into the work culture of a particular team. Further, working in teams gives you confidence and quick solutions to all your doubts and queries. Hence, I am very much willing to be a part of a team environment.

3) How Will You Handle A Situation In Which A Guest Is Locked Inside For Several Days Voluntarily?

This question tests your knowledge abut the various practical problems faced by the hotels and other similar institutions.

Sample Answer

Such situations are scary and intimidating but one must not get nervous and maintain an adequate level of sanity at all times. I would hard knock the door of the room continuously 3 to 4 times in intervals of 15 minutes. Post this, I would inform my senior and security manager of the hotel about the situation. In their presence, I would open the concerned room of the hotel using a duplicate key. In any ominous case, I would make a police call.

4) How Do You Resolve A Work Conflict With Your Colleague?

This question tests whether you have a problem solving mindset and positive approach.

Sample Answer

For an organization to be successful, its employees must be on the same page, working hard to achieve the pre-determined objectives and goals. Yet, there are certain unprecedented situations, in which employees don’t see eye to eye. If I ever encounter such an issue, I would try to resolve it amicably over a cup of tea. I am a cooperative person and would try to plug the loophole completely. If the conflict still persists, I would not let it affect my individual performance.

5) Will You Ever Bend A Rule/Policy To Achieve Customer Satisfaction?

This is a tricky question, that requires your application of mind on achieving a perfect equilibrium between customer’s satisfaction and policies set by the company. Being an employee, at no time, you can break a pre-defined rule, policy, term or condition. Hence always answer this question in negative.

Sample Answer

The rules and policies set by an organization are always customer friendly and are framed keeping in mind maximum customer satisfaction as an objective. Hence, I don’t feel I will encounter such a situation. In the worst-case scenario, if I ever encounter, I will never break any company’s rule. Rather, I would use my persuasive and convincing skills to satisfy a customer to the core by ensuring we remain within the permissible ambit.

6) Will You Ever Upset A Guest/Customer Of The Company?

This is a tricky question and the responses generated would allow an interviewer to understand your perspective towards your employer and its customers.

Sample Answer

Customers are the king and in the hospitality industry, they must be served at all times. Yet, there is a need to maintain a definite balance. There are some demands that just can’t be fulfilled, like playing loud music in the middle of the night. In such situations, I would always restrict the customers to follow the policies and rules of the hotel and not engage themselves in unethical practices.

7) How Do You Manage A Repetitive Job?

The role of a concierge is undoubtedly repetitive and you would be required to perform almost similar duties day in and day out. Always frame a positive answer to this question in order to boost your selection chances.

Sample Answer

I believe, if you love your work and voluntarily want to be a part of the industry, there is nothing like repetition. Hospitality is a glamorous job, wherein you will meet new people every day. Helping them out, serving them, and ensuring that they have a memorable stay, is not at all boring. Rather, I will be rearing to come to my workplace every day.

8) Can You Work Under Pressure?

The hospitality industry works day and night. Customers check in and out at all times. This requires a concierge to be vigilant and at his or her toes at most part of its shift. Hence, always answer positively.

Sample Answer

The role of a concierge is challenging and hectic as hotels operate 24 hours. But being motivated, young, and willing to be a part of this beautiful industry, work is not a burden for me. I enjoy serving people. When you enjoy something, you lose the track of time and you tend to enjoy your time at the workplace.

9) What Decisions You Feel, Will Be Tough For You To Take?

No one is perfect and might experience difficulties in one sphere or the other. By this question, an interviewer wants to know what you feel is tough and mind-boggling or maybe they are able to eke out your weakness.

Sample Answer

There are various challenges that we experience at our workplace or may be in our every day life. I feel a few too. In my opinion, at workplace, I won’t be able to over-burden any junior of mine, as I am too lenient to do that and this might hurt the customer’s satisfaction at some times. In my daily life, I just can’t effectively manage whatever I earn.

10) What Languages Are You Aware Of?

Hotels entertain guests from varied and diversified backgrounds. Along with domestic, there are international customers too, speaking different mother tongues. English being an international language, must be your strength along with working knowledge of at least two other languages.

Sample Answer

In totality, I am aware of 3 languages. Expert knowledge of English and (_____mention your mother tongue___). Further, I also have a good knowledge of French as my third language. I am well versed to speak it, but not that efficient in writing it.

11) What Is Your Best Strength?

This is a basic interview question through which an employer wants to know how much you are aware about yourself.

Sample Answer

I believe I am detail-oriented and loyal. I always give attention to even the minutest or most trivial detail in order to ensure that the customers are satisfied. Being in the hospitality industry, loyalty is also another crucial trait and I feel lucky to have it as my natural instinct. I am not a person who just switches over for small hikes, rather I love to stick and serve an organization with all my passion and zeal.

12) What Advice Will You Give To A Poorly Dressed Colleague?

Dresses are an important part of the hospitality industry. A neatly dressed and properly tucked employee resembles the dignity and regality of a hotel. Further, customers like smart, pleasant, and elegant employees. Hence, always answer this question in a positive way.

Sample Answer

An employee who is poorly dressed not only hampers the reputation of the hotel but also shows his lack of self-respect. I would advise such employees, to wear neat and clean suits and indulge in customer-friendly practices. After all, employees always represent an organization by acting as its face and body.

13) How Good Is Your Basic Mathematics?

A concierge is required to process payments, provide refunds, reimbursements, or simply calculate discounts. All involve basic mathematics skills. You are expected to solve basic problems in your mind without the use of any calculator as a device or as a mobile application.

Sample Answer

Customers don’t like to wait and want speedy processing of almost everything including payments. Getting dependent on a calculator can be too risky, provided they can be lost, pre-engaged, or simply stop working. Such scenarios can lead to delay and might upset a customer. I possess an adorable level of mathematical skills with proficiency in all four mathematical operations, that is, multiply, divide, subtract and add.

14) Are You Willing To Perform Clerical Duties?

This question tests your basic knowledge of the working procedures of a concierge.

Sample Answer

A concierge has to perform several clerical duties such as:

  • Noting the check-in and check-out times of the customers
  • Arranging and providing extra services of transportation, photographer or maybe an extra meal.
  • Booking reservations for them
  • Giving them printed bills for their stay, etc.

These duties must be satisfactorily completed by a concierge. I am ready and up for it. Further, I too possess adorable drafting skills.

15) Are You Comfortable In Rotational Shifts?

Hotels operate 24 by 7 in order to serve their guests at all times. Hence, a hotel concierge can be required to work rotational shifts. Rotational shifts simply mean that your shift won’t be fixed and you have to work either in a day or at the night as per the pleasure of the company. It is a primary requirement and must be answered in a positive way.

Sample Answer

Since modes of transport, like airplanes, trains, etc operate day and night, a customer can check-in at any time of the day. I completely understand the need for working in rotational shifts and up for it. Being a regular gym-going person, I love to keep myself fit and ready for working in rotational shifts.

16) How Will You Handle A Customer Complaining Of Inadequate Cleanliness?

This is the most common complaint of a customer staying at a hotel facility. One must reply, the complete strategy in brief, that you intend to follow.

Sample Answer

Cleanliness is a major issue in the hospitality industry. During my previous tenure, I experienced several such complaints. In my opinion, first of all, I will try to calm down the customer with my patience and soft skills. Then, I would request them to stay in the guest area for the next 20 to 30 mins. Post this, I would immediately call the housekeeping staff and would instruct them to clean the room completely. If I will feel that there is some doubt on the integrity of housekeeping staff, I would personally supervise the cleaning process.

17) How Comfortable Are You In Wearing Our Sponsored Dresses?

Hotels instruct their employees to wear dresses having the name of the hotel, their banners, a happy quote, etc, printed on their dresses. This not only helps a customer to identify a hotel employee but also leaves a rich and lasting impression about the hotel. Always answer this question in a positive way.

Sample Answer

There is no shame, harm, or discomfort in wearing dresses provided by the company. I believe, it is necessary and pivotal to garner the faith of the customer as well as to serve him or her in a better way.

18) How Do You Handle A Disgruntled Customer?

Customers visit a hotel to experience luxury, pleasure, and hospitality. If there is even a small cog that is missing, customers tend to yell, fight and complain. Hence, a concierge must be ready to serve them with patience and grit.

Sample Answer

I completely understand the mindset and preferences of disgruntled customers. In the hospitality industry, they are simply paying money to be served and obeyed along with provisioning of impeccable services in relation to their stay. If I ever experience such customers, I always use my active listening skills in order to listen to their problems completely. Post this, I always find myself in a position to provide an amicable resolution. If a customer is still not satisfied, I will refer the case to my immediate superior.

19) Why You Chose Us?

This question tests your seriousness towards the group/organization.

Sample Answer

Being a prominent name in the hotel industry with contacts ranging from north to south, I have admired this hotel since my childhood. Not only, I am in love with the infrastructure but also the modus operandi using which you serve customers. I have always wanted to be a part of the team, and have worked hard for it. I can proudly say that this hotel is the reason why I chose to become a concierge.

20) How Do You Manage Time?

The role of a concierge is hectic and requires multi-tasking. Hence, a concierge must be meticulous and possess the knack for managing time effectively in order to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, the best way to manage time is by keeping a small date-wise diary and noting in it the tasks to be performed for the day. Along with this, one must be ready to serve multiple customers consecutively. This is possible by effectively managing the times and work schedules of your junior staff. If you are able to effectively use your staff, you are always in a better position to manage your time.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is a common interview question, particularly asked towards the fag end of an interview session. This question requires you to ask your employer a few questions about the organization and the job offered. If you are appearing for the post of hotel concierge, your questions can be based on the following sample questions:

  • Do you provide a dress allowance?
  • Do you allow families to stay in case of a resident program?
  • What is the work culture?
  • What incentives are offered by the company?
  • Is there any special cell for employee grievances?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Hotel Concierge Interview Questions


The role of a concierge is to ensure that the guests of a hotel have everything they need during their stay. At times the role becomes tough, hectic, and resilient. But there is nothing better than serving people with your communication and soft skills. The interviews are also tough and one must prepare thoroughly by reading lots of frequently asked questions. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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