What Do You Dislike About Your Job? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Everyone in this world dislikes something. Interestingly, most of those dislikes are related to a person’s workplace. This is a common interview question asked in several interviews worldwide no matter how influential or clerical the the advertised vacancy is. The responses generated can enable an interviewer to know everything that you dislike about your workplace or job profile. Hence. the answer to this question must be thoroughly prepared.

What Do You Dislike About Your Job

Three Tips To Ace This Question

1) Be Specific

While narrating your dislike you are expected to be specific and detailed. Trying to diplomatically ignore the answer would give an impression that you are under-prepared or not serious enough for the vacancy.

2) Never Offend Any Duty Mentioned In Job Description

Usually an employer issues a job description before appearing for an interviewer. Consider this document as your bible and understand each and every duty mentioned in it thoroughly. Now, frame your dislike in a way that does not contradict or offend any duty that is mentioned in your job description. This would leave a good impression on your interviewer and would improve your selection chances.

3) Share Only One Dislike

You might dislike a hundred things about your job or workplace. But, over here you are expected to share any one shortcoming. Getting emotional or getting carried away would come in handy and you might lose your edge as compared to other candidates.

Ten Best Answers To Read

Sample Answer One

Being adaptive and in possession of accommodation nature, I rarely find anything bad at my job. If you force, I would pick one during my internship days with ABC Accounting Services. They always used to force me to do menial tasks such as depositing cash in a bank account, write checks, withdraw money, etc. despite having dedicated personnel for all these works. I used to waste a lot of time on such tasks and ended up learning very few skills than intended.

Sample Answer Two

Being a growth oriented person, who would love to advance his career ethically and by working hard, I won’t admire a workplace or job, with limited growth opportunities. With time, you gain experience and with experience you are bound to move up the ladder instead of repeating same tasks day in and day out. Hence, I hate jobs offering little to no career advancement opportunities.

Sample Answer Three

It will be naive to say I don’t dislike anything in my job. I do have a few dislikes, and I would like to share the most prominent issue. A company must follow and adhere to the guidelines framed by it and must strive to eliminate office politics as much as possible. During my previous stint, there was a lot of office politics that impacted my performance negatively. In addition to this, there was no proper officer or ombudsman to handle harassment-related complaints.

Sample Answer Four

In order to complete the allotted task with efficiency and high quality, an employee must be granted sufficient deadline time. While working for TTC Software Development Corporation, I remember we were given a mere week to complete the whole project starting from scratch which must have, in normal conditions taken at least 15 days. We are not machines working there and organizations must understand this.

Sample Answer Five (For Freshers)

This is my first job application and hence I won’t be in a position to narrate any real-life job experience. Still, I have encountered a similar situation in my high school. We were supposed to make various working science models on varied subjects. The models were not only costly but also took a lot of time to fully develop. An institution must take all the students together, and understand that all of them are not from influential financial backgrounds.

Sample Answer Six

It is not that I am greedy or mercenary, it is just that I have a family of five to be fed and taken care of. During my previous stint, I particularly disliked my salary. It was way too low when compared with the standards. There was a negative deviation of almost 40%. This is the primary reason for my leaving my previous job and applying to your prestigious institution.

Sample Answer Seven

I dislike organizations and jobs, wherein an employee is not free to express his or her own ideas, beliefs, or maybe solutions. Organizations that discourage any employee from taking part in suggestive measures are particularly disliked by me. I consider myself to be thoughtful and creative. I would never want myself to lose any of this trait by working at such obscure institutions.

Sample Answer Eight

Dress codes are important and they show how dignified you are. Along with this it also shows how much you respect yourself. I completely understand, but sometimes there are some unprecedented situations, which do not allow an employee to be dressed in a flawless manner. Organizations must understand this and give some relief on a case-to-case basis, instead of becoming too rigid.

Sample Answer Nine

Authority, high-handedness, and dominating behaviors are some dislikes from my side. I don’t prefer to work in jobs, in which you will be dominated and highly influenced by your boss. If you resist you will simple be fired. Everything must be within a limit and organizations must follow the principles of goal congruence in order to motivate employees.

Sample Answer Ten

A job with minimum security, in which you work at the pleasure of the company and can be fired for trivial reasons is not my cup of tea. I believe there must be security and rejections must be based on the merit of the candidate instead of firing an employee only on the basis of favoritism or some petty or abominable politics.


The role of an interviewer is to ask you some cleverly thought and framed questions, in order to evaluate your personality, mindset, and behavioral aspects. Such questions are tricky in nature have the power to ascertain your shortcomings easily. Hence, read as many previously asked questions and prepare a well-structured, logical answer. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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