Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? [With 10 Sample Interview Answers]

Most employers ask their potential candidates such questions in the interview. It is one of the most frequently and commonly asked questions in an interview, yet few candidates give an impressive answer to this question. This is because they prepare themselves before an interview, which drags us to the point that you can make a good impression in front of the employer by preparing how to answer this question. In this article we will discuss the following:

  1. Why do the employers ask this question?
  2. How to answer this question?
  3. Sample Interview Answers
Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years 1

Why Do the Employers Ask this Question?

  1. To gain a better understanding of your future goals.
  2. To see if those goals align with the position that you have applied for.
  3. To check if you will stick around with the company for the long-term or not.
  4. To see how you determine your progress and the parameters you have set for yourself.
  5. Because it is one of the most frequently asked questions.

How to Answer this Question?

Evaluate your career goals

Start by asking yourself that what are your career goals? Are these goals related to the job that you are applying for? Or they are something totally different than it? Which is totally okay. Make a note of those goals and get clear about them. By brainstorming all of these points, you will get a better picture of where do you want to see yourself in the next five years.

Research about the company

Research about the company and the position that you are applying for. Measure how that position and the goals of the company will help you achieve your long-term goals or help you get closer to it. Research about the career paths for the respective position, the training and development opportunities that the company will provide, the values of the company, and the projects that they have worked on. This will help you gain an insight into your future with the company.

Find a connection between your goals and those of the company

Align your goals and values with the company’s goals and values and see for yourself if that will benefit you in achieving your 5-year goals. If the company can prepare you for your career goals, you can add that point in your answer and describe it to the employer. By doing so, you will frame a better answer and become successful in making a good impression in front of the employer.

Sample Interview Answers

Sample Interview Answer 1

“My goal for the next five years is to reach the expert level of my position, that is the managerial department and master it. In my research, I came across the training and development process that the new employees in your company need to go through. I was drawn to the personalized training approach that the company follows and outlines for the betterment of its employees. I think I will get to learn relevant skills in this role to reach my goal. I can guarantee you that in the next 5 years, I will see myself taking over responsibilities for new projects and leading them by achieving the company’s organizational goals. I also am a budding writer, so I want to mend my writing skills and create my own career blog in the coming years.”

Sample Interview Answer 2

“I am not sure about the exact role I want to be in the next 5 years, but I want to stay in this designing field. I want to create and complete big projects and add them all to my portfolio. I aim at creating my own brand name as I am confident enough that my styles are unique and they match the trend. I am constantly seeking opportunities to grow in this field. I am a learner and want to be a part of your company to learn more.”

Sample Interview Answer 3

“Being a social media marketer, I would like to focus on the short-term goals on developing my skills set to become an expert in this field. Then in the 5 years, I want to become a social media manager by learning various programs such as designing, photoshop, etc. I am interested in video marketing as well, so I would like to learn more about that course. I am also focusing on growing my social media audience range side by side to reach a greater number of people.”

Sample Interview Answer 4

“One of the reasons I want to work with your company is that I see my growth here. I am excited about the opportunity to work with a mentor and immerse myself in learning new skills and get to work on new projects. So, in the next five years, I see myself taking on new assignments as the position would demand. I wouldn’t mind if I see myself as someone who is mentoring other trainees when the time comes.”

Sample Interview Answer 5

“Being a part of the product designing field, at the end of 5 years, I want to design a product with the help of new technological software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, etc. I want to be able to use the best of my skills to do so and I am looking forward to work in your company because I know you train your employees very well in every field.”   

Sample Interview Answer 6

“Nobody would like to work at the same position for years without any personal growth. So, in 5-years I see myself as a senior manager in this field. I plan to work for a long-term with your company so that I can build a lasting career. And I am ready to put all my efforts into this purpose. Through my research and what we have discussed about the job requirements for this role, I am sure that I will have similar working opportunities here to pursue my goal by achieving the company’s goals as well.”

Sample Interview Answer 7

“I am eager to enhance my clinical skills as I think I have excelled in my administrative skills in my previous job. I would like to study more and get enrolled in more certification courses once I have enough time to manage both the work and the study. Being a nurse practitioner in XYZ hospital has always been my dream, so I guess I have closer to achieving my 5-year goals.”

Sample Interview Answer 8

“My plan is to learn as much as possible about the banking sector and how it works. My short-term goal is to become an excellent cashier, and I am not looking to move from one job to another, I want a secure job where I can see my career and achieve my goals. This is why I have applied for a job at this bank, as it is the best opportunity for me to grow and gain more experience and knowledge in the field of banking.”

Sample Interview Answer 9

“I would like to break my 5-year goals into batches of 2-2-1-year goals. In the initial two years, I would like to be the more knowledgeable person for the current position. Secondly, my goal will be to gain a higher level of expertise in this position, as I can only enhance my skills further by gaining more experience. After some time of working in this field for this position, I would like to contribute my knowledge to the juniors and the subordinates, so that I can take the responsibility for the growth of this company in the future more seriously.”

Sample Interview Answers 10

“I would like to see myself after 5-years in a respectable position and I am positive and determined towards achieving mine as well as the company goals of this well-reputed company. I want to hold a good position in this company. It will be a quite useful period to gain more practical knowledge, get exposure in this field from the department’s senior executives, and learn with colleagues.

I want to be able to handle responsibilities with more maturity and help this company achieve its long-term goals. I look forward to working at this position for now and at a senior level after few years through my knowledge and expertise.”


At last, review how the above answers are different from each other and yet have some things in common such as self-growth linked with the growth of the respective company in which you have applied for the job. We know that it can be hard to articulate what exactly you might be doing after 5 years, but We hope this article helps you understand how you can answer such questions in an interview.

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