What Tasks Do You Do Not Enjoy Doing? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

People have preferences. This separates them and makes them unique from others. While applying for a job, it is highly likely that an interviewer might be interested in knowing your preferences. And if they align with your prospective employer’s visions, missions, and objectives, then be assured, you are almost selected for your dream post. The importance of this question is vital, as through this, an interviewer, wants to know the tasks that you really want to do and the tasks which you really hate and would probably ignore if allotted.

Through a proper preparation of this answer, one can ace one’s interview process and improve his or her chances of selection manifolds. Here, we have designed ten sample answers which will help you to handles and answer this question in a better way.

What Tasks Do You Do Not Enjoy Doing

Three Most Essential Tips

1) Understand Your Job Description Completely

Although you are being given an opportunity to share your dislikes, it is highly advisable to not dislike any task, which directly or indirectly relates to the tasks mentioned in your job description. By doing this, you will become an unsuitable candidate for the job, ruining your chances of selection considerably. Hence, always study, make notes and understand the requirements of the job description issued to you by your prospective employer and then prepare for this answer.

2) Do not get carried away

Never got a chance to share your dislikes and then you get one during your interview processes. And you just got emotional and started your long list of dislikes ranging from foods to movies to, of course, your work-related tasks. This is possibly the worst way to handle this question and affect your selection chances in a big way. Hence, one must prepare one to two tasks, that he or she honestly dislikes performing.

3) Be Honest

Humans have emotions and there will always be things that one just dislikes. Saying to your employer, that you don’t dislike anything, would not seem true and would give an impression that you are trying to be too smart. Hence, be honest and share with them your one or maximum of two major dislikes related to companies or workplaces.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Consider

Sample Answer One

Usually, I am happy with whatever tasks or projects I am assigned by my employer. But if you ask particularly, then I hate doing administrative tasks. I feel I don’t have the skills to write down notes or prepare minutes of a meeting. Though I am organized, scheduling appointments and business trips are not my cups of tea and I feel I can’t excel in them.

Sample Answer Two

No disrespect to the people involved in the sales department. I just hate cold calling. Although, finding customers is the most vital part, but I don’t find myself comfortable in calling a person and explaining to him or her about the services of the company and even persuade them by twisting my tongue. I feel I am more comfortable, with administrative work, executed at a desk.

Sample Answer Three (For Freshers)

I just graduated and applied to your prestigious institution. Hence, this being my first job application, I am not in a position to tell you, about the tasks that I love performing or about the tasks that I would simply hate. But, if I draw references from my college, I was always interpreted in doing things that demanded creativity and curiosity. Rote learning is not my preference. Still, this does not mean, that I am not interested in doing repetitive tasks.

Sample Answer Four

In my humble opinion, there is nothing as such. I believe if some tasks have been allotted to you by your company then you must complete them with all your heart without making excuses. Getting out of my comfort zone is a rare attribute, but I am proud to say, that I surely possess it. I don’t feel there any tasks, that I would hate to do. I am a team player, and if there is a need, I will be the first one to clean washrooms for them.

Sample Answer Five

To be honest, I don’t like doing tasks that are physically exhausting. Harsh weather just does not suit me and I am happier performing my duties from my office desk. This is the reason, I don’t like field jobs such as conducting surveys, giving presentations to the customer, or may be going out on a business trip. I am a person good at calculations and want to do tasks that can be completed from a fixed place, no matter how hard they are.

Sample Answer Six

I don’t like to be a personal assistant to my senior. Managing appointments. scheduling meetings and conversing with mid-level managers are not my strengths. To be honest, I lack the aptitude and communication skills. Although, this lacking does not affect my primary trade and I am dexterous at it, as evidenced by my superior academic record and work experience.

Sample Answer Seven

In this electronic era, it is almost impossible to receive emails. But personally, I don’t like to reply to them at all. During my previous stint, I was tasked to reply to emails received from our logistic partners, which used to consume my maximum working time. I prefer to work on my core areas, which would improve my efficiency in my primary skills and would eventually benefit the organization, in terms of improved quality and better employee satisfaction.

Sample Answer Eight

I consider myself to be a polite and committed employee always busy as a bee and minding my on business. But still, I have been a part of many conflicts among the employees, which I personally hate. Hence, I hate to be in a work place where colleagues are not co-operative and just destroy the other person’s work and reputation. Through this, I tend to overburden myself, affecting my performance and peace of mind.

Sample Answer Nine

I believe the tasks allotted by the company to their employees are selected after careful scrutiny of the job description and role offered. Still, there are some tasks that I personally hate to perform. These are basically tasks related to employee training programs. During my previous stint, I was given extra responsibilities to train my juniors by explaining everything from a scratch without any additional pay or compensation. I lack interest in this type of task, and eventually, this became my primary reason for resigning from my previous employer.

Sample Answer Ten

Though, I am interested in giving my best to almost any task that a company allots to me. Still, If I have to choose one then I would pick, business documentation. I don’t have superior drafting skills and right from my school days, I have avoided assignments related to writing. I am very happy with my primary trade, which is not affected a bit, due to this shortcoming of mine.


An interview consists of several questions. Preparing for each and every one of them is pivotal considering the cutthroat competition and dynamic environment in which these business houses operate. The questions relating to your personal preferences are tricky ones, demanding a thorough preparation.

Further, a candidate is advised to not get carried away and start explaining to them about all your dislikes. This can prove fatal to your selection chances. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below how much you like our articles and how helpful they are for you.


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