In What Areas Of Customer Service Have You Had Experience? [With Answers For 2024]

All the organizations in this world, strive to enhance their customer base, which in turn not only increases the revenue of the company but also increases their valuable market share. It will not be wrong to say, that the designation of a customer is equivalent to that of a king, with almost all the companies trying to woo and attract them. In order to do so effectively, it is necessary that the complaints of the customers are handled in an effective manner and all the queries are solved almost promptly. For this reason, companies hire a customer service representative, that serves the customers of a company.

In What Areas Of Customer Service Have You Had

Three Tips For Effectively Answering This Question

1) Be Honest

There are various modules in the sector of customer service. You might have worked for more than one module/segment and you are advised to share that with your interviewer. But beware, you must prohibit yourself, from sharing any module, that you have not worked upon. It is common for candidates, to say the name of several segments/areas, only to impress an interviewer. A veteran interviewer can easily catch your offense, and punishment usually, is a drastic reduction in selection chances.

2) Explain The Segment

Whatever segment, you have worked in, just explain in brief the modus operandi or procedures you followed in order to execute the tasks. This enables an interviewer to understand, that you responding truthfully and have an excellent grasp of the particular module.

3) Share All The Customer Service Areas

If you have genuinely worked in more than one customer service segment, then make sure that you are sharing each and every one of them with your interviewer. This considerably helps in impressing the interviewer and puts on display your wide range of skills, experience, and knowledge.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Sir, during my previous tenure, I worked in the Chat segment, wherein I was supposed to provide effective resolutions to the customers of the company using chat support. I am aware of all the keyboard shortcuts and have an excellent typing speed which enables me to provide quick resolutions as well as finish my targets in a time-bound manner. Further, I have also worked in outbound calls also to do direct sales.

Sample Answer Two

Customers are the most vital element that defines the success of an organization. efforts must be laid in order to serve them completely. I have an exposure of around 5 years working in both inbound as well as outbound call segment. In the inbound segment, I was supposed to provide resolutions to the queries posted by the customers of the company, whereas my primary duty in an outbound segment was to cross-sell the products of the company.

Sample Answer Three

I have a wide range of customer service modules, with my primary years spent in the E-mail segment. I was supposed to provide resolutions to the customers of the company, through emails. The customers used to post their queries on the official mail address of the company and they were forwarded to us so that we can provide an accurate and speedy resolution.

Sample Answer Four

In my initial years, my primary area of working was face-to-face communication with customers. I was given a private desk, wherein I was supposed to handle the queries and complaints of the customers in person. After a few years, I was shifted to the chat segment, in which a resolution was provided using the computer systems. There was basically minimal involvement of any voice process in the chat segment.

Sample Answer Five

During my previous tenure, I was working as an IVR executive. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, wherein a customer calls on the toll free customer service number. Such calls are transferred to us and we have to provide a resolution to the customers of the company on the phone call itself. Further, I have also worked in the chat segment, but that was merely for 3 months.

Sample Answer Six

I have worked as inbound call executive for 3 years. My primary duty was to solve the queries and complaints of the customers on a phone call. The customers used to share their problems and issues with me, which I used to listen effectively using my active communication skills. Post this, I used my analytical and critical thinking abilities, in order to provide an excellent resolution.

Sample Answer Seven

During my career spread over 8 years, I have almost worked in all the customer service segments. I started as an outbound call executive and handled the sales segment. Then, I joined the Email team of resolutions whose primary purpose was to serve the customers using email communications. Lately, I was working on the chat segment with my previous employer at a senior position., wherein I was a team leader and managed a young team of 5 chat support professionals.

Sample Answer Eight

I have a collective experience of 18 months in the customer service module of face to face communications. I was given a separate cabin at the workplace, wherein customers have to come, in person and share their queries with me. I used to browse the the online portal, of which I was given complete access and post verifying the details of the customer, I provided excellent and detailed resolutions to the customers of the company.

Sample Answer Nine

My area of expertise in customer service is live chat. My previous employer has developed an excellent online portal, on which customers used to log in and share their queries. After this, we were assigned to the queries randomly, and after careful analysis, deep research, and diligent evaluation, we provided resolutions to the customers.

Sample Answer Ten

So far, I have worked in two customer service areas. My first area was, Email communication, wherein resolutions are provided using emails. This tremendously increased my soft skills and typing speed, which helped me to make a job change into the chat segment. Previously, I worked in the chat segment and looking forward to a managerial position in a similar field at your prestigious institution.


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