Top 21 Journalist Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

Journalism is one of the most sought-after professions that people look for. Better the post, greater the respect and more the fame. However, it is a lot more difficult task than just going in front of the camera and speak. So, if you are one of those aspirants of journalism, get ready to be more energetic and updated while you do your work.

Journalist Interview Questions and Answers

Journalist Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the interview questions that will help you get good guidance on your preparation.

Q1. From where does the expression “op-ed” is coming from and what do you mean by it?

Answer. The op-ed page is just the opposite of the page that will consist of specific newspaper editorials. It is a convocation for gaining perspectives of people and articles to the editor.

Q2. What do you mean by Volume/number/issue as per Architectural digest Volume 74/number 2/issue 3 in the Publishing field?

Answer. In publishing, Volume means the year in which an article got published and 74 means, it was the 74th year in which the article got published and issue 3 means, it will be the 3rd of the specific year.

Q3. State the contrast between Studio Television and Journalism?

Answer. Journalism is equal to Studio television just as the way Newspaper is equal to Magazines.

Q4. State the contrast between Communications and Journalism?

Answer. Journalism is different from Communication. Journalism means that you are penning down an article that is meant to be read throughout the world. However, Letter writing to an editor is what we call Communication.

Q5. What is the use of Yellow Journalism?

Answer. Yellow Journalism was used to overspread the opposition to overstress the news and to infuriate the readers.

Q6. What do you understand by the term Yellow in Yellow Journalism.

Answer. It puts an emphasis on the sense of closely scrutinised facts.

Q7. There was a US Newspaper Tycoon who had changed the Face of Journalism with the launch of Sensationalised stories. Name the person.

Answer. William Randolph Hearst was the US Newspaper Tycoon who had changed the Face of Journalism with the launch of Sensationalised stories.

Q8. What do you mean by News Values?

Answer. News values are a simplified version of an estimation of how much importance is put forward by a piece of specific news and how much of it is engrossing the readers.

Q9. Why do people still believe in Journals?

Answer. So, a journal is mainly a secret keeper of all the thoughts that we are too scared of expressing to anybody else.

Q10. How Competitive are you in securing a journalist job?

Answer. A Careers Consultant as of late gone by the most generation location of a nearby tv station. Upon inquiring approximately openings for work encounter for understudies he was told there was each chance to orchestrate this. What any interested understudy ought to do was to contact the company coordinate and make an ask, expressing clearly the kind of involvement wanted and the times when accessible. The Careers Consultant confirmed this with the workforce office and was told that whereas this certainly was the fitting strategy it would not by itself secure the trusted for work involvement. To cut a long story short any candidate would need to make various applications by letter for work encounter. The student must convey an obstinate, tireless, steadfast expectation to work for the company. You will not express very this level of assurance at the meet, but by the activities you’ve got as of now taken (maybe in getting the meet within the, to begin with, put), you would like to appear your assurance to work in diary.

Q11. How will you cope up with a difficult situation in your life?

Answer. When you are working with other individuals things don’t always go so easy. They may interrogate you what kinds of difficulties you have experienced with others and how much could got overcome. You should be eager to talk about this without any hesitation since there are bound to be times once you will face these circumstances in the future. You’ll be required to inculcate stories from the individuals or organisations who don’t wish to co-operate. Your tirelessness, dedication and strength may all be scrutinized in this circumstance when talking about this issue at the meet.

Q12. What skills do you require to become a journalist?

Answer. Working as a member of a group is not ordinary in media occupations. It is vital to get on and work efficiently and effectively with the other innovative generation group staff. Time plays the significant role in media generation. When there are extreme due dates or late evenings everybody must co-operate to get hold of the task at hand in time.

The boss must be interested to know that whether you will be able to meet those requests. Numerous requests can be made on your time, so how experienced are you in putting in additional hours?

Q13. How will you be able to keep yourself updated with the media channel?

Answer. They might be interested to what did you study and whether you are aware of all the controversies between the major broadsheets. A mutual address for TV news reportage is the distinction between BBC and ITN news. Moreover, do not disregard the Web – presently it’s the major provider of news as well as current affairs. What sort of stories are they interested in covering, do they have a political back up, which group of spectators are they targeting, is there any specific pattern to that? Take into consideration the more demanded aspects of news accessibility in specific.

Q14. What types of Computer operations have you used?

Answer. Computer operations have become more imperative in all occupations. In case are using a word processor even though a few writers sort with two fingers, word-processing may be a profitable aptitude in news coverage. Try beginning by word-processing your content. You might also mention if you have ever used a database, Microsoft Windows or even email. They will definitely not be seeking out particular abilities, fair a common recognition and readiness to memorize.

Desktop distributing aptitudes can be valuable particularly in case you’re pointing at sub-editing posts where knowledge of the format, textual styles – “Quark” is the industrial DTP package. The internet is getting to be progressively vital and you’ll be inquired your sees on how it is influencing the conventional journalistic media. Attempt to memorize how to utilise it, so you’ll be able to convert from a position of involvement.

Q15. Define Journalism Ethics.

Answer. News reportage or what we call as Journalism is the innovativeness and perspectives of the writer. It is the composition for a daily paper or magazine.

Q16. The contrast between Electronic and Print Journalism.

Answer. Electronic news coverage takes into account the electronic stuff whereas Print news coverage takes into account the ink (examined daily papers).

Q17. Discuss the several Leads of Journalism?

Answer. The 5 W’s & H (who, what when, where, why, and how) are the several Leads of Journalism. In any case, on the off chance that it is for an include lead at that point, there are wide assortments. Enchantment Three, Clear, Recounted, Story, and Mystery are the most ones.

Q18. Freedom of the Press affects journalism. How?

Answer. Journalists can cite whatever they want unless they cross certain limits. This is how it affects.

Q19. State the issues of Investigative Journalism?

Answer. Among all the issues that I experienced was finding, picking up get to, & at that point securing the personality of sources for interior data. At that point, you still need to get a few sorts of affirmation the information you’ve got gotten is exact & verifiable. Many source records required for certification are troublesome or outlandish to pick up get to as they are ensured by security classification or have been crushed.

Q20. Discuss the contrasting feature between Journalism and Professional Writing.

Answer. They have been extremely comparative. Writers by and large type in for the open (daily papers, magazines, websites, etc.) Proficient scholars can type in for any kind of content but that must contain a particular point for the composition. News reportage is much more common which basically framed for the public. Professional composing is, however, more private since you would most likely to be doing it almost on a particular subject or for a particular industry.

Q21. Where does Written Journalism stand in recent times?

Answer. If you are not fundamentally concurring with one thought even though, there will continuously be a requirement for writers, whether on daily papers or the internet.

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Journalist Interview Questions


This article focuses on providing an in-depth knowledge about what kind of interview questions the interview panel can ask which might make the overall preparation easier for you. We hope that this article helps you with your prepping up for the interview round and let us know how you find this article convenient for you.

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