Top 21 CNA Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Synonymous with effective journalism, CNA is one of the most successful news agencies having a 24-hour news channel. It believes in presenting the truth with great vigor and passion. It was started in the year 1999 by Mediacorp and has now become one of the leading English-language news channels. The CNA maintains its headquarters in Queenstown, Singapore.

Working with such a prestigious business organization is a dream for every media candidate. Having “CNA” in your resume would not only enhance your value in the market but will also give you some rich work experience.

However, CNA is notorious for designing tough interview sessions that are hard to crack. Hence, Prepmycareer, through this article presents you with some of the best and most frequently asked CNA interview questions, which you just can not avoid.

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. You Are A Good Journalist Only If You Have The Ability To Create Original MasterPieces. How Much Do You Agree With This Statement?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, I somewhat agree with this statement. In my opinion, journalism comprises a variety of processes, with Research, Verification, and Presentation being the major ones. If you can create excellent and original masterpieces that this shows that you have good presentation skills, but what about research and verification.

Hence, if you are a physically active, intelligent, and quick-witted individual, who can conduct deep and meaningful research then also you are a good journalist.

2. What Are The Different Forms Of Journalism? Explain All Of Them In Brief.

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, just like every field, journalism has also developed and evolved majorly. However, still, journalism can be divided into five different forms, which are:

Forms of JournalismExplanation
Investigative Journalism1) The truth must be discovered and presented in front of the world. Investigative journalism revolves more or less around finding the truth.
2) Such journalists remain on the field and try to interview several prospects and witnesses to establish the truth.
3) This journalism is based on a questioning approach and the stories have great depth.
News Journalism1) It is a straightforward presentation of the various facts associated with an event.
2) This type of journalism lacks depth and is more focused on the presentation of facts and figures.
Reviews JournalismSuch a form of journalism is a mixture of opinions and facts associated with any event.
This journalism focuses on:
1) An unbiased representation or introduction of the subject, which is to be reviewed
2) A true and honest review of the subject introduced
Columns Journalism1) This form of journalism is completely dependent upon the opinions of the journalists/ writers.
2) The writing is also influenced by the journalist, in which one uses one’s style of writing that could be sarcastic, humorous, or serious.
3) The columns largely present the thought process through some valid arguments, which are logically presented in a sequence.
Feature Writing1) It involved excessive interviews, research, and analysis to provide an untouched perspective upon any developing event or issue.
2) This type of writing is bulky and considered to have the highest word count in comparison to the other forms of journalism.

3. CNA Is A Global News Agency With Western Perspective. Comment On This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, this statement is partially incorrect. It is true that CNA is a global news agency and is interested in covering all the major developments that happen around the world. But, all these developments are presented from an Asian perspective.

The effects, consequences, and outcomes of the global events are analyzed from an Asian point of view, and the impact that these would exert on the Asian economy. CNA does not present news with Western perspectives although it has several correspondents in major western nations, like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.

4. Since You Have Applied With Us, I Feel You Must Have Heard That “CNA Is A Transmedia Company“. What Do You Mean By This Phrase?

Sample Answer

Yes Sir/Ma’am, I have heard that a lot. Several news agencies are only confined to print media. Some are only operational in radio broadcast and a few others are only into TV journalism.

However, CNA is a mixture of all of them. It is indulged into all kinds of journalism and has:

  • A fully operational online website, where its audience can read about the latest developments
  • A 24-hour news channel, which can be accessed to get a live briefing of all the news from an Asian perspective
  • Active accounts on all social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook that are regularly updated with the latest news and information

Hence, this way, CNA is a transmedia company and offers news services on various platforms simultaneously.

5. The Relevance, Authenticity, and Veritability Of A Piece of News Depend Upon Your Research. What Is Your Approach To Handling Any Uncooperative Interviewee? Share Your Different Styles of Handling Such Situations.

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, it is common, especially in investigative journalism, that you encounter hostile interviewees that are both uncooperative as well as risky. To prepare a perfect piece of news, it is necessary to gather information no matter how uncooperative an interviewee is.

Thus, I always use different styles for eliciting information from such interviewees. It includes:

  • Offering them rewards, so that they get attracted towards the monetary compensation and start speaking
  • Sympathizing with them and winning their confidence, so that they feel, I am here to help and take them out of their miserable state
  • Showing them coercion and making them feel that if they won’t reveal accurate information that would lead to repercussions
  • Using influence in which I always exert pressure upon such interviewees via some influential people

6. I Believe You Are Aware Of The Fact That CNA Has Been Adjudged Channel Of The Year By The A. I. B. What is Your Understanding Of The A. I. B? Also, Tell About Its Key Areas of Activity.

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, A. I. B stands for Association for International Broadcasting. It is a not-for-profit organization and was founded in the year 1993. It maintains its headquarters in Kent, United Kingdom, and has several news agencies and radio channels as its members.

Its primary purpose is to help its member agencies with lobbying, marketing, and promotion, establishing networking and providing them with the latest market intelligence so that they remain aware of the latest trends.

The key areas of activity of A. I. B are:

  • Wining media freedom and freeing up journalism from unjustified censorship
  • Prevent the occurrence of cybercrime
  • Ensuring sustainability and managing the regulatory affairs

7. Journalism Is A Subjective Field and Is Largely Influenced By A Journalist’s Style and Preferences. What Is Your Process For Creating A Perfect Journalistic Write-up?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, I completely agree with the given statement. Journalism varied as per the style and strategy followed by a journalist. To prepare an accurate and genuine journalistic writeup, I always follow the following steps:

  • A worthy story: To start with I am always on the lookout for the latest developments that are worthy of getting media attention and coverage.
  • Interview: After finding any media-worthy story or development, I prefer to find the prospects and start interviewing them. For this purpose, I prepare an exhaustive list of questions, which are open-ended.
  • The Write-up: Based on the collected information, I prepare a write-up that comprises a lead, a body, and the conclusion. All the events are analyzed and are arranged in an appropriate sequence.
  • A Catchy Title: It is necessary to attract the audience and let them become aware of the latest developments and occurrences. I give a title to the write-up after carefully understanding its major events.

8. Journalism Is A Vast Field and CNA Believes In Covering Everything From Sports To Politics To Wars. What Is Your Favorite Area Of Operation In Which You Are Most Interested and Comfortable?

Sample Answer

Yes Sir/Ma’am, Journalism operates in a lot of areas. I am always interested in the segment of “International Relations”. This is because it helps me to have a conversation with several foreign nationals and understand their points of view. Further, it also gives me a greater amount of thrill and excitement, as you get an opportunity to understand your country’s state in comparison to the foreign nations.

9. Whether It Is Broadcast Journalism (TV/ Print), Investigative Journalism, or Maybe Digital Journalism, Every Of Its Form Requires Frequent Travelling At Both Domestic and International Routes. How Comfortable Are You With It?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, in my opinion, journalism is a field job. Stories, events, and developments happen on the ground and to cover them a journalist needs to reach out at that place and conduct an investigation. This is the most basic requirement of the job. I am very much comfortable in frequent traveling and since I am a journalist for the past 4 years, I feel my body has also accustomed to it.

10. What Makes An Ideal Journalist? Share The Three Best Qualities In Single Words.

Sample Answer

Sure Sir/Ma’am, These are:

  • Manipulative
  • Creative
  • Extrovert

11. What Is The Relevance Of Maintaining A High-level Of Accuracy While Performing Journalistic Activities?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, it’s huge. Journalism is worthless if a journalist is not able to present the facts with veracity and high accuracy. Many people form opinions based on journalistic write-ups and reports, hence, it is necessary to present facts and figures.

12. There Are Several Global News Channels That Offer Similar Remuneration and Benefits Like Us. But, What Prompted You To Apply With Us?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, CNA is a world-class news agency that is in operation for the past two decades. It has even been presented with the title of Channel of the Year and is popular all over the world. I wonder which media aspirant will refuse to work with such an esteemed organization.

13. How Comfortable Are You In Special-event Reporting?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, I have no issues in reporting in special circumstances, like, war, pandemic, natural calamities, etc. It is certainly challenging, but I have done this with my previous employer as well. Be assured that, I will never refuse to partake in such type of reporting.

14. Media Exists In Different Forms and Types. How Do You Differentiate Between A Magazine and A Newspaper?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, both newspapers and magazines are forms of media but are distinct from each other in their capacity because:

  • Magazines focus on a particular audience or interest, whereas Newspapers cover a broader audience
  • Magazines are based only on a specific subject, like automobiles, home decor, gardening, etc. whereas Newspapers cover all the developing issues
  • Magazines are less frequently published as compared to newspapers

15. Which Form Of Journalism Is Your Favorite and Why?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, journalism is a vast field and a true media representative would always acknowledge and appreciate it’s every field and form. However, since you are specifically asking, I like feature writing.

This is because feature writing gives immense scope to a journalist to present his or her creativity, opinions, logic, and arguments within the scope of a particular event and its circumstances. It might be tough and challenging but I feel this type of writing is true journalism. This is the reason why most of the prestigious awards are conferred to feature writers.

16. Share The Three Most Widely Used Software In The Journalism Industry.

Sample Answer

Sure Sir/Ma’am, These are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Canva

17. What Are Your Salary Expectations? Instead Of Sharing An Exact Figure, Please Quote A Salary Bracket.

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, I am expecting a salary in the range of $50,000 to $70,000. This is not a random figure, rather it is based on my deep research of the industry to which I belong. Further, the salary bracket quoted by me represents the industry average.

18. I Can See From Your Resume That You Are Currently Working With XYZ News Agency. We Also Understand That You Must Have Applied To Various Other News Agencies As Well. Hence, I Want To Know When Can You Start Working With Us?

Sample Answer

Yes Sir/Ma’am, I am currently working with XYZ News Agency. However, in search of better prospects and a conducive working environment, I decided to make a shift to a better and more organized news agency like CNA. I am yet to serve them with a 15-day notice that I have decided to serve this week.

It is the policy of my existing company to relieve its employees after two weeks from the date of receipt of the notice. Hence, after keeping a buffer of two business days, I am available for work on or after (mention your expected date of start).

19. We Offer Both Freelancing Opportunities and Full-time Employments To Our Reporters. How Do You Prefer To Operate?

Sample Answer

Sir/Ma’am, I am looking for stable employment with CNA wherein I can work on both domestic as well as international projects. Hence, it would be nice if I can secure a full-time contract.

20. CNA Is A Global Channel and We Cover Every World News. Can You List The Three Latest Developments That Are Currently Prevailing In The World?

“Current affairs” are one of the most important segments, while appearing for an interview session with CNA. You can certainly expect a few questions from the latest and modern developments. This helps an interviewer to not only understand how much you remain conversant with your surroundings but also enables him or her to judge your genuine interest in journalism.

Hence, always study the latest world news and events that are fairly popular and have affected the masses. Newspapers, digital news websites (preferably of CNA), and magazines can certainly help you to cover this segment.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it CNA or Fox News, every interview session comes to an end with this interview question. In an ideal response, just ask a few relevant counter questions that represent your genuine interest in CNA as well as exhibits your various doubts.

Sample Questions

  • What are the various promotional aspects and growth opportunities existing within the organization?
  • What is the general rate at which CNA pays overtime allowance to its employees?
  • Please tell me the three biggest advantages of working with CNA.


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