Supervisor Interview Questions & Answers

Management is a critical component in ensuring the success of a firm while also enhancing employee happiness. Supervisors are regarded as essential members of the team and are included in the company’s elite or upper echelon. They may head a team, a small department, or a business operating unit depending on the size of the corporation. Candidates for this role must put in a lot of effort to succeed in the interview process.

Supervisor Interview Questions

Top 21 Supervisor Interview Questions To Prepare Well

1. Supervisors must have the ability to lead their employees. What qualities qualify you as a leader?

Sample Answer

Sir, I lead in an accommodating and cooperative manner. I’m not the sort of boss that barks orders at people like a ringmaster; instead, I’m very empathic and constantly try to figure out what my employees want. This helps me to think logically, allowing me to create a work atmosphere in which my staff is at their most comfortable and productive.

2. Supervising a team your group will be tasked with achieving certain goals. How do you motivate your employees in the workplace?

Sample Answer

The following are some of the non-monetary incentives that I use in my work with clients, sir:

  • Recognition of the individuals who have worked very well and provided optimum efficiency at the workplace.
  • Increasing monetary rewards for achieving set milestones and objectives
  • Providing perks and incentives for the whole family, such as discounts, reimbursements, and the like.

3. What is the purpose of an organization’s employee appraisal system?

Sample Answer

Employee performance has to be tracked and evaluated carefully inside a business, sir. As a result, not only is the efficiency of business operations improved, but the workers also get frequent feedback on their performance, which they can utilize to better themselves. Employees’ performance is assessed against predetermined benchmarks or standards, and any deviations from those criteria are then documented.

4. Describe an instance where you put your all into your job.

Sample Answer

Sir, “dedication” is an essential employee trait that all workers must possess, regardless of their position. One time, I was in charge of a five-person team while overseeing an urgent out-of-town business project. Because they were unable to adapt to their new environment, three of these participants became ill. I stood up and assumed the responsibilities of these three since the situation was dire. For the next 15 days, I worked nearly 12 hours a day, showing great grit and passion.

5. In the workplace, disagreements, and arguments are common. Is there a way to fix them?

Sample Answer

Sir, every one of your employees is unique in terms of their feelings, thoughts, and preferences. When these people are harmed, they become angry and defensive in an attempt to defend themselves. Individual conferences with the parties involved are how I try to figure out what sparked the conflict between them. Once I’ve gotten my hands on the apple of disharmony, I take appropriate action against the individuals or entities responsible.

6. Assume that your team members have lost their enthusiasm and morale. Whom do you plan to lift?

Sample Answer

Demotivation may occur for a lot of causes inside a team, sir. Sometimes the deadlines are missed, and other times there are complications with compensation. Communication and conversation may fix any of these concerns. I make it a point to sit down with each member of my team one-on-one to discuss any issues that are affecting their ability to do their jobs effectively.

7. What are the three most important qualities that any supervisor should have?

Sample Answer

These are, sir:

  • Excellent ability to convey ideas orally
  • The ability to lead others
  • Critical thinking and a problem-solving mentality

8. All of our employees are devoted and hardworking. But only a small number of people get to the top of the corporate ladder, and many miss out on promotions. How do you defend yourself against the inferiority complex?

Sample Answer

As a child, we are taught to be competitive, and this drives us to develop an inferiority complex. As children, we constantly want more affection and care than our peers. An individual’s mental well-being is jeopardized when they adopt such a negative frame of mind. As part of my journey to self-improvement, I have signed up for many online personality-grooming courses.

9. What is the best task management software currently in use?

Sample Answer

So here they are:

  • Zoho Projects 
  • Backlog 
  • Process Bliss

10. Can you list the best and worst bosses you’ve ever worked under?

Sample Answer

Our day-to-day jobs take us to various places of business, where we are all supervised and instructed by various managers. There are several reasons why some of these employers find their way into our good graces, while others just don’t cut. To get to the bottom of this, an interviewer asks this question.

11. Do you have a dream job that you would want to pursue?

Sample Answer

Some workers may want to work for a firm that provides them with generous benefits, while others may anticipate their employer to cover the cost of family vacations. That is exactly what an interviewer is looking for when they ask you a question like this. As a best-case scenario, all you need to do is tell your boss what you want from them.

12. Do you prefer working in a group or alone?

Sample Answer

In today’s corporate world, the majority of companies prefer to operate as teams, where employees are divided into groups based on their educational background, skill set, and the nature of the duties they are expected to complete. As a result, “team” is always preferable, although “alone” is also an option. In all scenarios, you should be prepared to back up your decision with rationales and arguments.

13. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to solve all of the obstacles you face. How do you deal with and manage failures in your workplace?

Sample Answer

Although failure has a debilitating effect on the human psyche, it causes people to go berserk. A person who has failed in not only lacking in self-confidence but also performs below expectations at work. As a result, an interviewer always is curious to learn about the numerous methods you use to deal with your working setbacks.

14. We’re aware that you’ve applied to several other companies in addition to ours. Why would you want to join our team?

Sample Answer

Most interviewers are aware of the practice of applicants applying to many universities at the same time in an attempt to boost their chances of being selected. As a best-case scenario, discuss the company’s history, unique characteristics, and successes. On the company’s official website, you can get all of this information.

15. This is a good fact that managers must multitask to remain employed. How can you ensure that all of your tasks are completed on time?

Sample Answer

An interviewer wishes to understand how you prioritize your duties, so they ask this question to get a sense of how you do it. In the workplace, most people prefer to place their orders based on the following factors:

  • The order in which the tasks are ranked by difficulty, with more difficult assignments listed first
  • The amount of time required to complete each activity, with the most time-consuming task listed first.
  • To place the most critical work first, based on its importance and urgency.

Make careful to back up your choice with evidence before sharing any alternative method or tactic you’ve come up with.

16. How do you get motivated to do your job?

Sample Answer

To attain our aims and goals in a timely way, we are all driven by a few variables. A general response is impossible since these aspects are impacted by our circumstances, living settings, and financial constraints. Interviewers want to hear your heart and soul, so be yourself.

17. Making decisions for a whole group of people is stressful and time-consuming. What stress-reduction techniques do you use?

Sample Answer

Corporate personnel is no exception to the rule when it comes to experiencing stress. It’s well-known that a stressed-out employee is a liability to the organization since he or she neither performs nor leaves. In the long run, poor performance and subpar work influence the results of business operations and, as a result, customer satisfaction levels. As a result, an interviewer will always be interested in learning about your methods for coping with stress and upliftment.

18. Are you a supervisor with any particular strengths or weaknesses?

Sample Answer

Interviewers frequently ask this in almost all of their sessions around the world. This is a great way for an interviewer to get a sense of how you act and think about things. This question may be best answered by going through your job description and making a list of all the prerequisites. After that, you may discuss your strengths and shortcomings with these specifications.

19. When will you be able to begin working with us? 

Sample Answer

An interviewer asks this question to get you to provide a start date that is within the company’s parameters. If you want to get things started right away, then go ahead and do so, but keep in mind that only a real date should be shared. You should also keep in mind that this question does not ensure that you will be selected, so you should not interpret it in that manner.

20. How much do you want to earn?

Sample Answer

During the interview, interviewers inquire about your pay aspirations. An industry-specific pay value, obtained via extensive and in-depth study, is preferred. The average wage for a certain profession may be calculated by keeping track of all the incomes paid to people with comparable backgrounds. For the best answer, please share a salary that falls within the range of 15% of the average pay.

21. Is there anything you’d like to ask us?

Sample Answer

Ending interviews with this question is frequent, and it’s the final one on the list. An interviewer asks this question to get you to open up about any concerns you may have about the company, its ethics, its work schedule, and so on. To increase your chances of being selected, you should try this question every time.


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