Apple Interview Questions & Answers

Apple, Inc. was built on the vision of the late Steve Jobs, and it is thanks to him that the business has become a global leader in technology. Getting an interview call from Apple is in itself a big achievement. 

Apple Interview Questions

Top 21 Apple Interview Questions With Answers To Score Better 

1. Which Apple device is your favorite and why?

Sample Answer 

The Apple goods are fantastic. Especially opposed to other digital items and apps, I like how useful and private they are. My favorite Apple product would have to be my Apple Watch if I had to choose.

It acts as a lifesaver for my Mac as well as iPhone, alerting me when I might just need to take them out depending on the real-time communications. With this watch, I can stay linked to both my business and personal lives, which improves my productivity and ability to properly manage my time.

2. How Does Your Present Accessibility Look Like After You Get Recruited at Apple?

Sample Answer 

I am learner and hence have the flexibility to accept a chance with Apple. I would be willing to work a comprehensive number of hours with the opportunity of extra or weekends if necessary.

3. If we hired you, would you regret something about your present workplace?

Sample Answer 

If I am allowed to work for Apple Inc., I will be ecstatic. But there are some aspects of my current career that I would miss. I would miss our positive working relationship as well as my fantastic boss and coworkers. 

Nonetheless, I am confident these are all traits I can discover at this firm as well.

4. Within the next 5 years, what are your objectives?

Sample Answer 

I have worked toward increasing my supervisory duties throughout my career, and I expect to achieve this objective within the next 5 years. Working in the executive position of the Apple firm will provide me with great pleasure. It will also allow me to show off my management skills.

5. What would you do if a coworker was causing you to become distracted?

Sample Answer 

If I ever find myself in a situation like this, I will approach it with professionalism and candor. In my former position, for example, I had a coworker who was constantly talking. That coworker approached, and I spoke with him. He apologized and the issue mended, much to my amazement.

6. Apple Inc was originally named Apple Computers Corporation. Do you have any idea why the company’s name was changed?

Sample Answer 

During a lecture delivered in 2007, Steve Jobs revealed the company’s name change. This was done, he explained, since this American business firm had moved its focus from desktops to personal items.

7. What are three iPhone accessibility features that you can think of?

Sample Answer 

Text size adjustment, magnifier, and Siri, the digital assistant, are the three characterizations accessible on today’s iPhone.

8. Assume I am a primary school student and clarify what a modem, as well as a router, is.

Sample Answer 

To an elementary student, I will start by describing that the modems and router are required to deliver the network into their house. A modem is a device that provides access to the internet and brings it into the home. A router is a device that transmits internet power to all of the devices in the house and is where the wireless originates. Both devices operate together to keep the internet running.

9. Tell me about a time when you struggled and what you gained from it.

Sample Answer 

I was recruited as a tech liaison earlier in the job to deal well with the human resource department on a private termination that occurred inside the financial and IT sectors. I was in charge of delivering the paperwork to the team because we were on a tight deadline. 

Unfortunately, instead of the recruiting manager, I mistakenly emailed documents to a few of the people who were being fired. 

Fortunately, I alerted HR and IT, and the latter was able to extract the communication before the guy had read his email. I learned the importance of precision and double-checking everything before sending.

10. What will you do when you object to your boss’s decision?

Sample Answer 

I will make an effort to speak with my boss. If there is something I do not understand, I will listen to their side of the story and attempt to help them understand mine. If I believe they are mistaken and refuse to do it in that manner, I will speak with someone who understands my viewpoint and request that they inform my supervisor that they are mistaken.

11. What should you do when the Mac computer isn’t turning on?

Sample Answer 

I will start by checking the power source and making sure all of the wires are connected properly. If it does not boot or start, I will try Apple diagnosis, power cycling, and rebooting the random-access memory, among other things. Reinstalling the operating system would be my final option. But if everything else fails, I will enlist the help of an in-house IT specialist to look into the issue.

12. What would you do if you were approached by a client with such a Slow Apple computer?

Sample Answer 

I will begin by asking queries to pinpoint the issue, such as if the client recently installed or removed an application before the issue arose. This prior knowledge will assist me in determining what is causing the computer’s inefficiency. I will use similar processes to fix the problem after I have identified it.

13. Can you explain a solution to anyone unfamiliar with technical terms?

Sample Answer 

It requires effort and talent to convert technical words into ones that non-technical clients can understand. As a result, I strive to explain the solution in simple terms to clients who are unfamiliar with technical vocabulary. I simplify complicated ideas and invite clients to ask any questions such that I may address any concerns they may have.

14. Do you have what it takes to work in a slightly elevated situation?

Sample Answer 

Yes, when I am working under duress, I thrive. When I am working under duress, I’m more concentrated and get better outcomes. My multitasking assists me in maintaining a sense of equilibrium when working in high-stress circumstances. 

15. Tell me about a time when you went too far with a client.

Sample Answer 

Numerous times, I have gone above and above for a customer. When I was working as a server in a restaurant, for example, a client requested a dish that we didn’t have. That type of fast cuisine was available at the establishment next door, so I inquired. I placed an order for it, and it was delivered to the customer, who was quite pleased.

16. Why is service quality crucial to you?

Sample Answer 

Customer service is critical because it increases consumer loyalty and the number of times a client purchases from a firm. It may help a firm build favorable word of mouth and increase the amount of money it makes each year.

17. What do you mean when you say “good customer service”?

Sample Answer 

Consumer service entails ensuring that the customer is pleased with goods and services, and the shipping, setup, sales, and other aspects of the purchasing process. In summary, happy customers are the result of good customer service.

18. What makes a good client experience?

Sample Answer 

Brand awareness, temperament, timeliness, and problem-solving are the four aspects of successful customer service. To deliver excellent customer service, I will devote time to learning about all of the company’s goods and services.

19. Explain how your background qualifies you for the position you have applied for.

Sample Answer 

I worked previously for four years at the front desk. Throughout this period, I learned a lot about ensuring excellence in managing final problems, reaching out to coworkers for assistance, handling customers, and preserving the initial reference point to make a good impression on our clients. 

If given the chance, I will put my abilities and experience to good use in this position.

20. What characteristics do you have that make you a suitable candidate for this position?

Sample Answer 

I have strong planning and organizing abilities, which allow me to properly prepare and execute my task. I am an excellent communicator who can effectively deliver facts. I can operate well both as a member of a collective and independently. 

I am also a forward-thinking, upbeat, and trustworthy individual. I honestly feel that these traits will help me to work successfully and drive our organization ahead together.

21. Describe your growth in this company.

Sample Answer 

I have been looking for changes in your organization for the past two months. I would like to work for this firm since you are always improving it to create it the finest it can be. I also understand this is an environment where I may learn and grow as a person. It is something I value, and I am confident that your experience will help me advance in my work. I feel I have the abilities and experience you want, and that I would be capable of executing this position successfully.


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