Facebook interview Questions & Answers

For many engineers throughout the world, getting employed at Facebook is indeed a real treat. However, the industry is very competitive, and with a slew of new employees, Facebook seems to be on the hunt for the best. Your company’s culture, ability to develop within restrictions, and expert coding abilities are all factors that Facebook considers. 

Top 21 Facebook Interview Questions With Answers To Score High

1. Describe the characteristics of a supervisor you do not want to work for.

Sample Answer

I am adaptive to many management styles, having worked under a variety of bosses in past positions. However, I believe I might struggle if I had to report to a boss who is hesitant to provide constructive criticism. 

Positive or negative criticism, in my opinion, is critical for personal development. That said, a boss who continuously criticizes me without providing me with an opportunity to grow would not be a good fit for me.

2. What do you think your biggest difficulty will be in this position?

Sample Answer

Because this would be my first managing position, I feel the most difficult obstacle will be gaining the team’s trust initially. I intend to be open and honest with the team about my experiences, but I will also tell them that I am working on improving my leadership abilities and that I am open to constructive criticism.

3. Why are you interested in working with Facebook?

Sample Answer

For three reasons, I would like to work at Facebook. First, for the past several years, I have worked on chat applications in various Silicon Valley firms, and I am eager to join the Messenger App team since the work we do here affects billions of people. This is a before chance.

Second, I met Janie, a Facebook engineering manager who suggested me for this position. I had a great time talking with her and hearing her thoughts on the workplace atmosphere. Finally, the fast-paced atmosphere of Facebook appeals to me. These are ideals that I hold dear at work, and I am looking forward to joining a team that shares them.

4.  How Can I Increase My Facebook Reach?

Sample Answer

Facebook is the leading social media network, and the following tactics can help expand the visibility of a comment:

  • Third-party marketing tools must be avoided.
  • Purchase some advertisements.
  • Facebook’s EdgeRank should be improved.
  • Continue to grow your mailing list and website.

5.  How should Facebook be used for marketing?

Sample Answer

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, with over a billion users. It may be used to engage and interact with your audience, as well as to share your material in a way that motivates your followers to do the same.

6. Describe how you are using Facebook to track conversions.

Sample Answer

You may utilize Facebook’s “Transformation Pixel” function to track conversions. Which is nothing more than a piece of code you place into your website to track the conversion price of the product and service you provide.

Facebook records conversions for ads that are engaged on 1 day, 7 days, and 28 days after they are clicked on, as well as for ads that are viewed.

7. What is the difference between social customer service and a social marketing environment?

Sample Answer

  • Environment for Social Marketing: It necessitates a more conversational tone. Because most social media conversations aren’t about sales, the ideal candidate will be able to understand where a customer is in their buying process and direct them to their desired destination.
  • Environment for Social Customer Service: This necessitates dispute resolution skills, patience, and sensitivity. The applicant must be able to recognize circumstances that require managerial intervention. As a social networking specialist, you should be aware that you are reacting to a group of potential consumers rather than a single customer.

8. What are the tools for measuring social media success?

Sample Answer

Tracking social media success is critical to determining if you are on the correct road and, if not, what can be done to improve performance.

9. Are you aware of Edgerank which is on Facebook? 

Sample Answer

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm determines whether or whether your updates should appear in your page’s news feed, as well as the news feeds of your followers, and where they should appear.

10. What is the best way to include a movie in the biography segment?

Sample Answer

A featured video is a video that appears just on the left sidebar of the page’s main timeline. When you make a video your featured video, it displays larger on your Videos page and is shown more prominently on your main timeline. To use this function, go to the Videos tab, select Add Featured Video, and then choose the video you wish to highlight.

11. Is it possible to send a private message to fans?

Sample Answer

Only if you activate the Contact button and they give you a message first can you send fans a private message. If you are running a timed event and want to send a message to the winner, this might be difficult.

12. How do I make ratings and reviews available?

Sample Answer

Go to the About tab, select the Address section, and click Edit next to the address to make sure it’s turned on. You will see a globe with your location on it. Select Show Map, Check-Ins, and Star Ratings just on Page from the drop-down menu.

13. Is it possible for me to see who has booked into my location?

Sample Answer

Regrettably, no. Many individuals have asked for this feature, but it has yet to be implemented by Facebook.

14. Is it possible for me to see if anyone is my fan?

Sample Answer

The fans of a Facebook page are visible only to page managers, editors, and moderators. Only admirers who have set their favorites to Public will be visible. As a result, you will not be able to view everyone who likes your page.

15. What is the best way to merge pages?

Sample Answer

You possess 2 sections that are about the same item and have the same names (or practically the very same demands that they be extremely similar), it is a smart idea to merge the pages. When you merge duplicate pages, the fans, ratings, and check-ins from both pages are combined. The articles, photographs, and usernames, however, are gone from the secondary website.

16. What actions will you do if you ever see a drop in your interaction value?

Sample Answer

I will try to concentrate on the correct audiences, listen to their replies, and generate material based on their preferences. I will work to improve the efficiency of the activities and track the results regularly.

17. What does Facebook provide that traditional marketing does not?

Sample Answer

Because it can involve a large number of consumers, Facebook has grown into a marketing technique in and of itself. It allows everyone to make connections with others. The advantage is that all these sites are flexible and approachable to anyone, making them available to all.

18. Describe an instance when you had to deal with a social media disaster.

Sample Answer

A consumer at my past employment placed a poor assessment for an item on Facebook and Instagram, which resulted in a significant drop in our amount of supporters and the brand began to suffer. 

But, in reaction to the crisis, I consulted that consumer and inquired him why he published that assessment, and after consulting with our advertising department, it was discovered that that client was not a prospective purchaser for the commodity, so I asked him to delete that comment, and the conflict was averted, but we were unable to reclaim all of the lost supporters.

19. What do you do if someone says something you do not like?

Sample Answer

Even one unfavorable remark on social media may cause a drop in subscribers, therefore I strive to be extra cautious when dealing with it. I attempt to reach that individual to address the issue and convince him to remove the comment.

20. What makes a viral video viral?

Sample Answer

  • Choosing the intended audience before developing the video’s content.
  • Making a video’s initial 20 seconds interesting. 
  • The video should be both accessible and engaging to the general public.
  • To favorably impact the viewers’ mental process, a catchy statement must be included.
  • Create a title that is both attention-grabbing and captivating. 
  • Distribute the video to reporters, celebrities, and most interested bloggers.

21. How long would it take for me to get a return on my investment in social media marketing?

Sample Answer

This is dependent on elements such as the level of effort you put into digital marketing operations, your cost, your target demographic, your approach, and whether or not you use sponsored advertisements. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that social networking is a marathon, not a sprint.


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