What Is Most Important To You In Your Next Position? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Since times immemorial employees have been switching roles from one company to another company. Although the objectives or reasons for such a migration may differ from person to person, one thing that almost everyone wants to achieve is satisfaction. Switching loyalties may prove costly for the existing employer but it leads to a win-win situation for employees and their organization to be. Companies give importance and preference to candidates with prior experience, acquired skills, and knowledge. They are even happy to absorb a migrated candidate by paying extra lucrative offers and extended benefits.

What Is Most Important To You In Your Next Position

Top 10 Rationales Behind Migration

As discussed earlier, the need for migration differs on a cast to case basis. People switch their position from one organisation to another for a variety of reasons such as:

1) Salary Hike

The most common, usual, and customary reason for a job change is the expectation of an increased salary. Companies value experience, proficiency, and the grasp that one possesses on one’s role. It has been observed in some cases, that, the usual pay hikes offered by the destination organizations outsmart and beats the annual hikes offered by an employee’s existing organization.

They are willing to offer a pay hike because someone somewhere has already invested in you at their own cost. This saves their valuable resources on training and hence allows them to enjoy better services of an already trained employee at almost negligible cost.

As per a recent study, just married employees form the largest chunk of people migrating, in expectation of a better salary. Rising living costs, rents, and dwindling investment returns can also be considered a few more factors for effecting such a migration.

2) In Pursuit For A Better Work-Life Balance

In a dream world, everyone would want to share one’s valuable time equally between family/friends and office. But in reality, the ratio could be considered as 70:30 in favor of office. In some worst cases, this could be as high as 90:10 in favor of office. Hence often, employees want to switch to jobs offering less workload. There are ample companies that offer a good work-life balance and even maintains your existing pay. Some of the companies could be:

  • Social Media Account Manager
  • Digital marketing
  • Game Developer
  • Content Developer
  • Accountant
  • Advisor of Investments such as Share Market, Mutual Funds
  • Stock Broker

There are high chances, that in pursuit of a better work-life balance you have to perform roles different from your primary job. But, it is a give and takes scenario involving deep analysis and research.

3) Better Growth Opportunities or Career Advancement

There are always some organizations that offer minimal promotions and growth opportunities. If you are an employee of such an organization and feeling dis contended or resent then it is a wise move to look out for other organizations in a similar industry. The desire for growth in one’s professional life is absolutely normal and is experienced by almost every employee working in the real world.

Doing the same repetitive things day in day out makes an employee dull, bored, and demotivated. Working in a senior position not only gives a feeling of satisfaction but also offers higher pay. Employees are assets of any organization and it is their responsibility to keep them motivated by offering adequate growth opportunities.

4) Better Learning Prospects

Organizations invest in their employees and offer various learning opportunities, like:

  • Extending training programs for learning:
    • New Technologies
    • Latest Softwares or
    • Simply a new way of performing a routine procedure.

One might experience, that the avenues of learning in his/her organization are limited and not that vast as offered by its peers. Such employees can make a move, and search for companies helping you in self-improvement thereby making you more versatile and learned.

5) Office Near Home

Companies are located at places far from one’s residences. Commutation is a hectic task and can crush you in its monotony. Employees valuing family time and desirous of investing their leisure time in recreational activities rather than traveling switch under this option.

With an increase in entrepreneurship, one can always find small and medium enterprises at places near to one’s home. It has been observed that most employees switching in pursuit of saving their traveling time have to settle for jobs that are below their standards and offering inferior pay.

6) Migration To A Different Job Profile

There are various roles offered by an organisation. A big organisation is divided into various verticals and complex hierarchies. There are chances, that you might have accepted a role that does not suit you. If you don’t love your work than it would be better to choose a job profile that is more interesting and matches your skill sets in a better way. Doing a work which you doesn’t value will not help your cause, and you may end up disconnected and disengaged.

7) In Search Of A Better Work Culture

Organizations that are diverse and hire employees from various backgrounds and diversities that eventually become a part of their workforce experience a common problem of office politics. There have been several instances wherein an employee has switched his or her job due to too much distraction, favoritism, and negativity. Such type of disturbances hampers an employee’s work capabilities and eventually, one may lose out on an assigned target or surpass the fixed deadline. If you are experiencing something similar than be bold and make a switch.

8) Better Job Security

Everyone loves stability and wishes to create a regular source of income. These goals can be accomplished if you are hired by an organization that just doesn’t fire people for petty issues or grievances. There have been instances of malign company policies wherein employees are fired by their respective organizations on trivial matters ranging from not wearing a matching tie to not attending company parties.

If you are stuck in such an organization and you feel that you might soon become a victim of such bad management, then migrate to some other company offering better prospects in relation to job security and stability.

9) Inadequate Rewards/Incentives and Employee Focused Policies

All the companies in the world along with fixed pay referred to as salary also pay incentives or perquisites to their employees. These perks could be anything from a health insurance policy to offering an all-expense paid family trip. The feeling of getting something extra works wonders and gives an employee satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.

Companies offering innovative and modern employee incentives gain an employee’s loyalty, faith, and patronage. If you are missing out on the incentives offered then search for vacancies offered in a similar industry. It is not advisable to settle for a lower salary in pursuit of higher incentives, as upon conducting a proper benefit analysis you would observe that you are losing out more than gaining.

10) Leaving A Company With Poor Balance Sheet

The best forecasters of a company’s future profitability and survival are, a company’s employees. It has been observed that the employees of a company tend to know far earlier about the future prospects of a company before it unfolds and comes into the public domain. Even if you are not working in the finance department or in a position of repute, you could sense the atmosphere through:

  • Information from informal sources
  • Overhearing gossips between a group of employees
  • Print Media
  • Local television etc.

If you feel that something is not right and your company’s ability to continue as a going concern is seriously hampered, then make a change forthwith, or you could even lose out on your salary too.


It might be a sort of bravery to switch from one company to another as you are largely unaware of the events which are going to unfold at your target organisation. Yet, it is highly recommended to regularly search for companies offering better prospects. Employees must constantly examine opportunities offering a better future and career. If you like our articles, than don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, tell us about how you feel our articles in the coimments section below.


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