Top 21 Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

Pharmacy technicians work directly under the supervision of a certified pharmacist and play a crucial role in ensuring the pharmacy runs efficiently, ethically, and compassionately. If you want to work as a pharmacy technician, you should be prepared for the interview procedure.

When interviewing for the position of pharmacy technician, you may expect to be asked a variety of topics, including situational and behavioral interview questions.

The Top 21 Interview Questions To Answer Fluently

1. Why do you want to work for our company?

Sample Answer

I have seen your organization named as one of the best places to work on several occasions. I’ve read employee testimonies and heard about your passion for fostering employee growth via education, training, and a wealth of tools.

 I already know that engaged staff generates better work, and your most recent campaign demonstrates this. I’d like to join your inventive team, continue to do excellent work, and advance within the organization by acquiring new abilities.

2. What kind of atmosphere do you prefer to work in?

Sample Answer

I would prefer a beginner-friendly atmosphere. My workplace routine depends on the support I get.

3. Why did you choose a career in pharmacy?

Sample Answer

I’ve been attracted to the medical profession since I was a youngster. The most fascinating aspect of the job, though, is how medications treat various conditions.

This is why I selected pharmacy school, and I’ve been preparing for the position for quite some time. I feel I am well-equipped to provide value to clients while also assisting the pharmacy in meeting its objectives. 

4. How do you manage a scenario in which a disagreement between two technicians is interfering with client service?

Sample Answer

I would call a meeting with both sides before the store opens. I would let each person express their concerns, and we would work together to find an equitable solution.

 I’d make it obvious to them that they could always come to me if they’re having trouble settling disagreements with coworkers. 

5. Describe a time when you went above and beyond to provide amazing performance.

Sample Answer

At my last job, there was a woman who came in every week in a motorized wheelchair to pick up her medication. I questioned her why she didn’t just order the medication and save the hassle of going to the pharmacy. She said that her finances were bad and that she couldn’t afford such a luxury.

When I questioned how far she had to drive to get to the store, I realized she lived directly across the street from my flat. So I offered to deliver her medications to her home every week at no extra cost.

6. What should you do if a consumer inquires about an OTC medicine that you are unfamiliar with?

Sample Answer

I would tell the consumer that I was unfamiliar with the drug but would look into it to see if any of my colleagues were. If they aren’t, I would tell them I would look into it and get back to them as soon as I found out more.

 I would obtain their contact information and contact them within 24 hours.

7. What is the most vital business aspect of a pharmacist’s job?

Sample Answer

The major responsibility of a pharmacist is to give high-quality treatment to patients, and that is the most essential component of this company to me.

By providing individualized treatment that matches each patient’s specific needs, the pharmacy earns their loyalty and converts them into long-term clients and brand champions. 

8. What are your strengths?

Sample Answer

I am a hard-working, honest, and self-motivated person and I take every challenge with a positive attitude.

9. What do you like best about this job?

Sample Answer

I like being able to help patients in practical ways, whether it’s educating them on how to take their meds, assuaging their fears about potential side effects, or just refilling their prescriptions in a fast and pleasant manner.

10. Tell me about a time when you faced a problem at work. How did you solve it?

Sample Answer

I was working at a neighborhood pharmacy one day when two of the three pharmacy techs who were meant to be with me called in ill. I instantly reached out to the other techs who weren’t booked to see if they could come in for a few hours. When I heard from them, I devised a strategy with the technician who was present. 

It was a tough day, but our order-priority system and the few hours when we had extra support helped us to stay up with our workload.

11. Any mistake you made while working and how did you handle that?

Sample Answer

At my first job, I accepted a prescription order and failed to properly process it, so when the customer came to pick it up, it wasn’t ready. I understood what had occurred, apologized, told her it would take a bit longer, and hurried to complete it. 

When I handed her the medication, I apologized again and offered her a discount. She agreed and remains a devoted customer. I’ve been considerably more careful while receiving orders after that, and I haven’t made the same error again.

12. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Sample Answer

My proudest achievement was having the proprietor of the small drugstore where I worked agree to sell the company to me. While I couldn’t afford it at the time, being so trusted was a huge honor. “

13. How do you keep up with new drugs and trends?

Sample Answer

I receive many periodicals, including Pharmacy Times, Monthly Prescribing Reference, and U.S. Pharmacist.

I also share my discoveries with members of the professional group I belong to hold myself accountable for reading them. 

14. How do you ensure that patients are well-informed about their medications?

Sample Answer

I ask each patient if they have any questions. I also inquire if the patient has ever taken the drug before, and if not, I explain what it is, its function, potential adverse effects, and the dangers of sharing or abusing it.

 I also discuss when they should take it and whether or not they should take it with food.

15. How can you strike a balance between client service and efficiency?

Sample Answer

I have to choose between the two, and I choose customer service. When I’m with a customer, I make an effort to be present, and I always ask how they’re doing and if they have any questions.

When I’m not with a customer, I keep focused on my other chores to ensure they’re completed as well.

16. What would you do if you discovered you had made a medication error after the patient had left?

Sample Answer

I would promptly report the error following my organization’s reporting procedures and phone the patient to advise them not to take the medication and to return it as soon as possible.

I would then apologize, repair the error, and, if feasible, provide a discount

17. What is the most significant aspect of a pharmacist’s profession in terms of business?

Sample Answer

The most crucial aspect is to provide the finest possible treatment to patients. If we do this, they will return again and again, they will suggest our services to their friends, and we will save money on customer complaints. 

The company will fail if we do not have consumers. 

18. How long have you worked in a high-volume pharmacy?

Sample Answer

I worked in a big pharmacy in several positions for five years, which gave me a greater understanding of the rewards and problems that come with a large facility.

19. What duties are a pharmacy technician required to perform?

Sample Answer

Duties of a pharmacy technician include:

  1. Filling prescriptions for patients
  2. Advising them regarding safe and effective prescription using procedures
  3. Maintaining records of each prescription 
  4. Collecting payment or checking insurance status before each prescription is handed out
  5. Keeping sanitized and hygienic storage conditions for the prescriptions
  6. Practicing infection control protocols on both sides of the prescription counter.

20. How do you manage your daily stress?

Sample Answer

I handle job stress by arriving at work each day prepared and by ensuring adequate prescription communication.

Tasks that may appear small, such as inventory maintenance, appropriate labeling, and medication placement, are critical to reducing stress and ensuring seamless pharmacy operations throughout the day.

21. What do you do to avoid boredom while having to perform repetitive tasks each day?

Sample Answer

When I get the merchandise, I thoroughly examine the expiry dates and temperature requirements. The pharmaceuticals should then be stored in the proper storage compartments, with the ones with the shortest remaining expiration term on the front shelves.


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