Top 21 PepsiCo Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

If an author ever decides to compile the success stories, I wonder if PepsiCo would ever be left behind. Such is the stature and prestige of this evergreen company, which is standing tall since 1898 and serving the world with its palatable cold drinks.

PepsiCo is a successful American Multinational Company, which was founded by Caleb Bradham. He initially marketed it from his pharmacy store as Pepsi-Cola and soon obtained a patent right of the recipe within five years of the starting.

The rest is history, and PepsiCo is now one of the most profitable and successful companies across the world. It receives tens of thousands of applications for its single job opening. Hence, if you are having an upcoming interview session, kindly give a serious shot to your interview preparation.

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Is Your Understanding Of The Process Of Caramel Coloring? Is It Bad For Health?

PepsiCo uses the procedure of caramel coloring for most of its products. Hence, there are high chances that you will encounter this question in your interview session.

Sample Answer

Sir, caramel coloring is a process of naturally giving caramel color to food products. This color is safe for humans to consume and is widely used by PepsiCo in its products.

This color is produced by heating several ingredients (known as the process of caramelization), such as:

  • Carbohydrates, such as, corn syrup, maltose, lactose, or any other sugary substance
  • Acids
  • Alkalis and/or Salts

2. PepsiCo Is A Global Organization and We Hire Different Employees That Belong To Different Regions, Backgrounds, and Cultures. Do You Think Diversity In The Workforce Is The Primary Cause Of Conflicts and Disputes Among The Employees?

This question requires you to share your viewpoints concerning diversity in the workforce.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my humble opinion, conflicts and issues do not arise because of the different religions, cultures, or maybe native languages. Rather, these are a result of employee misunderstanding, lack of rapport, coordination, and teasing/ bullying at the workplace.

In an organization, all the employees are equal and have to work following the rules and procedures implemented by the company. Hence, there is no reason that a person from a different ethnicity will not follow the rules or maybe misbehave. Thus, I completely disagree with the statement.

3. I Can See From Your Resume That You Have Worked With Several Business Organizations. Can You Describe Your Best Boss and The Worst Boss?

This is a behavioral interview question, which assesses your mindset, character, and personality.

Sample Answer

Sir, when we work with different companies at different designations, we encounter several seniors and bosses. All of them have their unique style of operation, management, and governance.

I met several bosses that were good and always supported me by resolving my queries and problems. However, on the other hand, there were a few other bosses as well, who used to discourage me, criticize me unnecessarily, and always pressurized me to resign or move on.

Hence, it’s quite simple to decipher that the former ones are the good bosses for me and the latter ones are bad bosses.

4. What Are The Different Visions Of PepsiCo Using Which It Wants To Promote Its Supplier Diversity Program?

This question checks how much you know about the visions, missions, and future projects of the company.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • The company has decided to expand the engagement as well as leadership positions with its advocacy partners
  • The company will soon roll out an e-learning module that will promote economic inclusion and will help the company’s several procurement associates
  • The company will:
    • Increase support to local businesses
    • Expand the tax base and
    • Augment the growth in the job sector

5. Share The Five Best Qualities Of An Ideal Employee.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Hardworking
  • Team-worker
  • Skillful
  • Honest and
  • Flexible

6. PepsiCo Recently Partnered With Danimer Scientific. Can You Tell What This Partnership Led To?

This question checks your understanding of the latest developments associated with the organization.

Sample Answer

Sir, PepsiCo is an environment-friendly organization and is always on the lookout for different measures to reduce plastic emissions and abuses. It recently partnered with Danimer Scientific to develop a thin-film snack packaging product, which is 100% compostable and is plant-based.

7. PepsiCo Maintains A Strategic Relationship With The Various Advocacy Organizations Operating Across The World. Can You Name Some?

This question checks your level of seriousness and knowledge about the organization.

Sample Answer

Sir, businesses are run through partnerships, collaborations, and associations. There is no way that you can beat the rivals and stay profitable by moving along in the business race. PepsiCo also follows this route and maintains several strategic partnerships with:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (N. M. S. D. C)
  • US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (U. S. H. C. C)
  • The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (N. G. L. C. C)
  • US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (U. S. P. A. A. C. C)

8. PepsiCo Is A Modern Organization and Uses Several High-tech Software, Machines, and Other Electronic Equipment To Perform Its Operations. Can You Share Some Of The Best Project Management Software Widely Used In The Industry?

This question checks your understanding of the latest software and technologies prevailing in the market.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • JIRA
  • Basecamp
  • Teamwork PM

9. The Company Follows and Implements A PepsiCo Positive Strategy. Can You Tell Me About Its Three Pillars?

This question tests how much you remain connected with the various policies and strategies of the company.

Sample Answer

Sure, Sir, These are:

  • Positive Agriculture
  • Positive Choices and
  • Positive Value Chain

10. We Follow An Aggressive Work Approach Wherein Most Employees Prefer To Move Ahead and Scale The Corporate Ladder. However, Not Everybody Gets Promoted Due To Limited Openings. This Often Leads To Inferiority Complex. How Do You Manage This?

This is a psychological interview question that requires you to state the different ways in which you can manage your inferiority complex.

Sample Answer

Sir, the feeling of getting ahead of your peers, an urge to win amid the cut-throat competition, and the craving to gain fame and recognition at the workplace, are some of the most effective triggers of inferiority complex. It is even ingrained in our minds since our childhood when we want more attention and love in comparison to our siblings.

In my opinion, this is an absolute waste of feeling and must be avoided at all costs. This not only robs you of your peace of mind but also makes you feel redundant and ineffective. Hence, I always compare my performance with myself and never indulge in peer comparisons at the workplace.

11. As A Responsible and Progressive Organization, PepsiCo Always Establishes A Framework For Addressing All Its Material Issues and Problems. Can You List The Techniques Commonly Used By PepsiCo To Develop This Framework?

Sample Answer

Sir, PepsiCo prepares the said framework with a lot of analysis after taking into consideration multiple inputs. The techniques commonly used are:

  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Hotspot Analysis and
  • Impact Mapping

12. Working At PepsiCo Gives You Several Responsibilities Wherein You Will Be Directly Responsible For Your Actions. When Employees Work In Such A Challenging Environment For Long Periods Of Time, It Leads To Stress, Anxiety, and Nervousness. How Do You Manage This?

This question requires you to share different ways using which you can manage your stress levels.

Sample Answer

Sir, stress is a common mess and has almost grappled the entire corporate sector. It has not only affected the top-level employees but also the people working at the lower level. To manage my workplace stress, I always engage myself into:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Meditation and
  • Positive pep talk

In addition to the above activities, I have also undertaken a stress-busting motivational program online of 6 months duration. This has helped me to become positive in life and see the bright things.

13. PepsiCo Believes In Delivering “Quality” Processes, Products, and Services To Its Customers. How Do You Interpret This Term “Quality”?

This is a word-based interview question, which requires you to share your version of the interpretation of the word “quality”.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my humble opinion, “quality” is achieved when an organization can:

  • Meet the established benchmarks and
  • Achieve the customer satisfaction

14. When, Where, and Who Founded PepsiCo? Also, Share Where Does The Company Presently Maintains Its Headquarters?

Sample Answer

Sir, PepsiCo was founded in the year 1898 by Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina, United States. The company presently maintains its headquarters in Harrison, New York.

15. Can You Name Some Of The Brands Owned By PepsiCo?

Sample Answer

Sir, PepsiCo is a large multi-national company and owns a variety of different brands, such as:

  • Quaker Oats
  • Gatorade
  • Lays
  • Mountain Dew
  • Lipton
  • Tropicana. etc.

16. PepsiCo Has Recently Been Criticized By Several Environmentalists. Can You State The Reasons Behind It and Tell Us How We Can Improve?

This is a tricky interview question that requires you to share the various reasons owing to which the company is frequently criticized.

Sample Answer

Sir, doing business is tough. A company has to deal not only with the business competition but also the various political, legal, and environmental factors.

Recently, the working of PepsiCo has been put under scrutiny by several environmentalists on account of:

  • Adverse impacts upon the agriculture sector, especially in the supply chain management
  • Deforestation and associated environmental degradation activities that are related with palm-oil
  • Excessive use of pesticides and other chemicals while growing the raw materials used in the production process

Sir, in my humble opinion, if the organization transitions its production processes and focuses on sustainable development then most of these issues can be resolved.

17. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This is a common personality evaluating question.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a person with a high level of conscience and prefer to work with a high level of commitment at the workplace. Owing to my superior concentration, I can make excellent decisions for most work-related situations and circumstances.

Further, perfection is hard to achieve, and I am on the road to achieving it. I get a bit frustrated and irritated after receiving any criticism or feedback. I understand that this is a major issue, but I am on road to resolving it. For this, I have even joined an online counseling session.

18. Monotony Often Takes A Heavy Toll Upon Us and Has The Ability To Crush Us. What Motivates You To Work With Diligence and Dedication?

This question requires you to state your different motivational factors.

Sample Answer

Sir, it’s true. The daily routines and the associated discipline are hard to follow. These not only lead a person towards boredom but also makes them ignorant to most of the basic requirements of the job. A person who remains motivated is the only one who can deal with this mess.

I have always admired recognition and popularity within the organization. I understand that when I will work to the best of my ability, my peers, seniors, colleagues, and even the managers would start recognizing me and even promote me to a superior position. This intent motivates and pushes me to perform to the best of my ability.

19. Our Legacy Is Built Upon The Hardwork, Perseverance, and Commitment Of Our Employees. Hence, We Only Hire Some Special Employees That Are Talented and Intelligent. What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

This question requires you to state some of your unique propositions and qualities that separate you from the rest of the candidates.

Sample Answer

Sir, employees are the assets of every organization and it is only because of their hard work and sweat that a business organization can survive and thrive amid the tough work environment.

I have a knack for remaining calm and composed in even the most adverse situations and circumstances. My ability to hold my nerves in even the most inconducive work environment allows me to take superior business decisions that are tactful, relevant, and logical.

20. Being An Established Business Organization We Often Assign Several Tasks To Our Employees That Need To Be Finished Before The Deadline. How Do You Manage This?

This question requires you to state your prioritization technique.

Sample Answer

Sir, timely completion of all the business tasks leads to better productivity and management. Hence, to complete all the assigned tasks in a time-bound manner, I always arrange and order my different tasks based on their difficulty level.

Under this technique, all the tasks that are tough and require a greater application of mind are always performed by me in the beginning. Post this, the tasks that are easy and are not that tough are performed by me towards the end of the shift.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is common for the interviewers to conclude an interview session via this question. It requires you to state all your doubts, apprehensions, and issues that you have in regards to the business organization, its working procedures, the working environment, etc.

To give a perfect reply, it is necessary to ask a few relevant counter-questions from your interviewer that reflect your genuine interest in the organization as well as your curiosity levels. Read out the sample questions mentioned below and enhance your level of understanding.

Sample Questions

  • Being an established and large company, what are the different incentives and allowances that are offered by the company to the employees?
  • Can you please share a list of all the anti-harassment policies that are implemented by Pepsico at the workplace?
  • What are the promotional aspects of working in this company? Are the employees regularly promoted?



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