Top 21 Questions To Ask In An Interview (These Are Powerful)

The first thing that comes into one’s mind while preparing for an interview session, is that there will be a lot of questions, which will be asked by an industry veteran from a candidate. However, what if a candidate is given an opportunity to ask a few questions. Yes, that is true and practical. It is common for interviewers to enable you to ask a few questions at the end of an interview session. The questions are most probably related to your job profile, about the organization you expect to work for, work timings, etc. It is important to capitalize upon this opportunity as and when available.

Questions To Ask In An Interview

Best 21 Questions Segregated Into Different Categories

There could be several questions that you can ask from your employer, that are based on a variety of issues. Below is the list of some of the most powerful questions, that have the capability to impress an interviewer almost instantly:

Set of Five Questions Related To The Job

1) What Are The Work Timings Of The Job?

It is highly advisable that you surely ask a question in relation to the work timings. It has been observed that at the advanced stages of employment, issues develop between the organization and the candidates, over the work timings. Hence, if you feel, there is considerable doubt in regards to the work timings, then always ask the same during an interview session itself.

2) Please Explain The Hierarchy.

Every organization has a defined chain of command, which has to be followed religiously by every employee. It is always better to have a brief understanding of the hierarchy which you will be required to follow, post your joining. Sometimes, an organization deploys a chain, that is too complicated and tough to follow. Hence, clear your doubt, during the interview session itself.

3) Will My Duties Change After Some Period Of Time or They Are Constant?

Before appearing for an interview, you are advised to read and properly analyze the job description completely. After this, if you get an intuition that the duties might change after say 6 months or 8 months of working then ask about the same from your interviewer, as this might affect your decision to join a particular organization.

4) What Is The Work Culture Of The Organization Like?

You will soon become a part of the work culture and the workforce of the organization. It is always better to have a proper understanding of the culture an organization possesses.

5) Will I Be Required To Work On Overseas Sites?

Companies operating on a bigger scale, have branches and offices across the world and may require you to work in overseas conditions. For some this a dream and for some this is just another burden. Whatever the case may be, just get yourself acquainted with an answer.

Set of Five Questions Related To The Organization

1) What Are Your Policies In Relation To Anti-Harassment?

Cheap office politics, harassment, bullying, and leg-pulling are some of the unethical practices prevalent in almost all corporate offices. It can be restricted and curbed only by way of influential and effective company policies in this relation. Hence, always ask about them and ensure that an organization is serious about these issues.

2) Please Share The List Of Additional Benefits Offered.

It is common for organizations to offer an annual package to an employee, which includes various additional benefits, such as health insurance, employee stock option plans, and medical covers. It is always advised to become aware of all such benefits, which would help you immensely in making a joining decision.

3) Please Explain The Provisions Of Paid Leaves?

Illness, medical emergencies, or any other mishappenings are common in the life of human beings. Corporates offer the provision of paid leaves but have their own set of rules in order to avail them. Be aware of those rules.

4) Will I Be Provided Maternity/Paternity Leaves?

It is common for organizations to provide maternity as well as paternity leaves to eligible employees. Always become aware of the eligibility criteria, especially if you’re expecting to enter into the family way.

5) What Are The Various Types of Reimbursements Available?

During your tenure with the organization, you might be required to travel outstations in order to serve a customer. There would be travel, food, and lodging expenses. If it is not an organization’s policy to reimburse these expenses then you would most probably be required to foot the bill at your own cost. Hence, ask this from your interviewer.

Set of Five Questions That Evaluate An Interviewer

1) Since, How Long Are You Working Here?

This question would help you to give appropriate value and worth, to the answers/replies given by an interviewer to your questions. If an interviewer has considerable work experience with the company, then you can follow the replies more religiously.

2) Why You Left Your Previous Employer and Joined This Organization?

The best way to know some of the unique characteristics of a company is by asking this question. In most likely cases, the reply to this answer would enumerate a list of some special and unique capabilities of the company as a whole. This could affect the decision-making process for you considerably.

3) Do You Like The Canteen Food?

Every organization has a canteen, but not all are hygienic and consist of a perfect menu. Employees, usually, after a tiring phase of work, pay their visits to the canteen in order to grab some tasty as well as healthy foods. A perfect and satisfying meal can improve your performance, and thus holds the relevancy of this question.

4) Have You Ever Argued With Your Senior?

An answer to this question would enable you to know the following:

  • Does the organization value the opinions and viewpoints of the juniors?
  • How do they resolve the argument?
  • The level of job security offered by the organization in practicality.

5) Are You Looking For A Job Change In Near Future? If Yes, Why?

Every organization has some shortcomings and deficiencies, which an employee becomes aware of, post working there. However, this question has the ability to illustrate the issues persisting within an organization.

Set of Five Questions Related To The Personal Development

1) Will I Be Provided Proper Training?

It is common for organizations to offer training and development activities to all their new entrants. However, the relevancy and effectiveness of it differ from organization to organization. Ask this question, to become aware of the training syllabus and duration.

2) Will I be Given Compensation During Training Period?

It is a very important question to ask an interviewer. Some organizations do not pay, and some pay 50% of the committed compensation. An answer to this question can affect your decision to join an organization profoundly.

3) Will I Be Fired, In Case, I Am Absorbing Slowly?

Every candidate absorbs the education imparted at its own pace, style, and rate. Some companies prefer quick learners. Hence, always ask this question, in case you feel, that you grasp a particular thing slowly but once you are aware of it, you always hold it.

4) Can I Pursue Part Time Education Along With The Job?

It is common for employees to join an educational program along with doing a job, which helps in career advancement as well as salary hikes. Some companies prohibit this type of scenario and some allow the personal development of their employees. It is better to become aware of the same beforehand.

5) Will I Be Provided Paid Educational Leaves?

Some organizations promote the learning initiatives taken by the employees of the organization and they offer paid preparatory holidays to their employees. However, for some, their own tasks matter the most and they do not offer any such benefits.

One Mandatory Question Common For All The Positions

How Will You Measure My Performance? Please Explain The Performance Metrics?

Every organization measures the performance of its employees and on the basis of that offers incentives, pay hikes, and promotions. Hence, it is always advisable that you understand the performance evaluating criteria of the organization in order to work in a stress-free manner, post your selection.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Questions To Ask In An interviews):

Questions To Ask In An Interview


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