Top 21 Volunteer Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

Being able to volunteer for a good cause is indeed an amazing experience. One can build a network and make a change in society simultaneously by building one’s resume on the other side. No matter what organization or company and in whatsoever field you are applying to, it is very important to prepare yourself for the challenging questions that can be asked in an interview. When you give compelling answers in an interview, your chance of being hired for a role increase.

So, in this article, we will discuss the top 21 questions that are commonly asked in a volunteering interview. Let us start.

Volunteer Interview Questions

How to Prepare for Volunteer Interview?


Do your homework, research the company or the organization that you are applying to. Research about their goals, their mission, the work environment of the organization, and the values and the culture that they follow. You can also give your research a slight kick and contact former volunteers to know more about the organization and the role. Ask them about the volunteering requirements needed for the role.

Your research always gets noticed by the hiring manager as it reflects in the way you answer the questions asked by the recruiter.

Talk about previous work experience

Presenting your previous volunteering experience to the hiring manager shows that you are really serious about this job. Talk about the role and the responsibilities acquainted to the role, and how you contributed to helping the community through your role. This will add plus points in getting you hired.

Talk about your reasons for applying

Every hiring manager wants to know why you want to volunteer for the organization. So, share your genuine reasons with the employer, show your passion and honesty to make a good impression in front of the employer. Share the reasons that best display your personality and your skills. Use positive sentences like, “I am ready to make a change in…”, “I am highly motivated to…”, “I really want to make an impact…”, “I am enthusiastic about…”.

Ask Questions

It is important to ask follow-up questions to the hiring manager as that makes it look like you are genuinely interested in the job position. You can ask questions like, “Can you tell me more about this role and the responsibilities associated with it?” This will show that you are curious about the role.   

Top 21 Volunteer Interview Questions

Question 1. Why do you want to volunteer with our organization?

Answer: “I want to volunteer with your organization because I want to make a difference in society and make education available to all. And want to come across meaningful experiences associated with this role. I feel like I somehow belong to do this role and help you make a change and I am looking forward to providing my knowledge to this young generation so that they can have a future that they want.”

Question 2. What skills would you bring to this volunteer position?

Answer: “I am a leader, and I believe I have excellent communication skills and I bring excellent time management skills to this organization. I know how to organize things and create plans that would lead us to the success of our mission. Being an excellent communicator, I am able to convince people and understand what they have to say and hence I make a good leader.  And I would these skills to help your organization achieve its goals.”

Question 3. What are the causes that you are most passionate about?

Answer: “I believe in uplifting the rights to education for everyone in this country as only educated people can make this country developed by generating full employment and dragging us out of the poverty ratio that we currently have. I also deeply care about and have compassion towards the animals as they all need shelter to live. I also have an interest in sustainable development programs that have recently started to launch, it will really help in uplifting the environment.”

Question 4. Tell us about an idea that you implemented in your last job as a volunteer.

Answer: “In my previous role, I was responsible for handling the finance-related work. I suggested to them that it will be extremely beneficial for the organization’s growth if we develop a website, that would help us track the donors and fundraisers who visit our organization and convert into potential donors, I also suggested them to create a social media page for the same to reach more and more people. They really liked the idea and started implementing the idea into action, and it really helped the organization to keep a track of their progress and success.”

Question 5. How much time would you like to volunteer?

Answer: Answer this question by telling the employer how many hours per day can you commit to that role. Make it clear if you will be able to work on weekends or overtime if needed.

For example, “I am looking for a short-term volunteer-ship and I can devote 5-6 hours a day except for the weekends.”

Question 6. Do you have any experience with this type of work?

Answer: “I previously volunteered with the company that aimed at making people aware about the go green mission. But I am new to the issue that has been addressed by your organization and I am ready to learn about it.”

Question 7. When can you start the work?

Answer: Answer this question by mentioning the exact date from which you could start working with the organization. Be ready to make changes to that date if the employers want you to.

Question 8. Do you have any questions?

Answer: Ask the manager questions related to the role which will show that you are interested and curious about the role.

Question 9. Tell me about yourself.

Answer: The employers ask this question to know about your qualifications, skills, and qualities apart from academics. So, answer it by mentioning all these and highlight your skills and achievements.

Question 10. What do you know about our organization’s culture?

Answer: “I am aware that this organization aims at providing shelter and food to the stray dogs and I am aware of the values that govern you. Hence, I am looking forward to devoting my time and effort to the same cause and employ my skills to add value to it.”

Question 11. What keeps you motivated on tough days?

Answer: “My positivity keeps me motivated even during tough times.  It is all about how we think.”

Question 12. Do you know anyone who works with us?

Answer: “Yes, a former volunteer of yours suggested I apply for the same, and I think he suggested the right place.”

Question 13. How would you describe an ideal volunteer?

Answer: “An ideal volunteer should be

  • Courageous
  • Always ready to make a difference
  • Motivated and devoted
  • Have patience and perseverance
  • Goal-oriented”

Question 14. Are you ready for the challenges that may come along the way?

Answer: “Yes, absolutely, I love taking challenges and learn new things, I am determined to face all of it.”

Question 15. What makes a good team?

Answer: “A group of cooperative individuals makes a team. A team stands together and is ready to fall and rise together. A good team share tasks and responsibilities and always have each other’s back.”

Question 16. Do others view you as a role model?

Answer: “I hope so because to be seen as a role model means you have achieved something that others strive for, and I want to be able to motivate others from the work I do so that even they can achieve their goals.”

Question 17. Why do you like helping others?

Answer: “I help others because I am capable to do so. It is great to see someone smile because you did something that benefitted them, and I could go miles for these smiles. I was brought up with this value and I hope that I will continue with it, being able to help others is rewarding in itself.”

Question 18. What are your expectations from this position?

Answer: “My only expectation is self-growth by learning new skills and new things and have a meaningful experience with my fellow volunteers which will help me grow my network as well.”

Question 19. What is your greatest strength?

Answer: “I am a very giving person and I think volunteering for a cause is all about giving to others using your skills, knowledge, and hard work. People can rely on me and that is my greatest strength.”

Question 20. Being a volunteer, did you ever feel unappreciated?

Answer: “Well, I don’t do anything for appreciation. I know it can be motivating but I don’t do what I do for recognition. I have bigger goals than that. I keep on doing my work whether or not I am appreciated for it.”

Question 21. What do you do in your spare time?

Answer: “In my free time, I like to spend my time outdoors, I love reading self-help books for self-improvement and also love spending time with my friends and family.”

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Volunteer Interview Questions


So, these were the top 21 volunteer questions that can be asked during the interview by the hiring managers. Volunteering is indeed an excellent role for a candidate who is interested in it and has relevant skills. However, there is a lot of competition that is upcoming in this field, the demand is huge which makes the interviews more challenging, hence there is a need to practice for the interview by preparing for commonly asked interview questions. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comment below what you liked the most about this article and how much you like our articles and share it with your friends and family.

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