How to Answer “What Are You Passionate About”? [With Answers for 2024]

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession”.


It is very important for you to be passionate about whatever work you do, whether it be studies, sport or any important task you perform. If you are passionate the probability of getting the work done will increase gradually.

Even in your work, though your company pays you a handsome amount of salary if you have no interest in doing what you do, eventually the salary will not stay as your motivation anymore.

Of course, it’s your interest, it’s your passion for your work that drives you further. Your motivation will be getting better and better every day if you are passionate about it.

Passion is one of the greatest gifts you have received from the almighty, adore it. It’s medicine for all those terrible moments which you may come across in your life ahead. In all those moments your passion or a hobby is something which will be around you making your mood or dealing with such situations.

So having the right passion can affect many aspects in various parts of your life, even in your work life. It can replace your stress with productive actions.

Usually, when you apply for a job and go for an interview you can face the questions like, what are you passionate about? What are your interests? What do you like apart from your profession?

All these questions are asked by an interviewer to an interviewee to understand his/her points of interest and also to know your strengths. Employers love to hire people who are energetic in their work and other activities too. Such people are always motivated and contribute more to all activities included in their workplace.

What Are You Passionate About

Tips to respond, ‘what are you passionate about?’

To answer this question you need to focus on some basic points as follows:

  • Answer what you are passionate about, don’t lie just to flatter the interviewer  
  • You can also explain to them why are passionate about that particular thing
  • You can give examples of how you got interested in that hobby
  • If it possible you can relate it with your job or previous job if it has helped you in any way

10 Sample Interview Answers

Example 1.

“I have been very passionate about animals since my childhood. I had a kitten when I was a kid and I always liked to play with it more than my friends. Currently, I have a dog and one cat. Now, whenever I feel low or feel stressful my pets act as an instant mood maker or stress buster who makes me feel very calm and happy, even after a long hectic day at my previous job, my pets always greeted me with love that eventually burst down my entire day’s stress.”

Example 2. 

“My passion is all about technology. Though I’ve completed my degree in commerce with management, I always had an interest in mobile software and upcoming technologies. I used to learn more about it in my college days through Google and YouTube. Even now I keep learning and researching more and more about mobile software and its technologies. Now this passion of mine has always helped me move ahead with time and gave me an edge over adapting to the outer world.”

Example 3.

“I like teaching. Before any desk job I used to take tuitions, teaching students is what I like because since my college days. As a student myself I always dreamt to get a tutor who can understand students and teach them in their way, though I didn’t get any such in particular now I like to be one as I always wanted to be. I like to help such students who struggle academically by being a mixture of the teacher guide and a friend.”

Example 4.

“Painting! My hobby, passion, both. It all started when I registered myself for an elementary school, playing with colors became my legerdemain. I observe the scene of the real world and encrypt it on paper through brush and make it lovely by using paints. Till the moment I hold my brush I forget everything else, it’s just me and the painted imaginary scenario, it’s my Nirvana”. 

Example 5.

“Since childhood, I had a crazy attraction towards cycling, ever since then I have always obsessed about how that machine works and that I have always seen cycling, not as a sport or an exercise to do but an activity which helps me to connect with my inner self. For every long haul I have had, not even for a second I think that I am too tired for a mile more or two. The curiosity about how that machine works, the brilliance of its design, and the influence of even a small bolt which helps a cycle to move ahead are what developed my passion for cycling.”  

Example 6.

“I am too passionate about books. It may sound cliché as most of them answer their hobby as reading books but in my case it’s genuine. I read a lot, especially novels, mythologies, fiction, etc. I feel like talking to 100 intellectuals at the same time when I read one book. It gives me a different perspective toward looking at various things and the best part about it is that you never feel like you’re left alone.” 

Example 7.

“My passion is being fit and healthy, I go to the gym every day or a couple of days a week. I like to be in shape, my father inspired me to be healthy and fit. Apart from the gym, I am also a martial artist, though I don’t practice it daily some days when I get time I do practice it. Staying fit eventually keeps us proactive in every activity we perform even in my work life”. 

Example 8.

“I am passionate about singing. I’ve been a singer since my childhood, I used to sing at my school events and won most of them. Singing is in my soul now. Whenever I sing I forget about everything across me it’s just me and the mic. I thought and tried to become a professional singer but due to some circumstances it wouldn’t be possible but I am still happy with my voice and skill and passion towards singing”.

Example 9.

“Cooking is one of the passions I have had adored. I like to cook various types of dishes all over the country and globe. Even my mother is fond of cooking so because of her the interest in cooking rose in me as well. I make both veg and nonveg and my family loves to taste every day something new because of me. I never thought of becoming a chef. I am happy being passionate about cooking and trying different dishes at home and serving it to my family members and enjoying it together”.

Example 10.

“I am passionate about the stock market. My father was a retail investor in the stock market in my childhood, because of him I got too interested in it, I started observing Sensex and Nifty 50 at a very young age because I did not use to understand any of it created curiosity in me of knowing what and how this thing works accordingly. Later on, after I grew a little bit I started researching about it and learning about the same and now at this stage even I invest my capital in equity markets”.


Every human on this earth is gifted with some special skills and eventually, he/she gets passionate about it, it has been truly said that you need to preserve and respect your passion because in any situation of your life even when you feel alone, your passion is what will come forward to cheer you up and to motivate you.

It is not at all important that others must accept your passion, it is for you, for your inner self. It is also not necessary that every human alive here can convert their passion into their profession. Few fortunate people in this world have converted their passion into a profession, that’s the reason why keeping your passion alive in yourself is very important.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose”.

                    -Bishops T.D.Jakes

Finally, we have covered all the important aspects of the interview question,’ What are you passionate about’ also with 10 sample answers. I hope this article will help you to crack your interview.

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