Tell Me One Thing About Yourself You’d Not Want Me To Know? (With Sample Interview Answers)

At the end of the day, the job interview is an interface meeting. we always try to present ourselves in the best possible way where we try to specify our strengths and try to hide our weaknesses. we are here to get a job and hence we do not want to mention those things that might lead to debarment from the job. for example, if you were fired from your last job, then you would not want to talk about it in the job interview. instead, you should talk about the good aspects of your job. Let us take a look at some of the questions and answers. Also, do check out the notes below the answers as they will help you frame a better answer.

Tell Me One Thing About Yourself Youd Not Want Me To Know

Is there anything about you that you do not want to reveal?

Here are some of the interview questions and answers that will help you frame better answers during the interview and make you stand out from the other candidates. Take a look below:

Case 1:

If it was ethical to hide some of my job experiences, then I would do so. At one point in time, I was almost a job-hopper and had too many jobs, all at the same time. But the fun fact was that all the jobs that I had were short-lived and were only for a month. But as I have known, this company is different and will do all the research and then only select its employee. And I have known that it is against the company’s ethical policy to conceal anything from you. To be honest, that was my past and I am not very proud that I had more than five different jobs even before reaching 25years of age. but everything that had happened was a part of my journey and hence, I would not want to lie to you or myself.

Case 2:

To be very honest, there is nothing about me that would like to conceal from you and you would not like to hear, as far as my professional life is concerned. Just as every other person make mistake, I had also made some mistakes in my professional life. However, I also possess certain strengths and weaknesses just like all the other employees. I take pride in my mistakes, admit these things and I know that I have learned twice as much as my mistakes. I do not want to hide these mistakes from anyone. There are certain things that I had done in my private life that I am not very proud of and if you come to know about this then you might judge me based on that. But I think they are irrelevant to the job so I do not want to reveal them in the interview.

Case 3:

I think you will want to know that I have a problem with stammering. But the problem is something that I can not hide from you. Believe me, this problem has made things difficult for me and has led to a lot of communication gap between people with whom I have conversed. It is very difficult to get rid of this as I have tried many times to do so. However, things get easier when people get used to my style of communication. But still, I would want you to know about this weakness. I believe that you will not take this aspect of mine into account while you evaluate all the job applications. But I know that it is not under my control, so I will leave it up to you.

Case 4:

My biggest weakness is that I struggled a lot with my motivation in my last job. But you might also be interested in getting in touch with my former manager so you can find it all by yourself. But I will want you do not to know about this not that I want to conceal something from you but just that I do not want you to draw wrong conclusions about me based on what I just said. I certainly faced a lot of difficulties while working and could not deliver the required target but that is not the end of the story. All these things happened because of a lot of things that had been happening in my private life which is why I was not able to focus on my work, all of these things my manager did not know. Now that I have completed overcame my problems, I have emerged to be an entirely different employee. I am looking forward to enjoying my work a lot more and deliver better results.

Case 5:

I would not like to reveal to you that previously I had applied for the same job with three different company. But since I want to be honest with you, I would like to cite every detail about my work history. So, honestly, your company has been my second choice and I have liked and everything about this company. However, I have heard a few excellent things about this organisation for which I have an interview in the next few days. If by any chance I get an offer from that company, then I might deny your offer so, this is a reality and I think I have could my job at stake by telling you this. This is because if I am not being to get that job and then fail in this interview also, then probably I might end up getting no job at all. On the other hand, I also want to be honest with you and hence, I am risking my fate and telling you this.

Case 6:

So honestly, I would like you to know about any of my weaknesses. I have an urgent need for this job and would like to present myself in the best possible way to get this job offer. I have heard much about you that you are a highly renowned interviewer. All the questions that you have asked me plus the situations you have put me in will tell you about my background, my strengths and my weaknesses.So here in front of you with absolute crudeness with all the good aspects and all the bad aspects I had in store with me. But I promise that I am a very quick learner and is ready to polish my skills and be a better version of myself.

Case 7:

There is nothing as such that needs to be concealed. I always believe in integrity as the most important moral value in my life. I will always prefer that you should always know everything about me so that you can make the most refined decision about making the right choice. It is foolish to hide things from each other and then end up landing upon a wrong decision. This is because we’re bound to step out of our comfort zones and then we would have to face a much bigger problem hiding our reality.In that case, either I would have to resign or you will have to cease my contract which will not be very desirable for both of us. Hence, I would like to reveal everything about me that is relevant to the job.

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