What Does Quality Mean To You? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview is a session of some inter-related questions with an aim to test your attitude, perception, approach, and your overall performance. This question lays stress on “quality”, which is a highly ambiguous and undefined term, having the capability of getting interpreted in hundreds of ways. This vagueness is what makes this interview question a hot and favorite for the interviewers.

What Does Quality Mean To You

What Is The Requirement?

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know, what is the best effort, or what in your opinion is the supreme performance. This is a highly subjective question and is majorly influenced by your own attitude and behavior, ruling out all the possibilities of giving a generic answer.

Read this article for some expert tips and also find ten unique sample answers, making your thinking sharper and giving you several options to choose from.

Two Best Tips To Boost Your Performance

1. Stick To The Workplace

The nature of this question is such that there can be possibly several answers to it. However, we recommend, since this is a professional interview that would fetch you a job, just stick to the workplace. Your answer must be confined, crisp, and strictly corporate-friendly. You are advised to answer from the perspective of a corporate organization.

2. Share Your Genuine Response

Whatever you feel from the perspective of a workplace is quality to you, just share it with your employer. This is a general question, and though tricky, requires a genuine response, instead of a generic reply.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Sir, Quality for me is the best ever performance in each and every task executed by us working professionals. Quality work is the one that completely meets as well as satisfies the expectations of the customers of the organization. I focus on the customers because these are the ones for whom an organization thrives and survives, making them the very basic reason for its existence.

Sample Answer Two

A task executed in a manner that serves as well as meets all the general requirements and specifications is a quality task in my opinion. This would not only help an organization to meet its goals and objectives but also meet the client requirements.

Sample Answer Three

Every business organization in this world exists to generate profits. It will not be wrong to say that almost all the business activities are specifically aimed at profit earning, thus I would base my answer on the same. Sir, in my opinion, each and every business task must contribute towards the profit earning capacity of the organization, and in my opinion, that is quality. Every task, that generates profits, is a quality task for me.

Sample Answer Four

It is common for business organizations to divide several tasks into smaller fragments and pieces. Often a collection of these tasks is known as a project, and in my opinion, as long as a project, achieves the desired results and goals, that is meets the requirements of the organization, it is on the path of quality.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, almost all the employees at their workplaces work really hard with high levels of concentration and focus, to achieve their goals in a time-bound manner. However, in the pursuit of doing the tasks quickly, they lose track of maintaining quality. Hence, in my opinion, every task which is perfect and achieves so-called perfection is a quality task for me.

Sample Answer Six

Sir, quality is achieved when a person works as per the requirements and expectations of their business organization. There are strict rules in place, to execute the business tasks. It should be the duty of every employee to focus as well as follow those rules, which would improve the performance as well as working efficiency of the employees.

Sample Answer Seven

Sir, in my humble opinion, when an employee puts in extra effort or additional labor at the time of execution of his tasks at his workplace, the final outcome which comes after the successful execution is quality for me. Thus, putting one’s best foot forward and working to the best of one’s ability leads to efficient as well as perfect execution of tasks.

Sample Answer Eight

Sir, I believe, quality is achieved when an individual works as per the manuals designed and tries to meet the customer expectations to perfection. The tasks executed must be free of bugs or errors, and must strictly adhere to the real expectations of a customer. This way, an employee can achieve perfection in his or her work and thus give a quality output.

Sample Answer Nine

Sir, quality is when the brand of an organization is popular among the general public and is perceived as a mark of durability and resilience. This is possible only due to the sustained and diligent efforts of the employees of the organization. Thus, the entire workforce must work to the best of their ability, considering each workday as a special day, and give efforts which would help them to achieve the goals and objectives with ease.

Sample Answer Ten

Sir, I believe quality is achieved when the employees of an organization, aims for excellence and gives a performance that is both well directed and persistent. This would enable the organization to promote itself to the general public and establish goodwill, which would certainly help the organization’s cause in the times to come.


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