Why Are You Interested in Sales? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

There are no two sales interviews that are alike. In some cases, the emphasis may be on your work history and education. While other interviewers may be more interested in seeing whether your personality will fit in with their current team. But there is one question that tends to come up frequently, and that is an important one: “Why sales?”

This question can be phrased in a variety of ways. The response to the question “why are you interested in sales?” is quite similar. It may appear to be a simple and straight forward question, but finding the unique answer to this common question might be the difference between landing at a new job and going back to square one.

Why Are You Interested in Sales

Why Interviewers Ask This Question?

You are not simply emphasizing your abilities and credentials when you sit down with a hiring manager and begin interviewing for a sales position; you are actually selling yourself. Sales job is all about persuading others that they require whatever it is you are trying to sell. It might be a software, paper, real estate, or virtually anything else, and the commodity you are attempting to offer during a sales interview is yourself. The question “why sales?” is useful to your interviewer for a variety of reasons:

Testing Your Skills

If you cannot persuade the interviewer that you’re the greatest applicant for the position, your future boss could be skeptical. This is your chance to show off your skill to transform a product or service into something spectacular. If you can successfully pass this test by showing yourself to be the best available applicant then you have successfully gained the trust of your to-be-recruiter way before joining the position.

Shows your job research:

Answer “why sales?” with a concise, well-thought-out response that recognizes both your personal skills and a couple of the company’s main characteristics. If you do that, it will be clear that you completed your homework before chatting.

Shows Your Enthusiasm:

Sales needs more than just a desire to make a lot of money. What will motivate you to keep working while sales are slow? If you are interested in working in a fast-growing then what are your desires? Are you motivated to build long-term connections with consumers in order to facilitate upgrades and upsells? Most companies are searching for a big-picture response to the question, “Why sales?” rather than just someone wants to join the field for just making money.

How to Frame Your Answer?

Make a list of reasons why you care about this job and why you’re enthusiastic about it to prepare your answer to this question. Practice mock interviews with a friend or family member to come up with natural and comfortable responses. Here are some suggestions on how to form an answer to this question:

You want to sell the products and services

If the items and services they provide don’t excite you, they’ll know you’re not the best candidate for the position. Look into the company’s history and what they sell. Then consider why you like these items or services.

Challenges of selling new products

Consider how you can explain why this new challenge excites you if you’ve never marketed the company’s products or services. It’s easy to get caught up in your own abilities and brag about how well you sold something comparable to what they do. Interviewers also want to see that you’re willing to take chances, go outside of your comfort zone, and face difficulties head on.

Your love for competitive markets

The interviewer’s objective is to identify someone who can assist them in meeting quotas. If you can demonstrate your competitive advantage, your worth as a possible candidate rises. Discuss several sales contests you’ve competed in in the past and how you worked to attain your objectives. Explain why you were encouraged to achieve by this type of competition.

Walk them through your mind

Managers and business owners want their consumers to enjoy the greatest possible experience. Explain how you plan to attain that objective and why it’s so important. Give specific instances of how you improved customer service in past positions and why you think this is essential.

Here Are a Few Sample Answers

Answer 1

I worked as a server and manager at top-tier steakhouses for ten years. This requires a lot of effort programming and training staff on different POS systems. I’m well-versed in the mechanics. More importantly, I understand the needs of owner-operators and how to present the product as a solution to their issues.

Answer 2

Because I’ve previously worked with web-based apps, I’m in a unique position to understand what consumers want at every level. Customer relationships are also important to me. Long-term clients who trusted me enough to invest in upgrades when I proposed a new package accounted for some of my greatest sales.

Answer 3

I am interested in working in sales because I’m enthusiastic about delivering good customer service and have strong interpersonal skills. I’ve had a lot of experience working with individuals to address a variety of challenges in past positions. Your firm appeals to me since I can tell that you place a high value on the customer experience.

Answer 4

My present job entails covering the whole tri-state area, so I’m quite familiar with the terrain and potential clients. I’d want to promote my contacts to Company X and show them a new, more efficient, and more cheap product.

Answer 5

I can see how the stuff you provide makes a genuine difference in the lives of athletes. I believe it is obvious that players feel more at ease on the field when they use your goods. Selling items that I not only believe in but would also suggest to a friend or family member is essential to me.

Answer 6

One aspect of sales that I enjoy is the prospect of making a profit. For a competent and dedicated sales professional, the sky is the limit. It is not uncommon to see top sales reps earning more than top managers, simply because sales commissions account for the majority of their earnings. I don’t like the set monthly wage model, where I get the same as the next man while putting in twice as much labor each month. I prefer to receive what I deserve, and sales are a great place to do so. That is the primary basis for my decision.

Answer 7

Because I have previously worked with web-based apps, I’m in a unique position to understand what consumers want at every level. Customer relationships are also important to me. Long-term clients who trusted me enough to invest in upgrades when I proposed a new package accounted for some of my greatest sales.

Answer 8

I am impressed by your company’s track record of great customer service. I have a lot of experience selling to the demographic that your firm caters to, and I know how to provide the best possible customer service. In my former sales position, for example, I was in charge of creating a campaign centered on offering better customer service.

Answer 9

Sales appeals to me since I feel it is the finest career path for a recent graduate. Interpersonal skills, dispute resolution, persuasion, understanding diverse personalities, and sales methods are among the talents you will acquire. And it is possible to make a lot of money in this sector. Having said that, I’m not sure if I’ll continue in this field for the rest of my professional life. Perhaps I will advance to management or marketing in the future, but I believe that an entry-level sales position is the best place for me to begin my professional career.

Answer 10

I was really interested to learn about your recent worldwide growth and the upcoming introduction of Product XYZ. I believe this is the ideal time to contribute my talents and expertise to your firm, having previously worked on a team entrusted with marketing items to a worldwide audience.

Things You Need to Avoid

When it comes to interview questions, it’s sometimes more essential to say nothing than to say something.

  1. I need money– Someone looking for work is obviously looking for a wage. Employers are aware that you have financial objectives to achieve. Money should not, however, be your sole incentive; if it is, don’t acknowledge it. Anything that is ambiguous. It is possible to talk for an extended period of time without saying anything. Interviewers who have heard it all will not be impressed by slick, salesy rhetoric.
  2. Not liking you current workplace or colleagues- Negative Nellie is the last person anyone wants to employ. Bad attitudes are harmful as well as contagious. Bring a good, encouraging vibe to the table that will assist your whole team thrive. After all, a sales department isn’t made up of just one individual. Keep in mind that a rising tide lifts all boats.
  3. Doing anything to increase sales- The notion that selling is all about persuading people to buy things they do not need is unethical and out of date. Modern sales tactics focus on meeting customers’ requirements and tailoring the sales message to match their problems and objectives.
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