How To Close Your Job Interview In Style? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

The process of getting a job is quite daunting as well as lengthy, as a candidate has to go through a variety of processes or stages. At first, he or she applies for a job opportunity by submitting a resume. If the ATS bots are merciful, and the application is screened out, you get a chance to appear for an interview. During an interview session too, if you are delivering a sub-standard or below ordinary performance, there are high chances that your interview session might be abruptly curtailed and you are sent home only after a few minutes. This is the primary reason why Prepmycareer focuses on the complete preparation of a candidate by considering all the vital aspects.

Now, assuming that you have worked really hard for your own big day and have prepared thoroughly for all the frequently asked interview questions, there are high chances that you will survive till the very end. Now the question arises how will you close your interview session so as to leave a long-lasting impression. This article aims to cover exactly this.

How To Close Your Job Interview In Style

Questions Asked Towards The End Of An Interview Session

This world moves in a pattern. Post sunset, everything would be dark, and as soon as the sun rises again, everything would be bright. An interview session also follows a certain set of rules or procedures, which must be adhered to. Towards the end of an interview session, there will always be these three questions, which are:

Last Question: Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is a common habit of the interviewers to ask this question towards the end of an interview session. Through this question, an interviewer gives an opportunity to a candidate to ask a few questions that are related to the organization, its work culture, ethics followed, promotional opportunities, etc. In order to finish your interview session in style, it is necessary that you ask a few relevant questions from your interviewer. Refer to some of the model questions mentioned below, for a better understanding:

  • What are the various training and development opportunities extended by the organization to its employees?
  • How many paid leaves does an organization offers to its fll-time employees?
  • Please share the list of all the allowances and benefits given by the organization to its employees.
  • Is it the policy of the company to give paid maternity/paternity leaves to its employees?
  • What are the various work timings adopted by the company in several shifts?

Responding to an interview question in a negative manner would seriously deplete your selection chances, as by doing so you are simply not letting your interviewer have a complete assessment of your personality and attitude. Thus, never respond in the following manner:

  • Sir, There are no questions at all, and I would wait for my opportunity to work with the organization.
  • No sir, I am not a prober, and never doubt anything. I have no questions.
  • I have all the requisite information about the organization, and thus, I do not require to ask any questions.

Second Last Question: When Can You Begin Working With Us?

Like in the universe, the Earth is bound to rotate around the mighty Sun, similarly in an interview session., you will be surely asked about the date on or after which you can start working for an organization. This question is the second last question of an interview session, which aims to know about your current availability. Though there is nothing technical in this interview session, yet a few candidates make a mess of it.

Some candidates simply perceive this question to be a guarantee of their selection, which unfortunately is not the case. This makes them feel that they are almost selected and start to behave in an awkward manner. Prepmyycareer advises that this is a common interview question and is asked by an interviewer from all the candidates, hence always maintain decency and control your emotions.

In case you are short of ideas and do not have proper answers for this interview question, refer to our targeted article, which would give you ten unique sample answers to consider and form your own reasoning.

Third Last Question: Why You Chose Us?

There are simply several candidates that appear for an interview session, thanks to the ever-rising level of competition. This prompts the interviewers to ask this question from the candidates to simply know about their level of commitment as well as preference towards the business organization, they sought to work with.

The best source to prepare for this interview question is the official website of the organization. You are advised to note down all the key facts, attributes, and achievements of the organization. Post this, compile all the noted information beautifully, and couple it with your personal interests with the organization. This would be an ideal response to this interview question, which has a high weightage.

In case you are confused or not able to compile the information, please refer to our targeted post, which would help you to gain an in-depth understanding as well as give you ten unique sample answers to read.

Two Things To Ask Post Completion Of An Interview

1. Ask, What’s Next?

After giving an ideal response to the last interview question, “Do you have any questions for us?” your interview session would end. For many candidates, this is the end of their big day, and they just rush like an airplane towards their houses. But, you are advised not to make this mistake. As soon as your interview session ends, and your interviewer stops talking, you are supposed to enquire from your interviewer about the further steps. You must ask, what is the way forward, or what will happen next now.

2. Ask, Is There Anything Else You Can Offer?

After asking about the way forward, you must also ask your interviewer, if he or she needs any work samples, a reference list, or simply a self-attested copy of your resume for perusal. The interviewers are really busy people, and since they have a long queue of candidates at their disposal waiting to get interviewed, they might forget a few things like these. Hence, after completion of your interview process, you must ask this from your interviewer.

Never Forget To Follow-up

After completion of your interview, you are always advised to follow up with your interviewer between one to two weeks, post completion of the interview session. In order to do so, you can make an official call to the hiring manager, and enquire about your interview status. For a better understanding of how you can make an effective follow-up call and improve your chances of selection, refer to our exclusive post.


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