What Job Is Right For Me : Guide to Get Your Job

‘Job’ is a goal every person desires to achieve in their respective field. Since we go to school and till we complete our college it all adds up to achieve a good paying job. A job where growth and learning chances are more than just monetarily options. We all thrive most of our life to get a good paying job with a good working environment which can make our career and give us a good living too. Indeed we work hard for it, we study, we initiate several activities, gather practice knowledge etc. 

I bet almost all of us desire to make their hobby as their profession. But it is not necessary to have your hobby as your profession, there are very few lucky individuals who have a fate to get their hobby or passion as their profession too. For eg, you might passionate for acting and drama but the odds of you being a Hollywood superstar are very less or you might be passionate in sports like football but the odds of you being a professional footballer playing for a specific club is very less or your hobby might be writing but you being a professional writer or a novelist is very less. Of course it’s very easy to absorb this fact but it can’t be avoided.

There is always a ray of hope which energizes us and motivates us to get up and attain our goals. Similarly if we keep our hobby aside there is one thing on which we can set our career in a good position and to live a satisfying life. That is ‘Skill’, you can surely get a job which can match your skills. For example if you’re skilled in better communication then you can make a career in sales and marketing, if you are skilled in numbers and calculations then accounting can be your field for your career. If you are good in managing and understanding people you can make a good career in the field of human resource.

So even if you are stuck and confused in choosing which job to look upon and seeking some guidance which can clear your mind and give a slight bright on your path, then here we are!

You don’t have to worry much as we have come up with some tips and guides on which job will be right for you.

What Job Is Right For Me

Tips and guides

1. Analyse your self assessment

Understanding and reading our own selves is more important in life, before we take any decisions. Analysis of ourselves helps us to know our strengths and weaknesses and helps us to improve and work upon the weaknesses. Self assessment helps to flash what is your taste and what field you can excel in.

There are certain things you can look at an analysis while doing your self assessment, there are as follows.

  • What are your key values?

Key values in short are your strengths, your add-on facilities you have which can add more value for your career.  

Take a note of some important soft skills you possess for eg. Communication, management, self confidence, presentation etc.

  • What are your technical skills you possess?

Your technical soft skills can be like planning, research, shorthand, multilingual, data analytics etc.

  • What natural or integral skills/ aptitude do you have?

Your integral skills or aptitude can be those skills which are born or god gifted, which you don’t have to struggle but they are inherent. They can be for example, leadership, communication, project planning, selling, problem solving, humorous, convincing etc. 

  • What is your personality like?

Everyone has a different personality, everyone is unique so learn and analyse which personality you possess. For example, confident, ambivert, extrovert, humorous, loyal etc.

2. Make a list of your taste of job

After understanding and analysing yourself a more now you have to analyze what kind of job can suit you and can increase your productivity. 

For example if you are good in communication and sales then being a salesman can be a better option for you. If you are good in analytics then data analyst can be your taste of job. If you are good with numbers and interested in stocks then stock analyst can be a job which can suit you. 

Likewise you have to first analyze yourself, your taste and then analyse which job can suit your personality traits and your skills.

Once you are done with all such analysis then make a list of jobs according to your choice.  

3. Shortlist your list and make it more specific

Once you’re done with making a list now go through the list again. Research every type of job you have listed down and short list some of the serious and actual your type of job possibilities. Your goal should be to take one or two career paths and excel at them. You can follow these following steps for your research.

  • A day in the office at work

To understand whether the job is for you and how better it will suit you, imagine you have attained that particular job and imagine what will be your job responsibilities and how you will complete them. 

Are you good at taking and completing responsibilities assigned to you? Are you enjoying that work? Will it help you to grow more than monetarily? Are you learning and improving yourself?

Ask such questions and let your inner self answer them, once you get a satisfying answer it will be easier for you to shortlist your list.

5. Find your suitable job opportunities and start applying

We are done with most of the prior work required now it’s time to find an opportunity and get a job! Start searching for suitable jobs, you can search them on online sites, mobile applications, offline vacancies etc. As soon as you get any lead, start applying for that job and keep your c.v updated. 

Whether it is online or offline, start applying and start practising your interview so whenever you will receive a call from your interviewer you can be ready for everything.

5. Keep your C.V and yourself updated

As now you have completed all the steps and also have applied for various job vacancies and openings you are ought to receive many calls for the same. So it’s always better to keep all your required paperwork and documents ready.

Apart from documents it is also similarly important to keep yourself updated. So practise for your interview and be ready.

Good luck!


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