Top 21 Massage Therapist Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Healthy body, mind, and soul. You must have heard this phrase innumerable times in your lifespan. It is undoubtedly a key to happy as well as healthy living and is especially important for working professionals, who work hard without any track of time. A massage from a professional therapist would not only calm down their muscles but also relaxes their mind to a greater extent. After undergoing massage therapy, working professionals tend to feel fresh and energetic enabling them to deliver a stellar performance at their workplace.

Massage Therapist Interview Questions

Scope Of The Job

There is a huge demand for massage therapists, who are professional and have complete knowledge of the human body as well as various techniques for giving a massage. A massage therapist can earn a decent sum of money by working for a few hours in the day. One can get oneself associated with any massage center or any service aggregator to find and serve clients. An interview session for a therapist is quite extensive and requires serious preparation and effort. Refer to our interview questions below and boost your preparation.

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Is An Acupunture? Explain In Brief.

This question aims to test your knowledge and understanding in regards to the several massage therapies available.

Sample Answer

Sir, acupuncture is more of pseudoscience, and to date, no established scientific research has found any of its benefits. Yet, it is one of the most followed therapy sessions in the world, especially in the Chinese culture, wherein thin needles are inserted into the various parts of the body, so as to stimulate the blood flow and activate all the non-functional or inactive nerves and tissues.

2. Name At Least Three Ingredients Of The Oil Used In Aromatherapy Sessions?

This question aims to test your knowledge of the various types of oils available and widely used in massage sessions.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, these are:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender and
  • Eucalyptus

3. Name Any Two Essential Oils and There Major Function In A Massage.

This question aims to test your knowledge of the various types of oils available and widely used in massage sessions along with a knowledge of their practical uses.

Sample Answer

Sure sir, these are:

  • Tea Tree Oil: Used for boosting and improving the immune system of the body
  • Cypress: Used for relaxing the muscles and to soothe the nerves

4. How Do You Handle A Disgruntled Client?

During massage sessions, there will always be a few clients who are quite complaining and cynical, almost to everything. They might make inappropriate and rude comments during the execution of massage therapy. An interviewer through this question wants to know your methods to handle such clients.

Sample Answer

Sir, a client becomes unsatisfied when he or she expects more and then passes on rude comments. In order to avoid this situation, I would first of all try to understand the requirements of the client and would then explain what all the therapy session would consist of. This way, the client will have a complete idea of what all will be done during the session.

5. What Is Your Understanding Of the Cranio-sacral Therapy?

This question aims to test your knowledge and understanding in regards to the several massage therapies available.

Sample Answer

Sir, unlike a full massage, in Cranio-sacral therapy, a client is fully dressed and light hand movements, as well as touches, are exercised, specifically targeting the central nervous system. This helps to stimulate the fluids and one of the immediate effects is relief from stress and tension. In the long term, it helps to improve memorization as it reduces the rate at which humans lose their nervous cells, due to natural aging in addition to boosting the immunity level.

6. Explain A Common and Widespread Illness, Fibromyalgia.

This question tests your knowledge of the common syndromes and illnesses due to which people visit a therapy center.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, This is a serious issue and is spreading at an alarming rate, especially among youths. In this ailment, there is sharp muscle pain and tenderness at specific points in the body, making them feel weak and fatigued. Further, severe fibromyalgia causes the body to:

  • Lose memory
  • Alters the sleep-wake cycle and
  • Affects the mood and behavior in a negative way.

7. A Hot Stone Massage Is A Hoax. Comment On This Statement.

This question criticizes a novel massage therapy that is trending and used widely nowadays. You are required to express your views in this regard.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe, this therapy is not a hoax and works effectively, as there have been a few practical instances wherein people have been benefited from it. In this therapy, hot stones, which are moderately heated, are placed upon the body and gentle pressure is then applied, which soothes the muscle tensions and relaxes the whole body.

8. Massage Is A Low Job. Do You Agree With This Statement?

This question puts your own profession in a bad light and criticizes it by terming it as a low job. You are thus required to defend your own profession and give a logical and structured response.

Sample Answer

This statement is completely false and massage therapy is not at all a low-job. Massage therapists are equivalent to doctors and have treated chronic illnesses and issues, which otherwise were incurable in allopathy. There have been several beneficiaries of this wonderful profession, and I believe this would go on for a good time to come.

9. How Do You Handle Failure?

This is a common interview question in which an interviewer aims to know your overall attitude as well as perception towards failure in professional life. Always answer this question positively and try to be logical as well as crisp while answering. Refer to our exclusive post, covering this interview question exhaustively and boost your preparation.

10. What Advice Would You Give To Your Fellow Massage Therapist?

Through this question, an interviewer simply wants to know the shortcomings or the common mistakes performed by the massage therapists while giving a massage session. Be to-the-point and structured while giving an answer.

Sample Answer

Sir, I have seen and even worked with several massage therapists in the past 3 years. Hence, I am in a better position to answer this question. In my humble opinion, a therapist must:

  • Try to focus on the problem areas of the client, instead of rushing towards the other areas
  • Understand the type of treatment demanded and follow it strictly, for an excellent user experience.
  • Apply pressure and touch, as per the body structure and considering the issues of the client. As only an optimal pressure could relieve the pain.

11. What Are Your Major Strengths?

This is a common interview question and is asked in almost all the interview sesisons. Prepare for it from our exclusive article covering this question completely.

12. What Prioritization Technique Do You Follow?

The business organization assigns multiple tasks which are to be finished on a particular working day. In order to execute those tasks in a time-bound manner, an employee must adopt and follow an appropriate prioritization strategy. Through this interview question, an interviewer aims to know about the methods or procedures adopted by you to effectively prioritize several business tasks. This question could be a game-changer and an impressive answer could certainly improve your selection chances. Thus, always refer to our, one of the most followed articles, for comprehensive preparation of this interview question.

13. Why Do You Want To Work With Our Organization?

This is a common interview question and is asked in several interview sessions held across the world, with an intention to judge the seriousness as well as the commitment of a candidate towards the organization he or she sought to work at. The best source for this interview question is the official website of the organization. You can also refer to our exclusive post, which can boost your preparation to a greater extent.

14. How Do You Prefer To Work – Individually or In A Team?

Teamwork is trending with more and more organizations switching over to it. However, there is a mixed reaction from the employee fraternity in regards to this. Thus, an interviewer through this interview question wants to know about your choice or preference. Always answer in a genuine manner as an interviewer is not looking for generic answers. For better preparation, you can read our special article which has covered this question completely.

15. Can You Handle Stress At The Workplace?

Business organizations operate in a dynamic business environment and are affected by several legal and political factors, prompting an organization to reduce their wage bill and cut down expenditures. This pressure or stress is ultimately transferred to the employees of an organization and they have to work in a hectic working environment. Handling stress and delivering excellent performance, is a common expectation of the interviewer, and thus you are required to answer positively. In case you are short of answers, refer to our exclusive post to boost your preparation.

16. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

It is common for interviewers nowadays to ask about your salary expectations during an interview session itself. An ideal response would always be based on diligent and deep research of the industry. Refer to our article in order to gain useful insights and boost your overall preparation.

17. What Do You Expect From A Ideal Team?

Business organizations, whether pertaining to the hospitality sector or manufacturing, prefer to work in a team environment, wherein employees of an organization are grouped into teams on the basis of their skills and nature of work. This question aims to seek out, What is an ideal team in your opinion? or What are the qualities that you would like your team members to have? This is a major personality evaluator and would let the interviewer analyze whether or not you will be a fit in the working culture of the organization. Refer to our exclusive post for detailed understanding and preparation.

18. What Can You Offer Us That Others Cannot?

A strength-weakness-related question is one of the most frequently asked and repeated interview questions, as it marks its appearance in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. However, with time, this question has evolved and is now asked in several variations. This is one such variation of this question and is being asked repeatedly nowadays. Prepare for this question exhaustively, through our special article that covers this question completely.

19. What Motivates You To Work?

An interviewer would always be interested in understanding a few factors that motivate you to work hard and stimulate you at your workplace to achieve your goals and objectives in a time-bound manner. A perfect answer to this question is influenced by your personal circumstances, financial conditions, and desires. Hence, never follow or quote any generic answer as that could severely reduce your selection chances. Boost your preparation by referring to our famous article that covers this question completely.

20. When Can You Start Working With Us?

This is a simple question through which an interviewer wants to know your starting date with the organization. Yet, a few candidates mess with it, as they think of this question as a guarantee of their selection, which is unfortunately not. Answer this question in an engrossing manner and in case you are short of ideas refer to our exclusive post which would give you ten unique sample answers to consider.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

An interview session is concluded through this question, which gives an opportunity to a candidate to ask a few questions from the interviewer in regards to the organization, its working culture, work timings, etc. Skipping this question can prove fatal to your selection chances and is not at all recommended. Hence, always ask a few questions based on the model questions mentioned below:

Model Questions

  • What are the various incentives, perks and allowances offered by the organization to its employees?
  • Please share the number of paid leaves offered to an employee in a year.
  • What are the training and developmental programs organized by an organization for its employees?


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